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Brandon T and Christina again? Mike C instead of Joss? no Kam? w h a t

The Challenge: Battle of The Champions


Veronica and CT

Sarah and Wes

Emily and Darrell

Rachel and Zach

Paula and Tyler

Susie and Dunbar

Kendal and Jamie

Laurel and Bananas

Tori H and Jordan

Camila and Derrick

Ashley M and Hunter

Cara Maria and Frank S

Jodi and Landon



Episode 1:

Winners: Camila and Derrick

Last: Veronica and CT

Voted In: Kendal and Jamie

Eliminated: Veronica and CT


Episode 2:

Winners: Jodi and Landon

Last: Susie and Dunbar

Voted in: Ashley M and Hunter

Eliminated: Susie and Dunbar


Episode 3:

Winners: Sarah and Wes

Last: Kendal and Jamie

Voted in: Laurel and Bananas

Eliminated: Kendal and Jamie


Episode 4: 

Winners: Emily and Darrell

Last: Camila and Derrick

Voted in: Ashley M and Hunter

Eliminated: Ashley M and Hunter


Episode 5:

Winners: Sarah and Wes

Last: Cara Maria and Frank S

Voted in: Laurel and Bananas

Eliminated: Cara Maria and Frank S

Episode 6:

Winners: Sarah and Wes

Last: Camila and Derrick

Voted in: Laurel and Bananas

Eliminated: Laurel and Bananas


Episode 7:

Winners: Sarah and Wes

Last: Camila and Derrick

Voted in: Jodi and Landon

Eliminated: Camila and Derrick


Episode 8:

Winners: Rachel and Zach

Last: Paula and Tyler

Voted in: Jodi and Landon

Eliminated: Paula and Tyler


Episode 9:

Winners: Rachel and Zach

Last: Jodi and Landon

Voted in: Sarah and Wes

Eliminated: Sarah and Wes


Episode 10:

Winners: Emily and Darrell

Last: Tori H and Jordan

Voted in: Jodi and Landon

Eliminated: Tori H and Jordan


Episode 11:

3rd: Emily and Darrell

Episode 12:

2nd: Jodi and Landon

1st: Rachel and Zach

Brandon T and Christina again? Mike C instead of Joss? no Kam? w h a t

you talking to me? because..



And yeah, for now lmao.

yes obvi talking to you

Challenge 34: Battle of the Exes III

(played with Eskimo pairs)

Female Teams:

KellyAnne & Theresa (Wes)

Alicia & Kailah (Cory)

Ashley M & Faith (Kyle)

Diandra & Maya (Malcolm)

Averey & Nany (Johnny)

Aneesa & Veronica (Rachel)

Bria & Shanley (Zak)

Cara Maria & Danielle (Paulie)


Male Teams:

Frank & Marlon (Derek)

Ashley C & Joss (Kayleigh)

Leroy & Theo (Kam)

Kyle & Paulie (Cara Maria)

Bananas & Jay (Morgan)

Cam & Kwasi (Kayla)

JD & Malcolm (Maya)

Cohutta & Wes (KellyAnne)

love the idea! it would create some really strong pairs. I would stan Kellyanne/Theresa and Frank/Marlon SO. HARD.

The challenge Battle of the GOATSlocation ThailandThe greatest challengers of all time are paired with some of reality TV's best as they compete in the craziest season yet. The last place team goes straight into the hole to face whoever the winners of the mission decide to send in. There is a remediation house, purges, and anti-purges where unknown to the competitors, the winners of the anti-purge are the ones who get sent into the redemption house. If you win a hole, you get the coin of destiny, heads means you are safe from going into the hole next week, tails means you automatically go in. It is up to each team if they want to flip the coin. Or they can choose the super coin if they win 2 eliminations where heads is straight to redemption, and tails is send one team straight to the hole. 

