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Buffy/Angel/Firefly - Joss Whedon
First, I am HUGE fan of Joss Whedon. It started off when Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the airwaves. When was that 1996? I've never looked back. I fell in love with the characters and with the talent that is Joss Whedon. Today, I still keep up with Buffy and the Scoobies through Comic Books. I am a bit of a snob and haven't read all the Buffy comics that are out there. Only the ones written under Joss or his direction. I've also read the first Angel Comic for Season 6, I'm holding out until I read more before I pass judgment. But the Buffy Season 8 comics, are a godsend. I've read up to the 9th issue and waiting for the 10th to be delivered. I watch Bones, but to me David Boreanaz is Angel. Everytime Booth does something like smile, I think of Angel smiling and it gives me a goofy grin. to this day I cannot watch that episode of Angel on a date in that club (thinking of dancing) and not *****. Or whenever he sang Mandy for Loren. I'm ending my post, because I could literally go on forever here. :D
Buffy was March of 1997 =) IM ALSO READING THE SEASON 8 COMICS!!! yessss I got my 10th yesterday...so you'll get yours soon im sure (i order from Things From Another World) Angel comic 1....kind of a letdown....no??? I havn't seen Bones yet but its in my Netflix queue! Im just watching too many shows right now...So i have to finish My So-Called Life and The Riches first haha Favorite 5 Buffy episodes? GO! I'll post mine after I think about it on the walk to Starbucks. Be right back haha
Top 5 Buffy episodes: in no order, mind you... Hush Once More with Feeling (i feel lame picking those 2 cuz they're "obvious" but whatever) Storyteller Graduation Day Part 1 (kick-ass Buffy/Faith fight) Earshot Those are my top 5....for now...it changes like weekly haha
I get my comics from there too. :D I stumbled on an ad while I was doing some trivia on Facebook. It's a good thing because there is no where remotely close to here that I can buy comics. I think the Buffy Season 8 comics are great...my only thing is I still can't figure out who kissed her. They say the answer is in the strip...but I'm still left wondering. I'm leaning strongly towards Xander though. What do you think? I'm looking forward to reading issue 10, the whole Faith and Buffy thing has always made things interesting. This may sound sick but I'm looking forward to seeing some more sparks between Faith and Giles. I felt the Angel first issue was a confused mess. I couldn't follow it. I'm hoping that the next issues things will become more clear. My five favorite Buffy episodes???? Jeesh, you're not asking for much. LOL For obvious reasons the top 2 are the same as yours. Hush and Once More with Feeling Earshot was very good as well. (now I'm just stealing from you. :D I'll try to have an original thought now.) Innocence - has to come in here somewhere, as that was a turning point in so many of the character's lives. I can't remember the title...maybe it was in Once More with Feeling...I can't remember. You know the after Willow brings back Buffy (I think it is a few episodes later) and she tells Spike that she was in Heaven. That episode really ripped me apart. I may as well tell you that I am a sucky huge fan...I don't know the episode titles...so you'll see me say "You know the one...." a lot. Sorry.
ur talking about Afterlife, when she tells Spike the truth. =) and YES i ALSO thought the angel comic was a confused MESS...i have the 2nd one here and i havnt even read it yet.....meh I'm also leaning towards Xander kissing Buffy....they show the close up of him right there, i think its him! Comic 10 was somewhat confusing for me too.....the willow/buffy stuff is odd....let me know after u read it though! I'd like to know your take on it!
I have a long wait..TFAW hasn't shipped it yet...with Christmas and all that I let my Credit Card max out. I have to make a payment before they will ship it. The average time for shipping has been about a month. :( I've been wondering about the Spike comics? Are they from the series?
There are Spike comics? haha I dont really pay attention unless Joss says they're "canon". So I wait for the good ol' "c" word, then I'm all about it. Not sure about the Spike stuff though. Favorite Firefly episodes: Out of Gas Ariel Trash =)
I don't think the Spike comics are written under Joss Whedon. Just like the other Buffy comics. I think. maybe I'm confused and there isn't a Spike series. LOL I'm tired. Have you read the other comic books that they talk about in the letters from fans at the end of the issues? I'll get back to you on my favorite episodes of firefly. I can't think right now. ;)
what other comic books they talked about in the letters??? not sure which ones you're referring to....?
Love the season 8 comics. The Spike comics are ok, I actually got them because they have photos of Spike looking hot as always. Ok how about 5 made me cry like a baby moments.... Cheesy I know... Innocence, The look on SMG face breaks my heart. Family, The Gift, The Body, Given I know. Grave,
I'm falling behind in my comics. I have two shipments that I haven't even opened yet. Buffy #10 and Angel 2 and 3.
