The Challenge: Favorite/Fantasy Casts

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Exes 3

Laurel & Nicole (Invasion of the Champions/ Ex on the Beach 3)

Bananas & Natalie (Vendettas)

Jay & Morgan (Ex on the Beach 2)

Kam & Theo (War of the Worlds)

Nelson & Angela (Dr Phil)

Rogan & Dee (War of the Worlds 2)

Kailah & Bear (Total Madness)

Cara & Kyle (Vendettas)

Callum & Georgia (Ex on the Beach 3)

Tatum & Bobby Ray (Paradise Hotel)

Nany & Asaf (Total Madness)

Devin & Marie (Ex on the Beach 3)

Twist: Final Reckoning champions who are also Exes come back to try to resolve their issues as a team AGAIN + Total Madness Power Couple joins the cast as the only non-Exes couple.

Hunter & Ashley (Invasion of the Champions/ Final Reckoning)

Bayleigh & Swaggy C (Big Brother 20)

  Battle of the forgotten location Thailand boring or forgettable contestants compete as individuals

Guys- Ashley c, CJ ,dario, fessy, Joss, Kyle,, Sebastian (survivor) noor JP Victor, Simon ,Gus Idris ,Sean Leroy

girls-Ashley k Brianna j Jenny ,Chelsea (survivor Ghost island) Jenna Jefra (survivor) Christina jemmye nicole b kaycee Shaleen Rianna Morgan Julia Zahida

The Challenge: Invasion (Not all Champions)













Nicole R


Tori D

Nicole Z




Ashley M







Cara Maria






Episode 1: We All Fall Down

Winners: Zach and Ashley M

Last: Kyle and Jemmye

Voted in: Paulie and Nicole Z

Eliminated: Kyle and Jemmye


Episode 2 The Games That Play Us

Winners: Hunter and Kailah

Voted in by Winners: Nany and Bananas

Voted in by House: Marie and Cory

Eliminated: Marie and Cory


Episode 3: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Winners: Aneesa and Leroy

Matchup: Tori D vs Nicole R/ Jordan vs Wes

Eliminated: Nicole R and Wes


*Enter Invaders*


Episode 4: Screenwriter's Blues

Winners: Invaders

Voted in by MVP: Ashley M and Paulie

Voted in by Team: Kailah and Hunter

Eliminated: Ashley M and Paulie


Episode 5: In Da Club

Winners: Citizens

Voted in by MVP: Jenna and Nelson

Voted in by Team: Cara Maria and Rogan

Eliminated: Jenna and Nelson


Episode 6: Show Me How To Live

Winners: Invaders

Voted in by MVP: Aneesa and Jordan

Voted in by Team: Kailah and Hunter

Eliminated: Aneesa and Jordan


Episode 7: The Drinks We Drank Last Night

Winners: Invaders

MVP: Laurel and CT

Matchup: Cara Maria vs Kam/ Joss vs Rogan

Eliminated: Kam and Joss


Episode 8: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


Eliminated in Puzzle: Nicole Z and Hunter

Eliminations: Zach vs Bananas vs Leroy/ Kailah vs Nany vs Tori D

Winner Part 1: Zach and Kailah

Winner Part 2: Leroy and Tori D

Eliminated: Bananas and Nany


Episode 9: All Tomorrow's Parties

Winners: Invaders

Matchup: Rogan vs CT/ Laurel vs Cara Maria

Eliminated: Rogan and Cara Maria


Episode 10: Truth, Bitter Truth

3rd: Kailah and Leroy

2nd: Tori D and CT

1st: Laurel and Zach

The Challenge 36: Quarantine: Champs vs. Celebs vs. Contenders.

Location: Somewhere in the US. Cutthroat rules.