Bananas & Christmas(big brother) 

CT & Chanel west coast

Zach & Taylor(ayto/eotb)

Tony & Danni(bad girls club)

Leroy & Maddie(eotb)

Derrick h & Rockstar(big brother)

Paulie & Gabby(survivor)

Gus & Jefra(survivor)

Tori & Frankie Grande

Cara Maria & Corey(big brother/eotb) 

Camila & Malcolm(ayto/eotb)

Nicole z & Chris noble (survivor)

Jenna & Paul(big brother)

Angela & Brent(lohan beach club)

Morgan & Mikey p(Kailah's bf/ ninja warrior) 

Britni & Panos(lohan beach club)

Did you just put rockstar on a challenge cast? 

Did you just put rockstar on a challenge cast? 

I'm sure it's trolling, because Paul, Panos, Brent, Rockstar, Jefra, Frankie Grande...? yikes to all of them

FromTheNorth wrote:

Did you just put rockstar on a challenge cast? 

I'm sure it's trolling, because Paul, Panos, Brent, Rockstar, Jefra, Frankie Grande...? yikes to all of them

Battle of the Seasons 3 - teams of 4, from 8 previous seasons of The Challenge

  1. WotW: Georgia, Mattie, Turbo, Bear (alts: Morgan & Ash Cain)

  2. FR: Paulie, Angela, Hunter, Sylvia (alts: Kyle & Melissa)

  3. CvS2: Kailah, Louise, Casper, Shane (alts: Tony & Aneesa)

  4. Vendettas: Kam, Nicole Z, Joss, Nelson (alts: Kyle & Melissa)

  5. CvS1: Tori Deal, Justina, Josh Murray, CT (alts: Cory & Jenna)

  6. XXX: Amanda, Jordan, Ashley, Devin (alts: Tony & Jenna)

  7. Rivals 3: Kellyanne, Johnny, Averey, Reilly (alts: Jenna & Tony)

  8. Rivals 2: Marlon, Nany, Sarah, Wes (alts: Zach & Cara)

Debuts: Louise, Casper, Justina, Josh

Returns: Marlon, Sarah, Kellyanne, Angela, Tori, Averey, Johnny Reilly

Given a season break: Zach, Cara, Jenna, Kyle, Tony (who can be with his daughters)




The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2 (Veterans are only RW/RR/FM, Rookies are any other show)












Nicole R







Tori D












Cara Maria



Ashley M






Episode 1:

Purged: Rogan and Melissa



Zach and Nicole R

Wes and Britni

Brad and Kayleigh

Cory and Amanda

CT and Kam

Bananas and Davonne

Darrell and Natalie

Tony and Tori D

Devin and Veronica

Jamie and Laurel

Nelson and Jenna

Kyle and Theresa

Joss and Cara Maria

Hunter and Nany

Paulie and Kailah

Vince and Ashley M



Episode 2:

Winners: Joss and Cara Maria, CT and Kam, Tony and Tori D

Voted in to Tribunal: Zach and Nicole R, Jamie and Laurel, Cory and Amanda

Voted in: Jamie and Laurel

Chosen: Kyle and Theresa

Eliminated: Kyle and Theresa


Episode 3:

Winners: Joss and Cara Maria, CT and Kam, Hunter and Nany

Voted in to tribunal: Zach and Nicole R, Jamie and Laurel, Vince and Ashley M

Voted in: Vince and Ashley M

Chosen: Devin and Veronica

Eliminated: Vince and Ashley M


Episode 4: Double Elimination

Winners: Paulie and Kailah, Nelson and Jenna, Bananas and Davonne

Voted in to tribunal: Brad and Kayleigh, Joss and Cara Maria, Wes and Britni

Voted in: Brad and Kayleigh

Chosen: Devin and Veronica

Chosen by team above: Tony and Tori D

Eliminated: Devin, Tony, Veronica, Kayleigh

New Team: Brad and Tori D


Episode 5:

Winners: Brad and Tori D, Nelson and Jenna, Joss and Cara Maria

Voted in to Tribunal: Paulie and Kailah, Darrell and Natalie, Zach and Nicole R

Voted in: Darrell and Natalie

Chosen: Zach and Nicole R

Eliminated: Darrell and Natalie


Episode 6:

