The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons - The Dark Knight

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The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons - The Dark Knight
Ryan launches a psychological attack on Nany.
TJ is slacking a bit with the puns in his clues. I expect a lot more from him.
Knight...what a tool.
Knight's an idiot...this doesn't make any sense
Goodbye Knight. LMAO.
LOL the title.
geez, this challenge is EARLY!
Yeah I am predicting part of NOLA to be gone tonight.
Eric finally found a small way to be useful.
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OK Camilla lecturing about immaturity?
BTW, Trey looks HORRIBLE with this beard thing going on.
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Nany isn't going to let them get the best of her, if the previews are any indication, I will disagree.
Trey, why do you continually try to sabotage your own team?
I don't think Trey understands how this game works at all.
Oh good...McKenzie's hot again.
I love Devyn!!
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Chet's hilarious this challenge.
[QUOTE=kvm1977;321781]I don't think Trey understands how this game works at all.[/QUOTE] It's as if he doesn't even want to compete at all on any level. Why is he there in the first place?
Frank's the worst human being ever to be on these shows IMO
I love seeing Chet lose at anything. Really cannot stand that pretentious twerp. Eric probably imagined that basket was filled with delicious hamburgers.
Hey about you shut the **** up?
Called it, the alliance is parting ways.
Alton's a beast man...
Am I the only one who thinks Devyn is hilarious?
[QUOTE=wutzrenzi;321789]Called it, the alliance is parting ways.[/QUOTE] I highly doubt they officially break up yet. If Vegas was smart they would have teamed up with Brooklyn last week but that shipped has sailed.
[QUOTE=wutzrenzi;321789]Called it, the alliance is parting ways.[/QUOTE] As it should be. Way too many people to keep in line.
Zack has not impressed me at all through these challenges. Looks like the wrapping is much better than the present with this guy.
What a bonehead move by Knight - targeting Nany. It is so stupid and makes no sense. He should have just sat Vegas down and spoke to them to see where they stood in terms of the alliance. Vegas now has a reason to vote New Orleans in if they want to (and have the power to). The mission ended up being different than what I thought it would be. They are really making it easy for the alliance to control things.
What a dick [url=][img][/img][/url]
[QUOTE=JL81790;321797]What a dick[/QUOTE] Again, Frank's the worst person to ever appear on this show.
Hey Trey maybe if you cooperated you woul know where your team stands with Cancun.