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Why are they putting St. Thomas through this when they could have just put in FM without deliberation? Now they might have a target on their back. Interesting.
Yeah, the real veterans would have destroyed this dysfunctional cast.
You regained half of a notch in my book back Marie. You may thank me later.
I like Marie on this challenge. Wasn't a huge fan of her on RW though.
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Everyone is pretty even it appears though ability wise. Definately no dominant beasts. Which makes it more interesting because every mission anyone can take. Zach has just looked ok to me so far, nothing like superior. I mean there are guys who are in great shape and look great who have big muscles, doesn't necessarily mean they are strong as hell. But it's hard to judge when it's a team of 4 competing and you can't really see yet what he really can do. So too early to tell.
[QUOTE=TwoStrikes;321803]I like Marie on this challenge. Wasn't a huge fan of her on trw though.[/QUOTE] She's really not playing a smart game though I really don't understand what St Thomas or Vegas are doing--both casts seem absolutely clueless. Same with NOLA
[QUOTE=JL81790;321797]What a dick[/QUOTE] I'm sorry, I find Frank entertaining. And Marie is a little pitbull mouthing off to that cocky alliance.
It seems some of these people in the alliances are getting power hungry and thinking they are invincible. It wasn't like that for Vegas (instead it was Alton wanting to play the game a different way and disregarding his team's alliance), but for San Diego, Cancun, and New Orleans (well, Knight, at least)? They are making moves that I wonder about. How is what Cancun doing BS, Camila? They have no reason to save you.
Marie and Robb know more about how to play than Trey and Laura.
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Will Camila go on a rampage tonight?
Trey, shut up!
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Aww Trey, tell us about your insights, and your strategy.
LOL Chet! What is CJ talking about?
They should have put Laura, JD, Sam, and Ashley on a team. = Team Invisible.
EW shut up Trey. You're my least favorite now of the season.
What are these people doing? Why are they talking to any and everybody about strategy and alliances?
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See these people all want to be in alliance, but when it comes to making tough decisions, they can't handle the backlash of being unpopular.
I couldn't stand Chet prior to this season but compared to the rest of this cast he's not bad
I still like Trey.. But I still can't stand Frank, Zack, Knight, CJ, and I'm starting to dislike Jonna.
Camila you can shut up too
Oh shut up Camila. Go in and win.
Okay, Camila referring to "these kids" as "The New Generation" is kind of funny and absurd.
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Camilla you were in an alliance last season, so now that tables are turned, you of course aren't happy.
Camila finally said something smart. THIS IS NOT A REAL CHALLENGE; IT'S *****ING OUT.
I actually agree with Camilla I miss the old kids
Go Camilla GO! haha
[QUOTE=jojorules;321825]Camilla you were in an alliance last season, so now that tables are turned, you of course aren't happy.[/QUOTE] To be fair, other than "setting the order" the challenges last time really weren't designed to cater to those alliances--unlike the mission today and the wrestling mission
Say what you will about JEK, Wes, CT, and the like, but I've never seen them call a girl that on the show. Ever.
Devyn is by far my favorite! I actually agree with Camilla for once.
Camila's done enough challenges now to know that alliances typically rule. And with this challenge format, these people owe her absolutely nothing. She is not on their team, she is the opposition. They can ally with whoever they want to. It's not like Cutthroat when she was competing well and would get voted in by her team all the time.