Winners: Jamie and Laurel, Joss and Cara Maria, Paulie and Kailah

Voted in to tribunal: Cory and Amanda, Zach and Nicole R, Hunter and Nany

Voted in: Zach and Nicole R

Chosen: Cory and Amanda

Eliminated: Zach and Nicole R


Episode 7:

Winners: Paulie and Kailah, Brad and Tori D, Bananas and Davonne

Voted into Tribunal: Jamie and Laurel, Cory and Amanda, Wes and Britni

Voted in: Cory and Amanda

Chosen: Jamie and Laurel

Eliminated: Cory and Amanda


Episode 8:

Winners: Nelson and Jenna, Paulie and Kailah, Jamie and Laurel

Voted in to tribunal: Joss and Cara Maria, Hunter and Nany, Wes and Britni

Voted in: Joss and Cara Maria

Chosen: Bananas and Davonne

Eliminated: Bananas and Davonne


Episode 9:

Winners: Wes and Britni, Paulie and Kailah, Brad and Tori D

Voted into Tribunal: Jamie and Laurel, Hunter and Nany, Joss and Cara Maria

Voted in: Jamie and Laurel

Chosen: Nelson and Jenna

Eliminated: Nelson and Jenna


*Turns Individual*











Cara Maria


Tori D




Episode 10:

Winners: Laurel/CT

Voted in: Britni/Joss

Chosen: Nany/Jamie

Eliminated: Britni and Jamie


Episode 11:

Winners: Laurel/ CT

Voted in: Cara Maria/ Joss

Chosen: Nany/ Wes

Eliminated: Nany and Wes


Episode 12:

Purged: Hunter and Tori D


Episode 13:

1st: Laurel

2nd: Joss

3rd: Paulie

4th: Brad

5th: Cara Maria

6th: Kam

7th: CT

8th: Kailah


The Challenge: Love & War

Current Couples


Angela Babicz & Nelson Thomas

Bayleigh Dayton & Chris Williams

Cara Maria & Paulie Calafiore

Janelle Shanks & Darian Vandermark

Jenna Compono & Zach Nichols 

Morgan Willett & Johnny Bananas 

Taylor Selfridge & Cory Wharton

Tori Deal & Jordan Williams 



Alicia Wright & Giovanni Rivera 

Ashley Mitchell & Hunter Barfield

Cheyenne Parker & Murray Swanby 

Georgia Harrison & Stephen Bear

Jenn Hardwick & Jonica Booth 

Kam Williams & Leroy Garrett

Nany Gonzalez & Chase McNary

Nurys Mateo & Malcolm Drummer



Real Couples:

Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo 

Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson



Amanda Garcia & Joss Mooney

Madison Walls & Tony Raines

Theo Bradley & Tyara Hooks

The Challenge: The Tornado (Redneck Island Rules)

Amanda and Kyle

Ashley K and Bananas

Tori D and Tony

Sarah and Joss

Ashley M and CT

Averey and Devin

Kam and Nelson

Cara Maria and Jordan

Nany and Cory

Jenna and Wes

Camila and Hunter

Theresa and Zach

Nia and Paulie


Episode 1:

Winners: Jenna and Wes

Last: Amanda and Kyle

Voted In: Ashley K and Bananas

Eliminated: Amanda and Kyle


Episode 2:

Winners: Kam and Nelson

Last: Averey and Devin

Voted in: Ashley K and Bananas

Eliminated: Ashley K and Devin

New Team: Averey and Bananas


Episode 3:

Winners: Jenna and Wes

Last: Kam and Nelson

Voted in: Averey and Bananas

Eliminated: Averey and Bananas


Episode 4:

Winners: Theresa and Zach

Last: Jenna and Wes

Voted in: Kam and Nelson

Eliminated: Jenna and Wes


Episode 5:

