The Challenge: Invasion (Spoilers Discussion)

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The Challenge: Invasion (Spoilers Discussion)

Here is the place to talk about SPOILERS regarding Eliminations (NEW: Hook-ups, fights, expectations, predictions etc.), the other thread is spoiler free.

I am waiting for more info to update the lock thread with the 2 first people that most likely got eliminated.

Spoiler Thread:

Gamer said a Queen. So a Queen in her eyes. So it's not Emilee

If you're sure of the guy, why not post the guy?


I WILL BE SO ******* HAPPY IF ITS MARIE YESS PLEASE. Y'all been hyping her up so much and she's been playing her games just to get eliminated first omfg

But... I wouldn't be surprised if Sylvia... I bet Bruno might have something to do with it ugh punk *** bitch

I'll get drag to the pits of hell for saying Biggrin this but I hope Theo is the guy who got sent home firstBut I'm not delusional and I actually think it's either Dario or Hunter 

Not emilee damn.... hopefully Sylvia then

Not emilee damn.... Hopefully Sylvia then

Biyeeeeee! *Violetta Voice*


Wonder who whooped his ass 


I bet he got dqd for fighting or something.

Weaklings don't always go home first on certain formats. Emliee will be around for another 2 episodes maybe

LMAO BRUNO? Already? Bananas must of took him out 

...are *********** serious? 3 AYTO ******** is on the cast and ******* Bruno is the first one out?

Wowwww. My first time ever doing spoilers. And my fav gone right away 

It's gotta be Latoya or Marie. So either Marie just went for the appearance check or Latoya lost. Lol 

***** at Bruno! He probably saw Sylvia and was like I'm getting the **** outta here. 

LMAO BRUNO? Already? Bananas must of took him out 

Bananas isn't even there yet


Bruno...i was rooting for you!!!

Hahahaha hahahahaha damn rip burger meat

What if tony sent him home... I can feel it

Bruno being gone first makes me sad. Sad

Bruno being gone first makes me sad. Sad

odds are bruno quit


guys emo

Welp we def won't see him ever again lol


I'm sure we got an outburst from him first night, after first missiôn, at deliberation and during the elimination lmao

He probably had an unnesscary freak out before eliminated that's his thing

I hope he made the most of his time and went crazy lmao

i bet he dq'd


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