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I'm sick to my stomach. She is true inspiration. I'm so happy I got the pleasure of watching her on tv and getting to see how strong she  is. I'll never forget all the moments of her always dancing and flipping her hair and being so happy. Diem In the PM<3 . She is one of the most genuie people to ever be on the show. RIP to the beautiful angel, Diem. We all Love you. Prayers to her friends, family, and the MTV family.
diem died I pray for her friends and family.  she inspired alot of people by her fight and by creating medgift  
  this is breaking my heart Cray 2
I'm shaking. Like OMG. I'm heartbroken right now! 
  same Sad she lived a beautiful life. 
Ugh. Fuck Cancer. For real.   I'll be honest, I thought of the worst when reports that doctors were giving up on Diem were in. Especially the way the cancer was spreading, but like she's done multiple times before, I thought she would fight through it. Man, I'm completely broken from this news.  She lived her life to the fullest. She conquered cancer twice. She brought awarness and helped a lot of people. Prayers to all her family & friends.   This sucks.
We'll never forget you Diem. You fought so long and so hard. You taught us how to laugh and smile in the presence of darkness. You taught us how to dance in the rain. May you finally find your peace.    Ugh writing the words but they feel empty. Don't even know what to say. I'm shaking and I think I'm going to puke.    Life is so fragile.
This is so sad. I never thought this would happen, I thought she would beat cancer again. Diem showed such toughness and fight through dark times. She is a true inspiration and showed the world how to persevere, always be kind, and be generous.  Rest in peace <3
diem died I pray for her friends and family.  she inspired alot of people by her fight and by creating medgift   I feel like I lost a close friend or relative.  It is so sad.  This was not how it was supposed to go.  She was supposed to get well and marry CT and  get a surrogate and have a baby.  Im sick.  Feel so bad for CT.  I feel sorry for anyone in his path on the next Challenge. . .    
The way that people are reacting on twitter just shows how she touched and inspired so many lives. A true fighter. Rest in piece! Diem! I pray for her friends and family. 
My heart is so sad. Was not prepared for this news. Diem was such a motivation and educator for people. RIP beautiful. 
Diem has so many great qualities I wish I could have.  It takes a truly good and strong person to accomplish what she has.  This makes me incredibly sad because she was able to impact so many lives in a positive way.  RIP Diem.
Just heard the news , I'm literally sick but I know she was a genuine person and an angel , my condolences are with her family/friends/CT everyone who knew her personally  RIP Diem
My prayers go out to your family, friends, and truly every single person that you've touched and given courage and strength to. Diem you were truly a warrior, simply going back home to the man above. RIP Angel
Even though it was all expected, I still can't process it. She was such an amazing person, she went through sooo much and she still always had a smile in her face. R.I.P. Diem, you'll always live in our hearts. 
omg, I didnt think it would happen this fast I thought at least another month. This is devastating Sad RIP beautiful. I dont think i can watch the new season now
Well I gotta say I'm not surprised but it's still saddening to hear. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Diem inspired many in several ways. She will be missed. RIP.
Check out this video Cara Maria posted.  Made me feel so much better.    

