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The challange Ex-tra Rivals 

Location Thailand 

the two best themes in challange history go head to head, same sex rivals vs coed exes. Format like bloodines before teams where there are male and female elimintion days.  the elimination style is also like bloodines, where one on one with both going home if someone loses, unless its a same sex team facing off, then it becomes a partner elimation. Only one pair can win it all.

Bananas & CT

Nelson & Tony

Cory & Dario

Devin & Vince

Jay & Leroy 

Cara maria & Nicole z

Christina & Madison

Jasmine & Nia

Marie & Sam 

Jemmye & Jenna 

Nate & Nicole r

Big easy &  Devyn 

Dustin & Emilee

Zach & Ashley k

Will & Anika


Yeahhhh no 

The Challenge: Battle of the Frienenemies

16 pairs of people that have been friends or alliance on the past. Some started as friends/alliance then became bitter enemies and others are friends that doesnt necessarily see eye to eye on everything and in some cases have betrayed each other on the past. Some are in good terms others had fallouts.

They are divided into two teams, But in order to be safe you need to make sure your other half is safe too since if they get vote in you will go into elimination with them, since it will be pair same sex elimination days and you will need to be link up to your frienemies .

- Only 3 pairs from each gender will make it to the end. The final will be in pairs with the rivals 3 twist where they can steal their partners share, old wounds will re-open and new ones will be form.



-Nany Gonzalez and Theresa Gonzalez

-Veronica Portillo and Amaya Brecher

-Kam Williams and Alicia Wright (Ayto 5)

-Katrina Stack and Tyara Hooks (Real World: Bad Blood)

-Kailah Casillas and Cara Maria Sorbello

-Madison Channing Walls and Violetta Millerman (Real World: Skeletons)

-Nia Moore and Averey Tressler

- Sammie and Deena (Jersey Shore)


-Ozzy Morales and Andre Siemers (ayto 5) 

-John Humphrey and Giovanni Rivera (Ayto? 4)- They both liked Julia on ayto stretch.

- Mike "The Situation" and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

-CJ Koegel and Wes Bergmann

-Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton

- Shane Landrum and Hunter Barfield

-Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor

-Thomas Buell and Abram Boise (stretch)


Nicole Zanatta/Sylvia, Kim/Brianna Taylor, Kellyanne/ Susie, Theo/Kassius, Peter/Mike C and Bananas/Tony (Preview from this week episode of dirty 30)

I made this a while back , thoughts ?

Ok wow that quality is horrible 

Add Abram / Cara Maria. Switch Hunter out with Jamie. I much rather see Mike and Tori but sadly they'll continue to try and make her and Derrick happen lol 

Bruno and Sylvia deserve a spot too...

Add Abram / Cara Maria. Switch Hunter out with Jamie. I much rather see Mike and Tori but sadly they'll continue to try and make her and Derrick happen lol Bruno and Sylvia deserve a spot too...

They can't do one together over legal issues




She have a restraining order against him because according to her he took notes from peter lmao

The challenge revenge 

First mission-riot act 

Red Team

Blue Team
Kim g
Brianna t

Location: Bali, Indonesia


32 players travel to Indonesia in hopes of winning their share of 1 million dollars. This group ranges from the best and brightest to the shadiest and most aggressive players in the game. This game is Heroes vs Villains. It will be played similar to The Ruins where before each challenge each team must nominate 3 guys and 3 girls as Captains. If your team wins the Captains get to pick which 2 players (Male and Female) from their team and which 2 players from the losing tean face off in the Garden  . 



CJ (RW: Cancun)

Cohutta (RW: Sydney)

Dimitri (Are You The One? 6)

Marlon (RW: Portland)

Robb (RW: St. Thomas)

Derrick (RR: X-Treme)

Shane (RR: Campus Crawl)

Darrell (RR: Campus Crawl)


Madison (RW: Skeletons)

KellyAnne (RW: Sydney)

Sarah (RW: Brooklyn)

CeeJai (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Jenny (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Averey (RW: Portland)

Cooke (RW: Las Vegas 2)

Melanie (Are You The One? 3)


Alt: Clinton (Are You The One? 6) & Jonna  (RW: Cancun)



Greg (RW: Hollywood)

Frank (RW: San Diego 2)

Jordan (RW: Portland)

Bruno (RW: Skeletons)

John (Are You The One? 4)

