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The Real World: Portland - Ratings
I just saw this on twitter : @TVMoJoe : This is the story of a reality show with an awful debut: REAL WORLD PORTLAND debuts to just 700K viewers, ranks No 19 in W12-34
Oh well, they have 12 episodes for it to turn around or its bye bye real world.
Wow, not deserving at all.
I'm not sure if these numbers are correct though.. I don't think women are the target Demo. And I can't find anything about it on TV By Numbers Plus, it's better than St. Thomas..
[QUOTE=YvanEhtNioj;338762]And I can't find anything about it on TV By Numbers[/QUOTE]From tvbynumbers"We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our primary source, if you don't see your show it was not in that top 100 list. "
Yikes. Please don't be real. This season needs and deserves good ratings.
[QUOTE=Legend;338764]Yikes. Please don't be real. This season needs and deserves good ratings.[/QUOTE]Its real.I have hope that it will turn around, the premiere ratings are always just a reflection of the last season IMO.
Wait, what did ST premiere with?
St. Thomas was like .6 The demo for RW isn't adults 25-34 though, which is why it isn't listed
Forget the demo, 700k viewers is PATHETIC The show's going to get cancelled no doubt about it. I doubt Nia can do much, especially considering they never told anyone that Nia wasn't going to be part of the original cast
[QUOTE=YvanEhtNioj;338768]St. Thomas was like .6The demo for RW isn't adults 25-34 though, which is why it isn't listed[/QUOTE]It still gets an adults 25-34 rating, but clearly it wasn't big enough. This is the first time I haven't seen it on that list so I'd imagine its the lowest rating in recent history.
I'm attempting to be optimistic.'s higher than Washington Heights too lol.
[QUOTE=Nightwolf;338771]The show's going to get cancelled no doubt about it. [/QUOTE]What will be will be, at least we are going out with a bang :D
I'm in denial. If The Real World's future really looks that murky... all hope rests in Nia.
My quote button isn't working... :/ I was at least hoping it would get to see 30. New Orleans' ratings kept going up every week until the end so maybe that'll happen.
Well, with all the drama that's to come and the ratings don't pick up to some +1.0's then... I just don't know what to tell ya.
Ratings will go up, I don't see how anyone watching last night won't be watching next week.I just hope they go up enough, i.e. triple lol.
Maybe the new generation has just lost interest..,Maybe it's all the competition on Wednesday nights. there are too many "Ifs". One of the casting directors posted on twitter about talks of renewal like two weeks ago. It was also posted by Entertainment Weekly. I wonder if that's all gonna change now.
It's not even on the damn list! What? Then again, wasn't that Snooki show also new last night? I believe they said it was the finale? That also wasn't on the list. So it looks like MTV is just not doing well with anything right now, If that was a new episode, a Jersey Shore related show, and it didn't even make the cut that has to be bad. Also have I mentioned I CANT STAND DUCK DYNASTY? Haha, I hate that show with a passion. Dominates the TV land scape, you kidding me? That show is more entertaining than a history making NBA game. *Shakes my head* I don't know if we can turn this around, lately ratings have not been upswing very much. Maybe they will move the show to a different day as there is too much competition on Wednesday apparently.
Good Lord! More adults watched Spongebob Square pants and Mickey Mouse Club than Real World! BMP must be having panic attacks over there.
Totally random. But if you guess are wondering about Marlon's "secret", I posted it in the regular "Real World: Portland" page. The advocate did an article about him. If that doesn't raise ratings, Idk what will.
Oh my that's horrible. I can now see why BMP is milking the BGC franchise, the Real World seems like it's dunzo.
Shoot, even this current season of BGC has been down the tubes in ratings (not RW style though).
I didn't even know it was on.
Sad thing is, they actually put promotion into this season too.
AND a marathon. I don't know what more they could've done really.