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People like Nany and Theresa needed a team challenge to get their wins tbh

People like Nany and Theresa needed a team challenge to get their wins tbh

The Challenge: Battle of the Ages. Old School Team. Brad(San Diego 1) Wes(Austin) Derrick(X-TREME) Darrell(Campus Crawl) Shane(Campus Crawl) CT(Paris) Abram(South Pacific) Alton(Las Vegas 1) Trishelle(Las Vegas 1) Kendall(Campus Crawl) Veronica(Semester at Sea) Beth(Los Angeles) Ruthie(Hawaii) Susie(Down Under) Paula(Key West) Aneesa(Chicago) New School Team. Frank(San DIego 2) Leroy(Las Vegas 2) Jordan(Portland) CJ(Cancun) John(AYTO 4) Hunter(AYTO 3) Dylan(Go Big or Go Home) Mike(Bloodlines) Cooke(Las Vegas 2) Ceejai(Go Big or Go Home) Ashley M(Ex-plosion) Amanda(AYTO 3) Kailah(Go Big or Go Home) Katrina(Bad Blood) Marie(St Thomas) Jill(Bloodlines)

Good ass cast DA

People like Nany and Theresa needed a team challenge to get their wins tbh

People like Nany and Theresa needed a team challenge to get their wins tbh

People like Nany and Theresa needed a team challenge to get their wins tbh

The Duel 3 (with no prior champions--the female cast >>>>>>>>>>> male cast but probably the only way to get a new male winner)


Shane Landrum Road Rules Campus Crawl

Adam King Real World Paris

Danny Jamieson Real World Austin

Derek McCray Road Rules Viewers Revenge

Brandn Nelson Fressh Meat II

CJ Koegel Real World Cancun

Ty Ruff Real World DC

Dustin Zito Real World Portland

Johnny Reilly Real World Portland

Cory Wharton Real World ExPlosion

Thomas Buell Real World ExPlosion

Tony Raines Real World Skeletons

Devin Walker-Molaghan AYTO3

Hunter Barfield AYTO 3

Nelson Thomas AYTO 3


Ruthie Alcaide Real World Hawaii

Aneesa Ferreira Real World Chicago

Robin Hibbard Real World San Diego

Tina Barta Road Rules South Pacific

KellyAnne Judd Real World Sydney

Theresa Gonzalez Fresh Meat II

Ayiiia Elizarras Real World Cancun

Jonna Mannion Real World Cancun

Amanda Garcia AYTO3

Heather Cooke Real World Vegas

Marie Roda Real World St Thomas

Averey Tressler Real World Portland

Nia Moore Real World Portland

Kailah Casillas Real World Go Big or Go Home

Tori Deal AYTO

I didn't include people we haven't seen as I have no idea who they are









Battle of the Exes 3

1. Nany & Cohutta
2. Marie & Robb
3. Wes & KellyAnne
4. Brad & Tori
5. Dione & Kailah 
6. Robbie & Jenn
7. CJ & Ashley K
8. Jonna & Jordan
9. Ashley M & Hunter
10. Zach & Jenna
11. Danny & Melinda
12. Abram & Coral
13. Jamie & Thomas 
14. LaToya & Nelson
15. Devin & Kiki
16. John & Julia

 The Challenge the showdown 
Location Croatia 
random teams of4
Red Team- CJ,Jason,Lolo,Nany

Green Team-Darrell,Marlon,Ashley m,Tori

Blue Team-Frank,Tony,Cooke, Kendal

Yellow team 
Shane,Noor, Marie, Coral

Black team- Hunter, Greg, Theresa, Louise

Purple team-Derrick, Leroy, Jill,Amanda

Aqua Team-Wes,Cory,Beth,Nia

Emerald team-Gus,Mark,Ceejai, Veronica

Cutthroat 2

Red Team - Champions

Ashley Mitchell
CT Tamburello
Derrick Kosinski
Emily Schromm
Frank Sweeney
Mark Long
Rachel Robinson
Sarah Rice
Veronica Portillo
Wes Bergmann

Gray Team - Finalists

Ace Amerson
Aneesa Ferreira
Cory Wharton
Devin Walker-Molaghan
Dustin Zito
Heather Cooke
KellyAnne Judd
Nelson Thomas
Theresa Gonzalez
Tina Barta

Blue Team - Challengers

Adam Kuhn
Amanda Garcia
Averey Tressler
CJ Koegel
Cohutta Grindstaff
Jenny Delich
Jonna Mannion
Nia Moore
Robb Schreiber
Shane Landrum

