Ex on the beach USA - (Season 2)

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I'm GAGGED. Katie Gallagher, the messy ****** from Survivor Palau, is a producer on Ex on the Beach AND The Challenge, AND is a MF racist?

How small is the reality TV world? Sad for Janelle (and Maya) because I always liked her and was hoping she'd roll up to The Challenge to knock some skulls.

He is such a creep like anyone would give a shit if you fuck some random girl in front of their house in a car lol


i didnt watch this season and never have watched the bachelorette but that dude has serious anger/drug/mental issues he needs to work on. every time something is shared in here its something super weird or scary about him. hope the dude gets some good rehab and therapy before something goes horribly wrong.



I know she's a realtor so it could be related to that, or is chad now going to do a p0rn with ronnies (jersey shore) baby mama? The contract says "talent agreement"

Is this even a show on MTV anymore?