Wes (RW: Austin)

Nelson (Are You The One? 3)

Ryan L (RW: New Orleans 2)


Katrina (RW: Bad Blood)

Sylvia (RW: Skeletons)

Ashley (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Nia (RW: Portland)

Marie (RW: St. Thomas)

Tina (RR: South Pacific)

Laurel (TC: Fresh Meat 2)

Theresa (TC: Fresh Meat 2)


Alt: Kassius (RW: Bad Blood) & Amanda (Are You The One? 3)

The challenge revenge First mission-riot act Red TeamCamilaBlue TeamNiaAneesaLoloCeejaiTyaraCoralLouiseKim gBrianna tLaToya 

LMFAO! I am dead!

Rivals 4

Location South Africa 

Teams of 4

Red Team- Frank,Nany, Theresa, Jordan 

Blue Team-Brad,Darrell,Kelly Anne, Aneesa

Black Team-Tina,Beth,Derrick, Nelson

Green team-Leroy,Wes,Cara Maria,Jenn 

Aqua Team-Marlon,CT, Coral, Nia 

Purple Team- Shane, Hunter, Kailah, Ashley m

Yellow Team-Tony,Sylvia,Nicole, Jason

Pink Team-Tyara,Peter, Katrina, Mike



The Challenge: Cutthroat 2

Rules: Same as original, however, similar to the Ruins the teams will compete in missions to win money for their team bank accounts but each person will have their own individual bank account as well so if they win an elimination they get the money in their opponent's bank account.

 Orange Team 

Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)

Trey Weatherholtz (RW: St. Thomas)

Katrina Stack (RW: Bad Blood)

Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)

Ceejai Jenkins (RW: GBGH)

Mike Cerasani (AYTO5)

Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)

Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego 2)

Amanda Garcia (AYTO3)

Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme)


 Purple Team 

Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific)

John Humphrey (AYTO4)

Theresa Gonzalez (Fresh Meat 2)

Mitch Reid (Bloodlines)

Sylvia Elsrode (RW: Skeletons)

Hunter Barfield (AYTO3)

Nicole Ramos (Bloodlines)

Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego 1)

Nia Moore (RW: Portland)

Robbie Podavano (RW: Bad Blood)


 Green Team 

Louise Hazel (Champs vs Pros)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO3)

Briana Taylor (RW: Hollywood)

Gus Kenworthy (Champs vs Pros)

Tyara Hooks (RW: Bad Blood)

Will Gilbert (RW: Hollywood)

KellyAnne Judd (RW: Sydney)

CJ Koegel (RW: Cancun)

Alicia Wright (AYTO5)

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin)


Battle of the Sexes 3.

John(AYTO 4)
Gio(AYTO 4)
Dylan(Go Big or Go Home)
Shane(Campus Crawl)
Dione(Go Big or Go Home)
Robbie(Bad Blood)
Mike(Bad Blood)
Leroy(Las Vegas 2)
Nelson(AYTO 3)
Hunter(AYTO 3)
Devin(AYTO 3)
Brad(San Diego 1)
Frank(San Diego 2)
Robb(St Thomas)

Laurel(Fresh Meat 2)
Kailah(Go Big or Go Home)
Cara Maria(Fresh Meat 2)
CeeJai(Go Big or Go Home)
Katrina(Bad Blood)
Tyara(Bad Blood)
Tori(AYTO 4)
Ashley M(Ex-plosion)
Theresa(Fresh Meat 2)
Marie(St Thomas)
Alica(AYTO 5)
Veronica(Semester at Sea)

The Challenge: Allies



LaToya and Marie

Kailah and Jenna

Amanda and Ashley M

Sarah and Susie

Sylvia and Violetta

Averey and Nia (friends now btw)

Cara Maria and Tori

Tina and Veronica



Hunter and Nelson

Derrick K and CT

Wes and Danny

Cohutta and Isaac

Darrell and Shane

Bananas and Leroy

Zach and CJ

Robb and Trey

The Challenge: New Generation (Free Agents style format, only twist is a Bloodbath at the halfway mark)


Leroy Garrett (Las Vegas 2011)

Frank Sweeney (RW San Diego 2011)

Marlon Williams (RW Portland)

Jordan Wiseley (RW Portland)

Cory Wharton (RW Ex-Plosion)

Tony Raines (RW Skeletons)