STILL loving the season 8 comics. Issue 11 was REALLY good!!! I sold my Angel 1 and 2 on ebay. I'm just NOT feeling it. Most likely, ill pick it up when it hits Graphic Novel form. The buffy's cost me like 17 an issue (cuz i order 4 to get the variant cover) so idk...i dont need the Angels because they look TERRIBLE. ugh.
PS....my girlfriend bought me a tshirt. its Maroon with yellow writing and says SUNNYDALE on the front. I LOVE IT.
I LOVE season 8, dont get me wrong, but im considering just buying the Graphic Novels. hmm what to do what to do. the comics are expensive to buy monthly (i buy 4 a month) soooo yeah. or maybe ill just stop buying the variant covers I also just got Tales of the Slayers. it was short, but i liked it. I have Tales of the Vampires coming in the mail
I just buy the one cover per issue and then the book with the six issues. I read the comics as the come then read the book when I want to reread them. I keep them protected, but just to preserve them, I don't see them being worth much as a collectors item. But who knows. I'd probably never get rid of them anyway. I get two issues a month one BTVS and one Angel which costs me about $12/month once shipping and taxes are tacked on. I still have three to read and are still in the shipping packages.
i just got issue 13 in today and it was SOOOO GOOOOOOD yanno....maybe i should stop buying the variant covers and do like you're doing.....buy the graphic novels. I want the graphic novels cuz they'll be easier to re-read. i could always sell my variants on ebay. hmmm Do i really need a 2nd cover? not really
Kathleen, did you read #13 yet? I just got Tales of the Vampires too, and I'm thinking about getting the new (and old) Serenity ones. Not sure though. I'm not really into graphic novel-y stuff, but its Whedon, so how can I not?
I just finished reading 11. I know I'm bad. Actually 13 was just shipped to me the other day, so with cheap shipping I should get it within the next 2 weeks.
Does anyone know who this is? I swear I saw her on something but I just can't put my finger on it! She is just so familiar. [CENTER][URL="http://vevmo.com/vbimghost.php?do=displayimg&imgid=22"][IMG]http://vevmo.com/imagehosting/147eacfd25806a.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [B]What television series (besides Dexter?)[/B] [/CENTER]
She was mainly on the first season of Buffy. Her name on the show is Darla, she's the vampire that sired Angel.
You are such an ***! Thanks for that though, I'm in a ****** of a mood.
Thanks Cbrasil! and don't worry as Kathleen was referring to me as the donkey. ;) Glad I could cheer you up Kath. Although if you don't say anything more I think we can keep this as an inside joke....lol!
I have a habit of not quoting and I thought I'd be right after you. Honestly, I don't call people ***** unless with tongue in cheek and when I'm sure they are going to get that. Hey Bacchus, do you watch New Amsterdam? Two of the ladies on there seem really familiar to me...I guess I'll go IMDB and find out. Darla, was such a baddie, it's easy not to recognize her on Dexter. Darla was no victim...she ate them for breakfast. :D
Well....I knew you were joking....lol. It is because of the Dexter thread go read it RSV. GO GO GO! joke I was making being this is the "Buffy World" thread. ;) I watched maybe 15 minutes of New Amsterdam last night and it actually was engaging....but I had already missed the boat on a few eps and decided to just change the channel as I have heard bad things about it being a long term series.
I need to watch Dexter!!!! I'm watching Wonderfalls now....Dexter will be next! I'll bump it up on the netflix queue!
PS....Kathleen you don't know anyone thats looking to buy Variant covers, do you? I think I'm going to sell all my variant issues....buy the graphic novels....and then just buy the regular issues, like I said I was going to do before. I'm NEVER going to open the variants. meh. too expensive
OMG. I just saw a sneak peek at a SPOILER for issue 16. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS Kathleen, I hope you are brave and [URL="http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=92159514&blogID=370897777"]CLICK THIS LINK.[/URL] AHHHHHH
omg. I'm....i cant even.... I'm going to need a time-out. I'll be back after I breathe and settle. WOW. CLICK THAT LINK AHHH
I clicked on it. LOL Seriously that is like 5 issues away for me. [spoiler] and I don't read Fray [/spoiler] Which reminds me I have to check on why I haven't received issue 12. ETA: I just checked...it was issue 12 they just mailed me. My next shipment isn't until mid April with issue 13. Living in Canada in the north of everything really sucks sometimes.
Frayyyyyyyyy totally geeking out. it'll end sooooooon =)
So I take it that Fray is good? Should I buy?