 The Challenge the showdown Location Croatia random teams of4Red Team- CJ,Jason,Lolo,NanyGreen Team-Darrell,Marlon,Ashley m,ToriBlue Team-Frank,Tony,Cooke, KendalYellow team Shane,Noor, Marie, CoralBlack team- Hunter, Greg, Theresa, LouisePurple team-Derrick, Leroy, Jill,AmandaAqua Team-Wes,Cory,Beth,Nia Emerald team-Gus,Mark,Ceejai, Veronica

Red or Green winning 

The Challenge: Vevmo TakeoverCast:Gamer73 & Icon/Queen Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)LurkerNoMore & Legend Ashley Brooke Mitchell (RW: Explosion)PinkRose & Kailah Casillas (RW: Go Big or Go Home)Graphik & Nia Moore (RW: Portland)WittyWrath & Tyara Hooks (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)Challenge13 & Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)HardBitten & Jenny Delich (RW: Explosion)Ryan373 & Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific)SemiSweet & CT Tamburello (RW: Paris)DebutAlbum & Tony Raines (RW: Skeletons)JEKFan & Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme)KVM & Landon Lueck (RW: Philadelphia)HonestTea & Dione (RW: Go Big or Go Home) lolzzInternationalFan & Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific)GDInstall & Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)202Mitch & Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl)

i just saw this.  Legendary cast.  I wish!!!! 

Alaska94 - love your cutthroat two cast!  Epic!

The Challenge: The Gauntlet (2018) 

 Team Originals (RW/RR) 

CT Tamburello (RW Paris)

Robb Schreiber (RW St. Thomas)

Marlon Williams (RW Portland)

Cory Wharton (RW Ex-Plosion)

Dylan Moore (RW Go Big or Go Home)

Darrell Taylor (RR Campus Crawl)

Shane Landrum (RR Campus Crawl)

Derrick Kosinski (RR X-Treme)

Coral Smith (RW Back to New York)

Emily Schromm (RW D.C.)

Heather Cooke (RW Las Vegas 2)

Nia Moore (RW Portland)

Ashley Mitchell (RW Ex-Plosion)

Katrina Stack (RW Seattle: Bad Blood)

Veronica Portillo (RR Semester at Sea)

Tina Barta (RR South Pacific)


Team Additions (FM/Bloodlines/AYTO/Pros)

Brandon Nelson (Fresh Meat 2)

Noor Jehangir (Fresh Meat 2)

Vince Gliatta (Bloodlines)

Nelson Thomas (AYTO 3)

Connor Smith (AYTO 3)

John Humphrey (AYTO 4)

Shawne Merriman (Champs v.s. Pros)

Gus Kenworthy (Champs v.s. Pros)

Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2)

Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)

Sandy Kang (Fresh Meat 2)

Brianna Julig (Bloodlines)

Shanley McIntee (AYTO 1)

Amanda Garcia (AYTO 3)

Tori Deal (AYTO 4)

Louise Hazel (Champs v.s. Pros)

A team Challenge consisting of Veterans (2+ Challenges) vs. Rookies (0-1 Challenges)


Amanda Garcia (AYTO3) / Aneesa Ferreira (Real World: Chicago) / Averey Tressler (Real World: Portland) / Jemmye Carroll (Real World: New Orleans 2010) / Kailah Casillas (Real World: Go Big or Go Home) / KellyAnne Judd (Real World: Sydney) / Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2)

Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World: Sydney) / CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris) / Devin Walker-Molaghan (AYTO3) / Leroy Garrett (Real World: Las Vegas 2011) / Robb Schreiber (Real World: St. Thomas) / Shane Landrum (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) / Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego 2011)


Alicia Wright (AYTO5) / CeeJai Jenkins (Real World: Go Big or Go Home) / Katrina Stack (Real World: Bad Blood) / Nicole Zanatta (Real World: Skeletons) / Shanley McIntee (AYTO1) / Tori Deal (AYTO4) / Tyara Hooks (Real World: Bad Blood)

Adam Kuhn (AYTO1) / Christopher “Ammo” Hall (Real World: Go Big or Go Home) / Chris Scali (AYTO1) / Layton Jones (AYTO2) / Joey Amoia (AYTO5) / John Humphrey (AYTO4) / Marlon Williams (Real World: Portland)

Tbh there are not really very many good rookie guys so they'd get demolished but at least it would be an entertaining season drama-wise