Winners: Sarah and Joss

Last: Kam and Nelson

Voted in: Ashley M and CT

Eliminated: Ashley M and Nelson

New Team: Kam and CT


Episode 6:

Winners: Sarah and Joss

Last: Nia and Paulie

Voted in: Kam and CT

Eliminated: Nia and Paulie


Episode 7:

Winners: Tori D and Tony

Last: Camila and Hunter

Voted in: Nany and Cory

Eliminated: Nany and Hunter

New Team: Camila and Cory


Episode 8:

Winners: Theresa and Zach

Last: Kam and CT

Voted in: Camila and Cory

Eliminated: Camila and Cory


Episode 9:

Winners: Cara Maria and Jordan

Last: Sarah and Joss

Voted in: Theresa and Zach

Eliminated: Theresa and Joss

New Team: Sarah and Zach


Episode 10:

Winners: Sarah and Zach

Last: Tori D and Tony

Voted in: Cara Maria and Jordan

Eliminated: Cara Maria and Tony

New Team: Tori D and Jordan


Episode 11:

3rd: Kam and CT


Episode 12:

2nd: Sarah and Zach

1st: Tori D and Jordan

Had a hard time making an exes cast when people I wanted like Wes & Amanda realistically wouldn't be there, so I made 2 instead

Realistic Exes 3: 

  1. Cara Maria & Kyle
  2. Theo & Kam
  3. Bear & Georgia
  4. Nelson & Kayleigh
  5. Ash & Melissa
  6. Bananas & Angela
  7. Hunter & Nany
  8. Cory & Kailah
  9. Britni & Brad
  10. Tony & Camila
  11. Dario & Ashley K
  12. Sean & Zahida
  13. Gus & Nilsa
  14. Morgan & Jay/Corey
  15. Chad & Nicole
  16. Austin & Liz


Fantasy Exes 3:

  1. Wes & KellyAnne
  2. Amanda & Joss
  3. Bear & Georgia
  4. Hunter & Nany
  5. Theo & Kam
  6. Nelson & Angela
  7. Ash & Kayleigh
  8. Kyle & Mattie
  9. Coral & Abram
  10. Tony & Madison
  11. Brad & Tori
  12. Darrell & Rachel
  13. Chad & Nicole
  14. Rogan & Jess Impiazzi
  15. Melissa & Gaz Beadle
  16. Keith & Alexis
  17. Marnie Simpson & Aaron Chalmers

The Challenge: Love & WarCurrent Couples••••••Angela Babicz & Nelson ThomasBayleigh Dayton & Chris WilliamsCara Maria & Paulie CalafioreJanelle Shanks & Darian VandermarkJenna Compono & Zach Nichols Morgan Willett & Johnny Bananas Taylor Selfridge & Cory WhartonTori Deal & Jordan Williams ••••••Exes Alicia Wright & Giovanni Rivera Ashley Mitchell & Hunter BarfieldCheyenne Parker & Murray Swanby Georgia Harrison & Stephen BearJenn Hardwick & Jonica Booth Kam Williams & Leroy GarrettNany Gonzalez & Chase McNaryNurys Mateo & Malcolm Drummer ALTERNATES:Real Couples:Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Exes:Amanda Garcia & Joss MooneyMadison Walls & Tony RainesTheo Bradley & Tyara Hooks

Elimination Order


Week 1:

Winners: Ashley & Hunter 

Losers: Janelle & Darian

Voted In: Bananas & Morgan 

Elimination: Drone Ball Drop

Eliminated: Bananas & Morgan

Week 2:

Winners: Angela & Nelson

Losers: Tori & Jordan

Voted In: Cara Maria & Paulie

Elimination: Thai Rise 2.0

Eliminated: Tori & Jordan 

Week 3:

Winners: Cory & Taylor

Losers: Jenna & Zach

Voted In: Alicia & Gio

Elimination: Lights Out

Eliminated: Zach & Jenna

Week 4:

Winners: Jenn & Blu

Losers: Cheyenne & Murray

Voted In: Cara Maria & Paulie

Elimination: Pyramid Schemers

Eliminated: Cheyenne & Murray

Week 5:

Winners: Malcolm & Nurys

Losers: Alicia & Gio

Voted In: Janelle & Darian

Elimination: No Slack

Eliminated: Alicia & Gio

Week 6:

Winners: Chris & Bayleigh

Losers: Jenn & Blu

Voted In: X Knocks The Spot

Elimination: Chill Out

Eliminated: Ashley & Hunter

Week 7:

Winners: Bear & Georgia

Losers: Angela & Nelson

Voted In: Cory & Taylor

Elimination: Rag Doll

Eliminated: Cory & Taylor

Week 8:

Winners: Chris & Bayleigh

Losers: Paulie & Cara

Voted In: Kam & Leroy

Elimination: Oil & Water

Eliminated: Cara & Paulie 

Week 9:

Winners: Bear & Georgia

Losers: Chris & Bayleigh

Voted In: Malcolm & Nurys

Elimination: Sandbag Burn

Eliminated: Malcolm & Nurys 

Week 10:

Winners: Angela & Nelson

Losers: Bear & Georgia

Voted In: Chase & Nany

Elimination: Handcuffs

Eliminated: Chase & Nany

Week 11:

Winners: Chris & Bayleigh

Purged: Jenn & Blu

Losers: Angela & Nelson

Voted In: Janelle & Darian

Elimination: Over the Line

Eliminated: Angela & Nelson

Week 12:

Fourth Place: Chris & Bayleigh

Third Place: Darian & Janelle

Second Place: Bear & Georgia

First Place: Kam & Leroy


Amanda Garcia & Joss Mooney

Nia Moore & Jordan Wiseley

Cara Maria Sorbello & Kyle Christie

Angela Babicz & Johnny Devenanzio

Heather Cooke & Dustin Zito

Georgia Harrison & Stephen Bear

Kailah Casillas & Cory Wharton

Nany Gonzales & Marlon Williams

Melissa Reeves & Ashley Cain

Kam Williams & Theo Campbell

Sylvia Elsrode & Bruno Bettencourt 

Nurys Mateo (AYTO?6)  & Nelson Thomas

Zakiyah Everette (BB18)  & Paulie Calafiore 

Faith Stowers & Tor'i Brooks (EOTB)

Nicole Ramos & Chad Johnson (EOTB)

Zahida Allen & Sean Pratt (EOTBUK)




Battle of the Exes 3

Location: Panama

Episode 1

Winners: Melissa & Ashley

Last: Zahida & Sean

Voted in: Kailah & Cory

Elimination: Strung Out

Eliminated: Zahida & Sean

Episode 2:

Winners: Nia & Jordan 

Last: Nurys & Nelson

Voted in: Cara Maria & Kyle

Elimination: Knot So Fast

Eliminated: Nurys & Nelson

Episode 3:

Winners: Nany & Marlon

Last: Amanda & Joss

Voted in: Sylvia & Bruno

Elimination: X-Battle

Eliminated: Sylvia & Bruno

Episode 4: 

Winners: Georgia & Bear

Last: Zakiyah & Paulie

Voted in: Nicole & Chad

Elimination: Hall Brawl

Eliminated: Nicole & Chad

Episode 5:

Winners: Faith & Tor'i

Losers: Kailah & Cory

Voted in: Angela & Johnny

Elimination: Ramp It Up

Eliminated: Kailah & Cory

Episode 6:

Winners: Cooke & Dustin

Last: Melissa & Ashley

Voted in: Amanda & Joss

Elimination: Water Torture

Eliminated: Melissa & Ashley

Episode 7:

Winners: Cara Maria & Kyle

Purged: Zakiyah & Paulie

Last: Kam & Theo

Voted in: Nia & Jordan

Elimination: X-Battle

Eliminated: Nia & Jordan

Episode 8:

Winners: Amanda & Joss

Last: Cooke & Dustin

Voted in: Cara Maria & Kyle

Elimination: Strung Out

Eliminated: Cara Maria & Kyle

Episode 9:

Winners: Angela & Johnny

Last: Nany & Marlon

Voted in: Faith & Tor'i

Elimination: Hall Brawl

Eliminated: Faith & Tor'i

Episode 10: 

Winners: Kam & Theo

Last: Georgia & Bear

Voted in: Nany & Marlon

Elimination: Water Torture

Eliminated: Nany & Marlon

Episode 11:

4th: Georgia & Bear

3rd: Angela & Johnny

2nd: Kam & Theo

1st: Amanda & Joss





^ What happened to Cooke and Dustin? 

What we're not going to do is have an Exes 3 season without Wes&KellyAnne.

^ What happened to Cooke and Dustin? 

They were kidnapped 

FAO oops i didn’t even realize.

love this cast, but I agree, I want Wes/Kellyanne. replace Sylvia/Bruno - who won't accept. also wouldn't want poor Zakiyah to have to suffer through Paulie's BS again... so maybe Cara/Paulie and give Mattie to Kyle ? or bring on Holly Hagan?

The Challenge: Wave of Destruction 

Elimination Arena: Tsunami 

Format: 8 self made teams of 4 Battle it out to become champs! No Champs, just finalists, vets, and rookies! An opening purge will decide team captains and will also send home the last place male & female! This season the bottom team will go into elimination and then the winners all get a vote for which team they want to send in. The team with the most votes will head into the elimination arena. Both teams will do a draw where two members are randomly chosen to compete in the Tsunami.

Cast Capacity: 34

NOTE: I’m casting from The Invasion Era and up with a FEW returns 



Amanda Garcia [AYTO?: Season Three]

Kailah Casillas [RW: Go Big or Go Home]

Nicole Zanatta [RW: Skeletons]

Sylvia Elsrode [RW: Skeletons]

Jemmye Carroll [RW: New Orleans ‘10]

Kam Williams [AYTO?: Season Five]

Angela Babicz [BGC: Twisted Sisters]

Da’Vonne Rogers [Big Brother 18]

Faith Stowers [Vanderpump Rules]

Nany Gonzalez [RW: Las Vegas ‘11]

Georgia Harrison [Love Island Season 3]

Mattie Lynn Breaux [Party Down South]

Ninja Natalie [American Ninja Warrior]

CeeJai Jenkins [RW: Go Big or Go Home]

Michele Fitzgerald [Survivor: Koah Rong]

Olivia Attwood [Love Island Season 3]

Tovah Marx [RW: Atlanta]



Cory Wharton [RW: Ex-Plosion]

Nelson Thomas [AYTO?: Season Three]

Tony Raines [RW: Skeletons]

Joss Mooney [Ex On The Beach UK]

Kyle Christie [Geordie Shore]

Leroy Garrett [RW: Las Vegas ‘11]

Chuck Mowery [AYTO?: Season Three]

Paulie Calafiore [Big Brother 18]

Marlon Williams [RW: Portland]

Raphy Medrano [The Challenge: BOTB]

Alan Valdez [Telemundo]

Ashley Cain [Ex On The Beach UK]

Stephen Bear [Ex On The Beach UK]

Theo Campbell [Love Island Season 3]

Javen Butler [Temptation Island]

Justin Blu [RW: Atlanta]

Scott Timlin [Geordie Shore]

Posting challenges and elimination order later. 

Week One

Mission: Maze Runner (Opening Purge)

Rules: The competitors must run in the maze and search for keys! Once they’ve found the keys, they must find their way out of the maze. After they are out of the maze, they’ll use that key to open a crate. Inside that crate are puzzle pieces. Once you assemble the puzzle pieces you’re done! The last guy and girl will be eliminated meanwhile the top 4 guys and the top 4 girls will become captains.