Jason Hill (RW Skeletons)

Dylan Moore (RW Go Big or Go Home)

Theo King-Bradley (RW Seattle: Bad Blood)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO 3)

Hunter Barfield (AYTO 3)

Giovanni Rivera (AYTO 4)

John Humphrey (AYTO 4)

Jaylan Adlam (AYTO 5)

Clinton Moxam (AYTO 6)

Keith Klebacher (AYTO 6)

Michael Johnson (AYTO 6)



Ayiiia Elizarraras (RW Cancun)

Jemmye Carroll (RW New Orleans 2010)

Marie Roda (RW St. Thomas)

Nia Moore (RW Portland)

Averey Tressler (RW Portland)

Ashley Mitchell (RW Ex-Plosion)

Sylvia Elsrode (RW Skeletons)

Nicole Zanatta (RW Skeletons)

Kailah Casillas (RW Go Big or Go Home)

CeeJai Jenkins (RW Go Big or Go Home)

Tyara Hooks (RW Seattle: Bad Blood)

Katrina Stack (RW Seattle: Bad Blood)

Shanley McIntee (AYTO 1)

Tori Deal (AYTO 4)

Kam Williams (AYTO 5)

Alicia Wright (AYTO 5)

Nurys Mateo (AYTO 6)

Alexis Eddy (AYTO 6)

All these fantasy casts look great 

Yes @ Graphik's cast. THAT is something that needs to happen.


Graphik's cast is awesome but what's with Jaylan and Michael from AYTO? What are you seeing that I'm not

Graphik's cast is awesome but what's with Jaylan and Michael from AYTO? What are you seeing that I'm not

Jaylan is somewhat of a personal choice lol but I think a lot of us agree that he is by FAR the best "member" of the whole #TeamChocolate thing. I think he would be a great Leroy replacement personally; from what was shown of him on AYTO5 he is ACTUALLY funny unlike Leroy & he did better in the small comps than Derrick/Eddie so it would probably translate to The Challenge as well. I think he has a better build for it.

Michael is already being shown as kind of a shit-stirrer + his general look. I think he's more of the popcorn muscle variety but he could prove me wrong if he ever gets the was really between him & Malcolm for that last spot; I tried to make it pretty realistic as I know they wouldn't have that much melanin on the cast at one time lmaooooo

Challenge 31: The Ruins 2 (RW vs. RR/Challenge/AYTO)

Location: Porto, Portugal


Zach Nichols

Johnny Devenanzio

Brad Fiorenza

Tony Raines

Cory Wharton

Thomas Buell

Bruno Bettencourt

Peter Romeo

Sylvia Elsrode

Madison Channing-Walls

KellyAnne Judd

Kailah Casillas

Jenna Compono

Marie Roda

Jemmye Carroll

Nia Moore


Nelson Thomas

Abram Boise

Shane Landrum

Devin Walker-Molaghan

Giovanni Rivera

Keith Klebacher 

Kenny Santucci

Michael Johnson

Britini Thornton

Alicia Wright

Cara Maria Sorbello

Veronica Portillo

Nicole Ramos

Shanley McIntee

Tina Barta

Nurys Mateo

The Challenge: Vendettas My Cast

Alicia Wright-Kam Williams: AYTO5

CeeJai Jenkins-Jenna Thomason: RW: GBOGH

Naomi Hedman-Zahida Allen: EOTB

Cara Maria Sorbello-Marie Roda: Dirty 30

Britni Thornton-Veronica Portillo: Dirty 30

Nicole Zanatta-Sylvia Elsrode: Invasion

Mike Crescenzo-Robbie Padovano: RW: Bad Blood 

Giovanni Rivera-Stephen McHugh: AYTO4

Jordan Davies-Rogan O'Connor: EOTB

Brad Fiorenza-Tony Raines: Twitter

Nelson Thomas-Shane Landrum: Invasion 

Cory Wharton-Devin Walker: Rivals III 

Tyara Hooks-Theo Bradley: RW: Bad Blood

Tyranny Todd-Jaylan Adlam: AYTO5


Challenge: classic 

Two teams of 16 battle it out in a classic style challenge. There will be 16 missions and eliminations. The missions will not all be about how athletic you are but like in classic challenge days will range from anything from physical challenges to challenges like ‘Bird Feeder’ from the Inferno.  Only half of the players will get to run In the final.  At the end of each mission Johnny will announce the two top players from each team (of either male or female depending on the elimination day) who win a lifesaver and are either safe from elimination or can step in for another player. 

