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1 more game away from laughing at those stupid Kobe/Lebron commercials.
I honestly think that LA vs. Denver will go until the final game.
[quote=Dartagnan;76605]I honestly think that LA vs. Denver will go until the final game.[/quote] Yup I agree. The Nuggs make me want to scream sometimes. I think they have mental lapses throughout the game. They definitely need a brain kiss LOL.
I love LA, but sometimes like they really seem to wear themselves out, and then the next game they play like they don't know what they're doing.
OK, I have to say something. I can't stand the NBA commentators. Wait, LeBron scored HOW many points? I don't think they told me. And HOW many triple doubles has he had this post season? What's his stat line again? Wait, you're interviewing LeBron post game? What a shocker! Wait, there's other people on the team? When one of the top 3 players on your team has a "solid, all-around" game of 7 points and 8 rebounds, you've got problems. Wait, they're called the who? The Cavaliers? I thought they were the Cleveland LeBrons. Don't get me wrong. LeBron is amazing. But the commentators are a bit obsessed.
Well my team LA pulled through and is in the finals with Orlando. LAKERS!
Kobe is the man! Go Lakers!
Dplayer, Kobe is amazing, but I cannot stand him.
Who's you're favorite player on the Lakers?
Uhmmm, you know I am going to say Fisher. I am glad he is on the Lakers again.
Yeah he's a cool player.
I think he is great. I will never forget the 0.4 second shot he made.
When did he make that shot?
Back in the 2004 Playoffs.
[QUOTE=Dartagnan;79019]Back in the 2004 Playoffs.[/QUOTE] Yeah, how'd that work out for them? :D I cannot STAND Kobe. If I had to pick a second least favorite, it would be Derek Fisher. He is such a baby. And his beard sucks. Sasha Vujacic lives down the street from me. I see him on occasion. I keep forgetting how tall they actually are since they look so tiny on TV.
I cannot stand Kobe either Molds. He is so stuck on himself, and really is not a team player. I love Derek Fisher though.
[QUOTE=Dartagnan;79039]I cannot stand Kobe either Molds. He is so stuck on himself, and really is not a team player. I love Derek Fisher though.[/QUOTE] You don't understand the looks I got when I was cheering for Denver. People go "WHAT? You don't like the Lakers?" And then I say "No, I just don't like Kobe that much" and they go "Oh...yeah, good point." I was sad to see Chauncey not make Joe Dumars look like a total moron. He only made him look like 3/4 of one. Actually if anyone would it'd be you. Haha. I don't know what it is about Derek Fisher. He's a great player, and clutch, but something about him I just don't like. I really think it's his beard.
Haha his beard is interesting to say the least, but I think he's a great player. Kobe, just, ****** me off. If he didn't help them get to the Playoffs and Finals so much, then I would completely write him off.
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[quote=molds13;79034] I cannot STAND Kobe. [/quote] Me too! Everytime I hear of him now I think of that little "song" that Shaq sang for him at karaoke... "Hey Kobe........;)"
lol haters much. Kobe is gonna wreck Orlando.
LBJ is such a sore loser. I'm glad the Magic won. I like rooting for the underdog so I'm sticking with the Magic. If Dwight can stay out of foul trouble it should be a close series. The match-up I'm most excited to see is Kobe/Peitrus. Magic in 6.
It sucks that the Magic won. I was hoping for a Kobe vs. LeBron in the finals! Ah well, Lakers got this!
Go Magic? Haha, they look like such kids, are they all fresh outta college?
Lebron is an unrestricted free agent next year...Lakers must capitalize!
Gosh the Lakers are definitely taking it this year!!!