Finish Order

  1. Paulie 
  2. Scott
  3. Chuck
  4. Ash
  5. Bear 
  6. Theo
  7. Ninja
  8. Georgia
  9. Marlon 
  10. Amanda
  11. Alan
  12. Da’Vonne
  13. Kam
  14. Sylvia 
  15. Leroy
  16. Joss
  17. Justin
  18. Nelson 
  19. Michele
  20. Faith
  21. Tovah
  22. Javen
  23. Raphy 
  24. CeeJai
  25. Olivia 
  26. Angela
  27. Tony 
  28. Nany
  29. Mattie
  30. Kailah
  31. Nicole 
  32. Cory
  33. Kyle
  34. Jemmye

PURGED: Kyle & Jemmye 


















































Week Two 

Mission: Going Against the Tide

Rules: Much like the tire challenge on War of the Worlds instead you’re in water! The competitors must release the little floats without falling off! The team with the most floats released in the fastest amount of time will win. Last place earns a ticket into the Tsunami!

Winners: Team Blue (Chuck 10/10, Nany 10/10, Joss 10/10, Olivia 4/10= 34/10 Floats Released)

Losers: Team White (Georgia 7/10, Javen 3/10, Angela 3/10, Leroy 2/10= 15/40 Floats Released)

Voted Into the Tsunami: Team Red

Kill Card Pullers: Georgia & Javen and Tony & Kailah 

Tsunami: Wrecking Machines

Rules: Competitors will hold shields and when TJ blows the horn, they must run into each other knock each other off the platform! Best two out of three wins for each gender! 

Outcome: Georgia & Javen Beat Tony & Kailah 




Week Three

Mission: Pitch Black

Rules: The Competitors are locked in three different rooms and everything is dark with obstacles! One teammate will be on the outside directing the other teammates out of their rooms and outside of the house! The team that gets their team out first will win the challenge. The last team to escape will head into the Tsunami!

Winners: Team Purple

Losers: Team Black

Voted Into the Tsunami: Team Yellow

Kill Card Pullers: Raphy & Olivia and Alan & Amanda 

Tsunami: Chain Link 

Rules: The guys must hold a chain linked to a box that weighs as much as them! Their job is to keep the box open as long as possible while the women assemble a puzzle. Once the guy lets of the chain, the box will drop which means the puzzle is over. The team with most of the puzzle completed will win the Tsunami and return to the game!

Outcome: Alan & Amanda Beat Raphy & Olivia




Week Four

Mission: Bungie Road

Rules: The Teams are suspended high above water! They will split the team into 2 teams of 2, then they must race across a bungie structure without falling off. Whichever teams make it the farthest the fastest will win the challenge, losers head into the Tsunami. Teams with all 4 people have a slight advantage because they have two attempts at a good time instead of one!

Team Breakdown

Red: Paulie & Mattie

Black: Scott & Kam

Blue: Chuck & Michele|Joss & Nany

Purple: Ash & Nicole|Bear & Tovah 

Orange: Theo & Ninja|Cory & Sylvia

White: Javen & Georgia|Leroy & Angela

Yellow: Alan & Faith|Nelson & Amanda

Pink: Marlon & CeeJai|Da’Vonne & Justin

Winners: Team Red

Losers: Team Black 

Voted into the Tsunami: Team Purple 

Kill Card Pullers: Scott & Kam and Ash & Nicole 

Tsunami: Hooked

Rules: The competitors are harnessed with a rope in between them. Much like looper, they must run out and go for a rope that has a hook connected to it. However them running out will cause them to fall back a little because of the other opponents momentum. The first person to reach the hook and hook it on to the bar will score a point for their team. First team to Two points win. 

Outcome: Ash & Nicole Beat Scott & Kam

Justin and Tovah? Really? Based on what? Their cast photos in the spoiler thread? lol

Justin and Tovah? Really? Based on what? Their cast photos in the spoiler thread? lol

I knew someone was gonna say that, I’m using them because it would be smart to cast real world rookies for Challenge 34 to promote the streaming service. I used Tovah & Justin because I can tell Justin is a king, then Tovah is > Meagan as of right now. 

