The Challenge: Favorite/Fantasy Casts

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The Challenge: Free Agents II 



Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin)

Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego ‘11)

Cory Wharton (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO?: Season 3)

Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)

Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18)

Ashley Cain (Ex on the Beach UK)

Stephen Bear (Ex on the Beach UK)

Marcel Stevens (Ex on the Beach UK)

Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)

Adam Collard (Love Island UK)

Theo Campbell (Love Island UK)

Turbo Camkiran (Survivor Turkey)

Jay Starrett (Survivor USA)

Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Survivor USA)



Kendal Sheppard (RR: Campus Crawl)

Rachel Robinson (RR: Campus Crawl)

Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas ‘11)

Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)

Ashley Mitchell (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Amanda Garcia (AYTO?: Season 3)

Kam Williams (AYTO?: Season 5)

Bria Hamilton (AYTO?: Season 7)

Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17)

Julia Nolan (Big Brother 17)

Melissa Reeves (Ex on the Beach UK)

Georgia Harrison (Love Island UK)

Natalie Duran (American Ninja Warrior)

Dee Nguyen (Geordie Shore)

Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor USA)

Mettisse Campbell (Survival of the Fittest)

The Challenge: The Switch (redneck island rules)

Jenna and Devin

Tori D and Kyle

Amanda and Bananas

Nany and Hunter

Ashley M and CT

Kam and Jordan

Ashley K and Frank S

Marie and Shane

Kailah and Cory

Camila and Nelson

Kayleigh and Paulie

Cara Maria and Zach

Veronica and Leroy


Episode 1: Don't Take Me For Granted- 26 competitors arrive in Thailand to find out their partner in the game may not be their partner the whole time. One competitor gets upset at her teammate at the challenge

Winners: Jenna and Devin

Last: Kayleigh and Paulie

Voted in: Ashley K and Frank S

Eliminated: Kayleigh and Frank S

New Team: Ashley K and Paulie


Episode 2: A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene- Ashley K and Paulie need to learn how to work together when Paulie wants to target Ashley's ally

Winners: Ashley M and CT

Last: Marie and Shane

Voted in: Nany and Hunter

Eliminated: Marie and Shane


Episode 3: Every Breath Is A Bomb- When one partnership begins hooking up, it has serious consequences on their game

Winners: Ashley K and Paulie

Last: Veronica and Leroy

Voted in: Jenna and Devin

Eliminated: Veronica and Devin

New Team: Jenna and Leroy


Episode 4: Valentines Day Is Over- Nany and Hunter's showmance is ruined when a former fling comes between them

Winners: Jenna and Leroy

Last: Amanda and Bananas

Voted in: Ashley K and Paulie

Eliminated: Amanda and Paulie

New Team: Ashley K and Bananas


Episode 5: What Are You Willing To Lose- One challenger threatens to quit the game after a bad performance

Winners: Ashley K and Bananas

Last: Jenna and Leroy

Voted in: Camila and Nelson

Eliminated: Jenna and Nelson

New Team: Camila and Leroy


Episode 6: For Tonight You're Only Here To Know- Camila and Leroy have troubles working together cause of past problems

Winners: Ashley M and CT

Last: Ashley K and Bananas

Voted in: Nany and Hunter

Eliminated: Ashley K and Bananas


Episode 7: Good News For People Who Love Bad News- A challenger can lose their chance at the money because of an injury in the challenge

Winners: Cara Maria and Zach

Last: Camila and Leroy

Voted in: Kailah and Cory

Eliminated: Kailah and Cory


Episode 8: This Is My House, This Is My Home- Camila and Kyle's flirting goes to the next level, bringing uneasy feelings to their teammates

Winners: Cara Maria and Zach

Last: Tori D and Kyle

Voted In: Camila and Leroy

Eliminated: Tori D and Kyle


Episode 9: What's In The Ground Belongs To You- Ashley M and CT have a lot of trouble deciding who to target next

Winners: Ashley M and CT

Last: Nany and Hunter

Voted in: Kam and Jordan

Eliminated: Nany and Hunter


Episode 10: Racing Like A Pro- The Penultimate challenge proves to be too much for all of the challengers

Winners: Cara Maria and Zach

Last: Ashley M and CT

Voted In: Camila and Leroy

Eliminated: Ashley M and Leroy

New Team: Camila and CT


Episode 11: Like You Like An Arsonist- The final challenge has a huge twist to the competitors

3rd: Camila and CT


Episode 12: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight- The second part of the challenge ends with the closest final in challenge history.. 4 seconds seperates the final teams

2nd: Cara Maria and Zach

1st: Kam and Jordan

questionable cast (Leroy, CT, Ash K, Camila, Jenna, Kayleigh, Veronica....) but great write-up!

and thank gawd Kam/Jordan pulled it out over Cara /Zach. and glad Camila was saddled with CT for the final.