The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons 3

New take on the format. There are 2 teams based on seasons that are considered old vs new. Two people from different seasons of the Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat, and AYTO. The teams are: 

Old School

Cohutta/KellyAnne (The Real World: Sydney)

CT/Leah (The Real World: Paris)

Abram/Tina (Road Rules: South Pacific)

Tori/Dan (Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge)

Noor/Theresa (Fresh Meat 2)

Greg/Brianna (The Real World: Hollywood)

Leroy/Cooke (The Real World: Las Vegas 2011)

New School

Frank/Ashley (The Real World: San Diego 2)

Marie/Robb (The Real World: St. Thomas)

Marlon/Averey (The Real World: Portland)

Ashley/Cory (Real World: Ex-plosion)

Tony/Violetta (Real World: Skeletons)

Kailah/Dione (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)

Nelson/Amanda (Are You The One? Season 3)



The Challenge: Sex Wars (Battle of The Sexes III)

Season: 32

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica

Format: Each challenge, the top 3 performers will be apart of "The Inner Circle". If you are apart of the Inner Circle you choose 2 people from your team to go into elimination. That process will occur until a twist is announced LATE in the game.

Elimination Arena Name: the "CUBE"


Women's Team:

Alicia Wright -AYTO?: 5-

Ashley Mitchell -RW: Ex- Plosion-

Averey Tressler -RW: Portland-

Camila Nakagawa -SBC-

Cara Maria Sorbello -Fresh Meat 2-

CeeJai Jenkins -RW: GBOGH-

Jada Allen -AYTO?: 6-

Jemmye Carroll -RW: Back 2 NOLA-

Jonna Mannion -RW: Cancun-

Kailah Casillas -RW: GBOGH-

Kam Williams -AYTO?: 5-

Katrina Stack -RW: Bad Blood-

Kendal Sheppard -RR: Campus Crawl-

Marie Roda -RW: St. Thomas-

Melanie Velez -AYTO?: 3-

Simone Kelly -AYTO?: 1-

Tori Deal -AYTO?: 4-

Veronica Portillo -RR: Semester At Sea-


Men's Team:

Cory Wharton -RW: Ex-Plosion-

Darrell Taylor -RR: Campus Crawl-

Derrick Kosinski -RR: X-Treme-

Dustin Zito -RW: Back 2 Vegas-

Hunter Barfield -AYTO?: 3-

Jason Hill -RW: Skeletons-

Jaylan Adlam -AYTO?: 5-

John Humphrey -AYTO?: 4-

Johnny Bananas -RW: Key West-

Malcolm Drummer -AYTO?: 6-

Marlon Williams -RW: Portland-

Nelson Thomas -AYTO?: 3-

Prosper Muna -AYTO?: 4-

Robbie Padovano -RW: Bad Blood-

Shane Landrum -RR: Campus Crawl-

Tony Raines -RW: Skeletons-

Wes Bergmann -RW: Austin-

Zach Nichols -RW: Back 2 San Diego-



Alternates for this season were Uche, Violetta, Brad, and Dylan.

2 questions: who is Uche, and like.... What is the late game twist? 

2 questions: who is Uche, and like.... What is the late game twist? 

Uche is someone from the new season of AYTO, and the late game twist is that the challenges will be all about who finishes first. There will still be the top 3 on each team, but say if the guys beat the girls, the guys would then hold all the power, choosing ALL the people participating in the elimination.

I like the name.... 

The Challenge: Cutthroat 2


Alton Williams (RW: Las Vegas)

Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific)

Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme)

Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego)

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin)

Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego 2)

Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)

Coral Smith (RW: Back to New York)

Cara Zavaletta (RR: South Pacific)

Kendall Sheppard (RR: Campus Crawl)

Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2)

Ashley Mitchell (RW: Explosion)



Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl)

CJ Koegel (RW: Cancun)

Dustin Zito (RW: Las Vegas 2)

Cory Wharton (RW: Explosion)

Tony Raines (RW: Skeletons)

Devin Walker (Are You The One? Season 3)

Trishelle Cannatella (RW: Las Vegas)

Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific)

Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver)

Marie Roda (RW: St. Thomas)

Nia Moore (RW: Portland)

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? Season 3)



Scott Herman (RW: Brooklyn)

Marlon Williams (RW: Portland)

Bruno Bettencourt (RW: Skeletons)

Jason Hill (RW: Skeletons)

Dione Mariani (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Mike Crescenzo (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)

Brianna Taylor (RW: Hollywood)

