Real World/Road Rules/The Challenge: Where Are They Now?

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Today I learned that after his stint on the Real World Boston, Jason entered the casting world and has cast for several seasons of the Real World, Road Rules, True Life, and most recently Ex on the Beach...

Pam and Judd are adorable.  And Jason is still fine as can be 23 years later.

So I was being stalker-ish on Instagram and went looking for old cast members and see if any follow the Challenge account (even though I know the hopes are mostly dead I still hold a glimmer of hope of a true old School V's new school lol) and I looked up Anne Wharton cause I loved her on Battle of the Sexes and season 2 and she def doesn't follow the Challenge page but I saw that her cast mate Tara McDaniel follows her but Anne does not follow her back, and I saw no other cast members on her page...she must have really purged the show from her life lol 

As I'm writing this I understand how extremely stalker-like this was lol 

this is from 2018 (found it on Instagram) but Nick from Road Rules XTreme still looks great! He was kind of soft spoken but I'm surprised they never brought him back for one more season (unless he turned them down) but he actually did better than a lot of the regulars at the time on Sexes 2.