The Challenge: The Tornado (Seasons 2 rules)



Ashley K

Tori D






Cara Maria



































Ashley M






Episode 1: The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

Winners: Red

Last: Pink

Voted in: Orange

Matchup: Veronica and Kyle vs Nany and Zach

Eliminated: Veronica and Kyle


Episode 2: Show Me How To Live

Winners: Green

Last: Pink

Voted in: Blue

Matchup: Britni and Shane vs Ashley K and Jordan

Eliminated: Britni and Shane


Episode 3: Not Afraid

Winners: Orange

Last: Purple

Voted in: Red

Matchup: Jemmye and Leroy vs Kailah and Tony

Eliminated: Jemmye and Leroy


Episode 4: Luck Be A Lady

Winners: Green

Last: Purple

Voted in: Blue

Matchup: Marie and Bananas vs Tori D and Devin

Eliminated: Marie and Bananas


Episode 5: You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

Winners: Black

Last: Yellow

Voted in: Blue

Matchup: Natalie and Nelson vs Ashley K and Jordan

Eliminated: Natalie and Nelson


Episode 6: I Will Dare

Winners: Green

Last: Blue

Voted in: Black

Matchup: Ashley K and Devin vs Davonne and Paulie

Eliminated: Ashley K and Devin

Episode 7: Like You Like An Arsonist

Winners: Black

Last: Yellow

Voted in: Green

Matchup: Jenna and Cory vs Amanda and CT

Eliminated: Jenna and Cory


Episode 8: At The Bottom Of Everything

Winners: Green

Last: Blue

Voted in: Black

Matchup: Tori D and Jordan vs Kam and Wes

Eliminated: Kam and Wes


Episode 9: Every Night Is Another Story

Winners: Orange

Last: Black

Voted in: Green

Matchup: Davonne and Paulie vs Amanda and Hunter

Eliminated: Davonne and Paulie


Episode 10: The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Winners: Green

Last: Blue

Voted in: Red

Matchup: Tori D and Jordan vs Cara Maria and Tony

Eliminated: Cara Maria and Tony


Episode 11: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Winners: Orange

Last: Green

Voted in: Blue

Matchup: Sylvia and Hunter vs Tori D and Jordan

Eliminated: Sylvia and Hunter


Episode 12: The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Winners: Orange (Ashley M, Nany, Zach, Brad)

2nd: Blue (Tori D and Jordan)

3rd: Red (Kailah and Joss)

4th: Green (Amanda and CT)

Season 34: Grudge Match

6 teams of 6 based on how many previous seasons they have done. Realistic cast.

2 people eliminated every episode (a man and woman from one team), but in the last episode before the final (ep 13), 4 people leave, in a Purge. Then 10 people run the final (episode 14), reunion (ep 15), and S#!t They Should Have Shown for ep 16.


The cast:

Team Red (0 previous challenges)

• Chad Johnson, Cheyenne Parker, Cole Medders, Michele Fitzgerald, Diandra Delgado, Kaela Grant

• alts: Jay Starrett / Corey Brooks; Louise Hazel / Janelle Shanks

Team Black (1 previous challenge)

• Turbo, Marlon, Bear, Angela, Georgia, Dee

• alts: Bear / Ash Cain; Mattie / Morgan

Team Grey (2 previous challenges)

• Paulie, Joss, Trey, Melissa, Averey, Nicole Z

• alts: Tori Deal / Nia; Jamie Banks / Jozea (counting CvS2)

Team Blue (3 previous challenges)

• Kyle, Frank S, Johnny Reilly, Kam, Natalie N, Sylvia

• alts: Thomas, Britni

Team Purple (4-5 previous challenges)

• Kailah, Ashley, Kellyanne, Nelson, Hunter, Devin

• alts: Dustin, Marie

Team Yellow (6+ previous challenges)

• Johnny, Tony, Shane, Cara, Nany, Aneesa

• alts: Zach / Cory; Jenna / Jemmye