Jenny Delich (RW: Explosion)

Violetta Millerman (RW: Skeletons)

CeeJai Jenkins (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Katrina Stack (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)

Tyara Hooks (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)


Elimination Order:

1. Cory Wharton eliminated by Mike Crescenzo (Hall Brawl)

1. Violetta Millerman eliminated by Marie Roda (Hall Brawl)

2. Dione Mariani eliminated by Dustin Zito (Handcuffs)

2. Trishelle Cannatella eliminated by Tyara Hooks (Handcuffs)

3. Derrick Kosinski eliminated by Bruno Bettencourt (Hooking Up)

3. CeeJai Jenkins eliminated by Laurel Stucky (Hooking Up)

4. Mike Crescenzo eliminated by Alton Williams (Looper)

4. Veronica Portillo eliminated by Jenny Delich (Looper)

5. Devin Walker eliminated by Wes Bergmann (Oppenheimer)

5. Amanda Garcia eliminated by Ashley Mitchell (Oppenheimer)

6. Frank Sweeney eliminated by Marlon Williams (Balls In)

6. Kendall Sheppard eliminated by Brianna Taylor (Balls In)

7. Tony Raines eliminated by Jason Hill (Push Me)

7. Tina Barta eliminated by Katrina Stack (Push Me)

8. Brad Fiorenza eliminated by Scott Herman (Strung Out)

8. Tyara Hooks eliminated by Cara Zavaletta (Stung Out)

9. Dustin Zito eliminated by Bruno Bettencourt (Exile)

9. Brianna Taylor eliminated by Nia Moore (Exile)

10. Jason Hill eliminated by Abram Boise (Shadowfighter)

10. Ashley Mitchell eliminated by Jenny Delich (Shadowfighter)

11. Wes Bergmann eliminated by Shane Landrum & Scott Herman (Inside Out)

11. Cara Zavaletta eliminated by Marie Roda & Jenny Delich (Inside Out)



Third Place: Rookies (Scott Herman, Marlon Williams, Bruno Bettencourt, Jenny Delich, and Katrina Stack)

Second Place: Champions (Alton Williams, Abram Boise, Coral Smith, and Laurel Stucky)

First Place: Challengers (Shane Landrum, CJ Koegel, Jenn Grijalva, Marie Roda, and Nia Moore)

Obsessed with these teams

Derrick losing to Bruno is disgusting, and what is inside out?

Derrick losing to Bruno is disgusting, and what is inside out?

That 3 way elimination from Invasion that Amanda/Ashley/Nicole and Nelson/Shane/Cory competed in. 

The Challenge: Rookie Avalanche

Alicia Wright

Ashley Lindley

Audrey Diaz

Carolina Duarte

CeeJai Jenkins

Jennifer Geoghan

Katrina Stack

Madison Walls

Melanie Carmela

Paris Eike

Sabrina Kennedy

Tyara Hooks

Violetta Milerman




Brian Williams

Chuck Mowery

Dean Bart-Plange

Dione Mariani

Dylan Moore

Eric Patrick

Garland Brown

Greg Halstead

Jason Hill

John Humphrey

Keith Klebacher

Michael Halpern

Robbie Padovano

LOL @ Bruno winning eliminations and making a final.  The kid is a fucking pussy.

The Challenge: All Stars vs Celebrities



Meagan Good

Nikki Bella

Seven Craft

Ronda Rousey

Joseline Hernandez


DC YoungFly

King Bach


Conor McGregor



Derrick Kosinski

Darrell Taylor

Nelson Thomas

Frank Sweeney

Mark Long

Kendal Sheppard

Coral Smith

Laurel Stucky

Sarah Rice

Nany Gonzalez

 The Challenge battlegrounds 

location Spain 

contestants paired up based on who they beat in an Elimination 


Marlon & Leroy

CT & Shane

Abram & Brad

Wes & Jordan

Tyler & Derrick 

Gus & CM

Nelson & Cory

Bananas & Mark


Lolo & Ashley 

Marie & Tori or Tori & Marie

Cara Maria & Nia

Jenn & Theresa 

Nicole & Amanda 

Kailah & Jenna 

Kelly Anne & Rachel 

Cooke & Nany





1. Violetta Millerman eliminated by Marie Roda (Hall Brawl)

Sis nobody asked for this.

gamerthekid wrote:

1. Violetta Millerman eliminated by Marie Roda (Hall Brawl)

Sis nobody asked for this.

Violetta would barley beat jasmine in hall brawl tbh