 They all get the freedom and nicer living conditions like they did back in the day as well. 

 At the end of each mission, the teams go back and vote within themselves one person to nominate to  elimination  


The teams are split up between old school ‘classic’ vets (Real World NY - RW Austin, Road Rules, Fresh Meat 1) and the other team of ‘new school’ (RW Key West - Bad Blood, Fresh Meat 2, AYTO). The reason for the split was it seemed like all the people through Austin got to experience the weird ass challenges That put everyone on the same exact playing field that required no prior skill just pure luck. 


Host: Johnny Mosley 

Team Old School:


Veronica (RR Semester at Sea)

Rachel (RR Campus Crawl)

Katie (RR The Quest)

Coral (RW Back To New York)

Anne (RR Northern Trail)

Julie (RW New Orleans)

Ruthie (RW Hawaii)

Jodi (RR XTreme) 


Darrell (RR Campus Crawl)

Derrick (RR XTreme)

Mike ‘Miz’ (RW Back To New York)

Landon (RW Philadelphia)

Brad (RW San Diego) 

Nehemiah (RW Austin)

Colin (RW Hawaii) 

Dan (RW Miami)


Alt:  Ladies: Christena (RR South Pacific), Genesis (RW Boston), & Beth (RW Los Angeles) 

Men: Syrus (RW Boston), Patrick (RR XTreme), & Dan (RR Northern Trail) 


Team New School:


KellyAnne (RW Sydney)

Marie (RW St. Thomas)

Latoya (RW St. Thomas)

Averey (RW Portland)

Kailah (RW Go Big or Go Home)

Ashley M (RW Ex-Plosion) 

Laurel (Fresh Meat 2)

Anika (RW Bad Blood)


Thomas (RW Ex-Plosion)

Cohutta (RW Sydney) 

Dustin (RW Las Vegas 2)

Anthony (AYTO 2)

Brandon Nelson (Fresh Meat 2)

CJ (Cancún) 

Devin (AYTO 3) 

Ammo (Go Big or Go Home)


Alt: Ladies: Jenna (RW Ex-Plosion), Nicole Z (RW Skeletons), and Jill (RW Bloodlines)

Men: Marlon (RW Portland), Davis (RW Denver), Noor (Fresh Meat 2) 

(For the record the female old school was the hardest to cut down...Elka, Kina, Robin, Kelley, Ayanna, Piggy, the Holly’s, Emily, Irulan, Susie, Sarah G, and Lindsey were all hard to cut lol)

The Challenge: Hotheads vs Chill Bills 


Alexis Eddy (AYTO?: New Orleans)

Alicia Wright (AYTO?: Cabarete)

Bruno Bettencourt (RW: Skeletons) 

Giovanni Rivera (AYTO?: Maui)

Kareem Fathalla (AYTO?: New Orleans)

Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO?: Kona)

Nia Moore (RW: Portland)

Nurys Mateo (AYTO?: New Orleans)

Raphy Medrano (Bloodlines)

Sylvia Elsrode (RW: Skeletons)

Theo Bradley (RW: Bad Blood)

Tony Raines (RW: Skeletons)

Tyara Hooks (RW: Bad Blood)



Chill Bills

Alexandria Kim (AYTO?: San Juan)

Ashley Kelsey (RW: San Diego '11)

Cameron Kolbo (AYTO?: Maui)

CeeJai Jenkins (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Connor Smith (AYTO?: Kona)

Cory Wharton (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Dylan Moore (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Ellie Puckett (AYTO?: San Juan)

Jaylan Adlam (AYTO?: Cabarete)

Jonna Mannion (RW: Cancun)

Melissa Reeves (Ex on the Beach) 

Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl)

Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)



Drama and Eliminations coming soon!



My version of season 31... 

