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[QUOTE=Debut Album;331172]I like how people Frank is so hated but Yet JEK is so liked. Despite them being 10 times worse.(I know everyone doesn't like them but they do have a fanbase.)[/QUOTE] I think some fans forgive JEK and let things they do slide because they're funny. To me, JEK is the lesser of the two evils, but only slightly. The main thing is that they didn't become jerks until after 2 or 3 challenges, where as Frank/Zach/Knight were right from the start. Also, as others have said, Frank and Zach are just as hostile on Twitter as they were on the show. Even several weeks after filming ended they continued to take shots at Dustin, Heather, Alton, Sam, Sam's Girlfriend etc.
[QUOTE=alexad;331195]To be honest I see them returning. Even though, they didnt cast them MTV have used both of them for this season of the challenge: 1. Evan did the online after-shows with Paula. 2. Kenny did the webcam stuff with Ruthie,Laurel, and CT. If I am not wrong he was the online after-shows host for Jersey Shore.[/QUOTE] Let me explain some standard legal politics to you... While Tonya's suit was ongoing and MTV and BMP were supporting their innocence in public, their court response was an awful initial written declaration that if anything inappropriate did happen, it really was Tonya's fault. It was in MTV & BMP's interest to use the two in some tangential manner so that the plaintiff could not declare to the jury later in court that MTV/BMP appeared to completely abandon E & K. I would not be surprised to learn someday that it was the insurance underwriters attorneys who thought it very wise to only use the two in a very limited capacity in order to minimize their overall liability. During the course of the litigation, the two also may not have been insurable for any challenge.