Real World/Road Rules/The Challenge: Where Are They Now?

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Raquel, Marybeth, and Patrick all should have been challenge regulars.

Marybeth is still such a beauty  

Patrick probably could've won a Challenge or two but got mad at production for his edit like he actually wasn't trying to **** Jodi, Angela, Jillian & Marybeth lmaoooo didn't he have a girl at the time too? Lol That edit showed the truth & that shit clearly hurt him to see it so he shifted the blame.

After getting to watch Campus Crawl in its entirety (and is my favorite RR season), I don't think Raquel would've done that well but it would've been good to see her just to have everybody from that season on a Challenge.

I was also surprised Marybeth never did one, especially since she did some other type of show called Get Out! on another network that I think was a competitive kind of show. 

Patrick was a good looking young guy, not sure why an edit of him hooking up with girls would keep him from participating, sucks though. I always really liked him.

I was so-so with Raquel on Campus Crawl but she really won me over on the episode where they returned for South Pacific and on the episode where Campus Crawl pranked Las Vegas. She showed she had strategy. She would have been decent on the type of Challenges they had back then. 

I think Patrick just didn't like the fact that they showed him ******* with other girls while on the show because he had a girl back home. But if that's the case then that's his own damn fault. Keep it in your ******* pants maybe? 

I was also surprised Mary Beth never did a challenge. To me she was always a perfect canidate for them. 

Campus Crawl was a good season and I loved the concept of going to different colleges, It was unlike anything on the show before and I like that they all reunited and such, It was cool to see. Raquel was also someone that I was surprised didn't do a challenge. I feel like she would've done okay. Wouldn't have been a major player but someone who had their moments.


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