The Challenge: Favorite/Fantasy Casts

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The challange Ex-tra Rivals 

Location Thailand 

the two best themes in challange history go head to head, same sex rivals vs coed exes. Format like bloodines before teams where there are male and female elimintion days.  the elimination style is also like bloodines, where one on one with both going home if someone loses, unless its a same sex team facing off, then it becomes a partner elimation. Only one pair can win it all.

Bananas & CT

Nelson & Tony

Cory & Dario

Devin & Vince

Jay & Leroy 

Cara maria & Nicole z

Christina & Madison

Jasmine & Nia

Marie & Sam 

Jemmye & Jenna 

Nate & Nicole r

Big easy &  Devyn 

Dustin & Emilee

Zach & Ashley k

Will & Anika


Yeahhhh no 

The Challenge: Battle of the Frienenemies

16 pairs of people that have been friends or alliance on the past. Some started as friends/alliance then became bitter enemies and others are friends that doesnt necessarily see eye to eye on everything and in some cases have betrayed each other on the past. Some are in good terms others had fallouts.

They are divided into two teams, But in order to be safe you need to make sure your other half is safe too since if they get vote in you will go into elimination with them, since it will be pair same sex elimination days and you will need to be link up to your frienemies .

- Only 3 pairs from each gender will make it to the end. The final will be in pairs with the rivals 3 twist where they can steal their partners share, old wounds will re-open and new ones will be form.



-Nany Gonzalez and Theresa Gonzalez

-Veronica Portillo and Amaya Brecher

-Kam Williams and Alicia Wright (Ayto 5)

-Katrina Stack and Tyara Hooks (Real World: Bad Blood)

-Kailah Casillas and Cara Maria Sorbello

-Madison Channing Walls and Violetta Millerman (Real World: Skeletons)

-Nia Moore and Averey Tressler

- Sammie and Deena (Jersey Shore)


-Ozzy Morales and Andre Siemers (ayto 5) 

-John Humphrey and Giovanni Rivera (Ayto? 4)- They both liked Julia on ayto stretch.

- Mike "The Situation" and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

-CJ Koegel and Wes Bergmann

-Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton

- Shane Landrum and Hunter Barfield

-Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor

-Thomas Buell and Abram Boise (stretch)


Nicole Zanatta/Sylvia, Kim/Brianna Taylor, Kellyanne/ Susie, Theo/Kassius, Peter/Mike C and Bananas/Tony (Preview from this week episode of dirty 30)

I made this a while back , thoughts ?

Ok wow that quality is horrible 

Add Abram / Cara Maria. Switch Hunter out with Jamie. I much rather see Mike and Tori but sadly they'll continue to try and make her and Derrick happen lol 

Bruno and Sylvia deserve a spot too...

Add Abram / Cara Maria. Switch Hunter out with Jamie. I much rather see Mike and Tori but sadly they'll continue to try and make her and Derrick happen lol Bruno and Sylvia deserve a spot too...

They can't do one together over legal issues




She have a restraining order against him because according to her he took notes from peter lmao

The challenge revenge 

First mission-riot act 

Red Team

Blue Team
Kim g
Brianna t

Location: Bali, Indonesia


32 players travel to Indonesia in hopes of winning their share of 1 million dollars. This group ranges from the best and brightest to the shadiest and most aggressive players in the game. This game is Heroes vs Villains. It will be played similar to The Ruins where before each challenge each team must nominate 3 guys and 3 girls as Captains. If your team wins the Captains get to pick which 2 players (Male and Female) from their team and which 2 players from the losing tean face off in the Garden  . 



CJ (RW: Cancun)

Cohutta (RW: Sydney)

Dimitri (Are You The One? 6)

Marlon (RW: Portland)

Robb (RW: St. Thomas)

Derrick (RR: X-Treme)

Shane (RR: Campus Crawl)

Darrell (RR: Campus Crawl)


Madison (RW: Skeletons)

KellyAnne (RW: Sydney)

Sarah (RW: Brooklyn)

CeeJai (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Jenny (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Averey (RW: Portland)

Cooke (RW: Las Vegas 2)

Melanie (Are You The One? 3)


Alt: Clinton (Are You The One? 6) & Jonna  (RW: Cancun)



Greg (RW: Hollywood)

Frank (RW: San Diego 2)

Jordan (RW: Portland)

Bruno (RW: Skeletons)

John (Are You The One? 4)

Wes (RW: Austin)

Nelson (Are You The One? 3)

Ryan L (RW: New Orleans 2)


Katrina (RW: Bad Blood)

Sylvia (RW: Skeletons)

Ashley (RW: Ex-Plosion)

Nia (RW: Portland)

Marie (RW: St. Thomas)

Tina (RR: South Pacific)

Laurel (TC: Fresh Meat 2)

Theresa (TC: Fresh Meat 2)


Alt: Kassius (RW: Bad Blood) & Amanda (Are You The One? 3)

The challenge revenge First mission-riot act Red TeamCamilaBlue TeamNiaAneesaLoloCeejaiTyaraCoralLouiseKim gBrianna tLaToya 

LMFAO! I am dead!