  • Ashley Mitchell (RW: Ex-plosion)
  • Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh meat)
  • Emily Schromm (Real World: D.C.)
  • Sam McGinn (Real World: San Diego)
  • Veronica Portillo (Road Rules: Semester at Sea)
  • Darrell Taylor (Road Rules; Campus Crawl)
  • Hunter Barfield (AYTO?3)
  • Johnny Bananas (Real World: Key West)
  • Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)
  • Wes Bergmann (Real Worls: Austin)

Alternates: Brad Fiorenza (Real World: San Diego) / Sarah Rice (Real World: Brooklyn)


  • Angelina Pivarnik (Jersey Shore star)
  • Brooke Adams (WEE wrestler)
  • Lil Mama (Rapper)
  • Megan Hauserman (Reality TV legend)
  • Natalie Anderson (Survivor champ.)
  • Bonner Bolton (Bull rider)
  • Calvin Johnson (American footbal player)
  • Jonathan Lipniki (Actor)
  • Karlous Miller (Wild n' Out)
  • Nyle Dimarco (Model)

Alternates: Lolo Jones (olympic athlete) / Drake Bell (Actor)


  • Bayleigh Dayton (Big Brother 20)
  • Da'vonne Rodgers (Big Brother 17 & 18)
  • Kailah Casillas (Real Wold: Go Big or Go Home)
  • Marie Roda (Real World: St. Thomas)
  • Tori Deal (AYTO?4)
  • Jay Starrett (Survivor MvsGX)
  • Leroy Garrett (Real World: Las Vegas)
  • Nelson Thomas (AYTO?3)
  • Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18)
  • Shane Landrum (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)

Alternates: Kam Williams (AYTO?5) / Fessy Shafaat (Big Brother 20)

The Challenge 36: Invasion of The Champions 2

Male Contenders: Nelson, Paulie, Theo, Devin, Leroy, Swaggy, Fessy, Marlon, Ash, Tony, Cory, Chris Noble (Survivor) 

Female Contenders: Tori, Day, Kam Angela, Nany, Bayleigh, Georgia, Nicole, Kailah, Michaela, Mattie, Marie

The Champions: Brad, Natalie (Survivor Champion), Rogan, Laurel, Turbo, Darrell, Dee, Kaycee (BB20 Champion), Jordan, Cara, Ashley, Johnny 

The Ruins – What the cast should have been if possible when the original came out. I wanted to make the teams more balanced since the champions team was stacked while the challengers team had a lot of dead weight and not many strong players.

ChampionsAbram BoiseEvan StarkmanJohnny DevenanzioKenny SantucciDarrell TaylorSyrus YarbroughWes BergmannSusie MeisterJohanna BottaVeronica PortilloCoral SmithKatie DoyleTonya CooleyEvelyn Smith

ChallengersDerek McCrayBrad FiorenzaCohutta GrindstaffCT TamburelloAdam KingTyler DuckworthScott HermanKellyanne JuddSarah RicePaula MeronekKimberly AlexanderJenn GrijalvaRobin HibbardDiem Brown

Removed from original cast-Derrick K- he’s too much of a follower and sheep for JEK, replaced with AbramIbis- too boring and didn’t have much of an impact on the season, replaced with CoralDunbar- don’t get the hype, doesn’t even really bring any drama- replaced with DerekDanny- not a good competitor and brought nothing to the season, replaced with CTChet- didn’t care for him much on The Real World, rather them bring in someone strong from the season, replace with Scott HermanNick- no idea why he was cast, just a background character, replaced with TylerCasey- Do I need to explain? Replaced with PaulaBrianna- I personally didn’t care for her that much and she didn’t bring a lot to the table, replaced with JennShauvon- Do I need to explain? Replaced with Robin

I know some of the choices such as CT can be a stretch since some people said they wouldn’t do this season if he was there, but I just acted as if that wasn’t an issue since CT was in his prime around this time and the challengers need strong players. I removed some of the players that either were terrible or brought nothing to the season. I brought in Coral and Abe for the champions which may have not been possible, but I wanted to counter the whole JEK alliance. Also, it would be fun seeing Coral on a challenge again with Veronica, Katie, Evelyn and Tonya also being there. Obviously, we had to keep the love pentagon going so Wes, Kellyanne, Johanna, Cohutta, and Kenny were all left which I was fine with. Even though Diem was out first since she had work, I kept her still because she is a good competitor and I honestly had trouble finding another player to replace her with. I was thinking Brittni from RW: Hollywood but with CT and Adam on the cast it would make an interesting storyline with Diem there instead. Paula, Robin, and Jenn were known for being players that do well but just can’t get the win at that time, so I definitely wanted them on the cast. Derek M was put on to give the team some strength along with Scott H. Tyler was thrown in for drama and is someone against Johnny.

This is so much better add the chance to switch teams and this season wouldve been fire