MTV The Challenge: Vendettas 


Adam Kuhn 
Brian Williams Jr. 
Chris "Ammo" Ammon Hall 
Clay Honeycutt
Cory Wharton 
Devin Walker-Molaghan 
Giovanni "Gio" Rivera 
Jamie Banks 
Johnny Reilly 
Kassius Bass 
Paulie Calaforie 
Theo King-Bradley 
Tony Raines 
Vince Gliatta 

Alternate: Nelson Thomas 


Alicia Wright 
Ashley Mitchell 
Audrey Middleton 
Averey Tressler 
Cara Maria Sorbello 
Da'Vonne Rogers 
Jemmye Carroll 
Jenna Thomason 
Kailah Cassilas 
Nia Moore 
Sarah Patterson 
Shanley McIntee 
Simone Kelly
Taylor Selfridge 

Alternate: Ayiiia Elizarraras 

I still hate the cast though but the theme is ass so not much you can really do tbh. 

ANY cast The Queen is on is instantly made better so it's straight! Smile

We NEED to see Kass (w/ Theo of course) in a Challenge environment too.

The Duel III
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Anthony Bartolotte [AYTO: Season 2]
Brandon Nelson [Fresh Meat II]
Brian Williams, Jr. [RW: Ex-Plosion]
Bruno Bettencourt [RW: Skeletons]
Cory Wharton [RW: Ex-Plosion]
Dustin Zito [RW: Las Vegas 2011]
Dylan Moore [RW: Go Big or Go Home]
Jamie Banks [Bloodlines]
Jason Hill [RW: Skeletons]
John Devenanzio [RW: Key West]
Kassius Bass [RW Seattle: Bad Blood]
Keith Klebacher [AYTO: Season 6]
Mitch Reid [Bloodlines]
Robbie Padovano [RW Seattle: Bad Blood]
Trey Weatherholtz [RW: St. Thomas]
Wes Bergmann [RW: Austin]

Alternates: Giovanni Rivera [AYTO: Season 4] & Mike Crescenzo [RW Seattle: Bad Blood]

Arielle Scott [RW: Ex-Plosion]
Ashley Mitchell [RW: Ex-Plosion]
Camila Nakagawa [Spring Break Challenge]
Candice Fowler [Bloodlines]
Ellie Puckett [AYTO: Season 2]
Jennifer Geoghan [RW Seattle: Bad Blood]
Jonna Mannion [RW: Cancun]
Mandi Moyer [Fresh Meat II]
Melanie Velez [AYTO: Season 3]
Nany González [RW: Las Vegas 2011]
Nia Moore [RW: Portland]
Nicole Ramos [Bloodlines]
Sabrina Kennedy [RW: Go Big or Go Home]
Sylvia Elsrode [RW: Skeletons]
Tyara Hooks [RW Seattle: Bad Blood]
Violetta Milerman [RW: Skeletons]

Alternates: Britni "Snaggletooth" Thornton [AYTO: Season 3] & Devyn Simone [RW: Brooklyn]

Episode #1:
Elimination: Ascender (Duel)
Cory by Brian 
Nia by Arielle

Episode #2:
Elimination: Knot So Fast (Battle of the Seasons 2)
Dylan by Brandon
Arielle by Ashley

Episode #3:
Elimination: Home Wrecker (Bloodlines)
Anthony by Mitch
Nicole by Nany

Episode #4:
Elimination: Smash House (Inferno 3)
Jamie by John
Sabrina by Sylvia

Episode #5:
Elimination: Sliders (Gauntlet 3)
Kassius by Brandon
Ellie by Violetta

Episode #6:
Elimination: Hog Tie (The Ruins)
Dustin by Bruno
Mandi by Tyara

Episode #7:
Elimination: Hands On (Rivals)
Robbie by Wes
Violetta by Nany

Episode #8:
Cory Wharton & Nia Moore return to the game
Elimination: Tunnel Vision (Rivals 3)
Brian by Cory
Candice by Nia

Episode #9:
Elimination: Hall Brawl (Battle of the Seasons 2?)
John by Jason
Camila by Jenn

Episode #10:
Elimination: Squaring Off (Bloodlines)
Mitch by Wes
Tyara by Melanie

Episode #11:
Elimination: Wrecking Wall (Free Agents)
Brandon by Keith
Sylvia by Jonna

Episode #12:
Elimination: Web of Lies (Dirty 30)
Keith by Trey
Melanie by Jenn

Episode #13:
Elimination: Balls to the Wall (Dirty 30)
Bruno by Trey
Jenn by Jonna

Winners of The Duel III: Cory Wharton & Nany González
Runner Ups: Wes Bergmann & Ashley Mitchell
Third Place: Jason Hill & Nia Moore
Last Place: Trey Weatherholtz & Jonna Mannion