STAGECOACH 2011 Dancin Cowgirl Adventures

RIP Diem. You're in a better place now.
I still am in shock.  It was the first thing I read when  I woke up today. My heart and prayers go out to Diem and her family and friends. Saying that, doesn't even seem like enough right now. 
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So very sad. Too young and too vibrant of a life to be taken like this. I'm so sorry this happened to her...R.I.P Diem
RIP Diem Brown... you were an amazing inspiration! My heart goes out to all of your family and friends. You never gave up no matter what challenge you faced and that is always something I will remember. Sad
There is always hope, especially as long as Diem is capable of fighting for her life.   Miracles happen every day in my opinion, although some say it's just something science has yet to understand and explain.  Yes, there is always hope, and I firmly believe in miracles.  I'm also mindful that some things are greater than wishes, dreams and desires:   That is why I've encouraged all those who value Diem to pray that God's will be done--whatever that may be.          "You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!" [Psalm 139:16]
Wise words from a wise man... I'm just not there. If she fights I'll have her back and steadfastly refuse to accept anything other than what she wants. I-m so happy I understand the words cognitively but this foolish heart can't comprehend the possibility.   I was driving last night and found myself in a strange area, not in my state and as I passed a church (not even my religion) saw that the lights were on and felt compelled to try the door… so I pulled in. The door was unlocked so went in & started to pray for Diem…and cry… after a little bit I pulled it together and just sat talking to God. I stayed about half an hour, thinking at any moment someone would come in and say hey crazy – you got to go but no, one person came peeped in the door I guess to see what I was up to but just went and left me alone talking.  She has inspired so many people, helped so many to face their own fears, to stand up for themselves, reaches out to help so many strangers – even if just to make them smile a bit – I have told her more than once that if I could figure out a way to pay my bills without my current job I would quit in heartbeat and be a fulltime volunteer for MedGift I believe it is that important. Having our little chats has come to mean so much, I can’t comprehend them being over… there are things we weren’t done with…  I don’t think I’ve totally lost my mind but one can never be sure I guess. Also, thank you so much for checking in on me you really are such a special person, it is no wonder she thinks so highly of you.
When you give so much love and kindness to other people, it comes back to you in droves.  It's so obvious that Diem was so genuinely loved by her family, friends and castmates.  My twitter and internet are lit up with messages about her spirit, light, effect on people, and how she's touched so many people's lives in meaningful ways.  So many wonderful videos and pictures and memories being shared about her too. I hope she's at peace finally and with her mom she's missed for so long.  As a dad, my heart in particular goes out to her father.  I can't imagine the losing your wife and your first born child.  I hope he's proud of the wonderful human being he raised, who touched so many lives.  I send love and peace to her family, loved ones and friends. RIP Diem.  Heaven got a major upgrade today.
Some heartfelt reactions from fellow challengers about Diem are in these two articles here:
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Check out this video Cara Maria posted.  Made me feel so much better.    

STAGECOACH 2011 Dancin Cowgirl Adventures

Thanks for posting that!
I am beyond upset. Prayers go out to her friends family and mtv family
It amazes me how in this day in age we still don't have the technology and developed medicine to fight cancer in all of its stages. Diem reminds me of a special someone and I always saw her and i's relationship like Diem and CT's. I still remember the first time I saw her on TV (The Duel, had yet to see FM1). Little G.I. Jane.  Rest in peace Diem.     
Out of all the challenge cast members. I can say that hands down despite my love for Nia, Diem was always my favorite. I feel in love with her the moment she was on Fresh Meat. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we're both Geminis, so I connected with her even through tv. Her energy and how she dealt with everything. She was just so amazing! Gemini's are the heart of the dance floor and she loved to dance. They stand out amongst the crowd as she did.  Every challenge she was on I rooted for her and simply watched for her. The blogs she wrote I read. She was a class act.  Anytime someone as died in my life I've never cried. Ever. I may get teary eyed, but I never cry. So today I don't find myself crying because I know that is not what she would want. Gemini's aren't the most emotional people when it comes to things like this because we never give up and we look at all sides of the matter. So I'm more thankful to have witnessed all that she could offer. Sadly this is what happens in life and it reminds me everyday to live to the fullest. No regrets. Achieve all you can and then some. Be kind to everyone. Help others. Love hard, but love good. Die with passion, not with defeat. Leave this earth saying, I know I didn't complete everything, but I completed enough that I'm okay. I did what God wanted me to do. I inspired people along the way and I left a legacy behind that no one can touch. I was me. And that is all I can ask for. Diem did this and for that it's a sad day, but a good day. Because an angel was sent up to protect us. Keep us safe and remind us of all the good.  RIP baby girl. Tell my grandfather I said hello and that we miss him, but were doing okay. Were making it without him, but we're living through him. Love you. 
I have changed the name of this thread to Remembering Diem out of respect for what Cara Maria said.   There is no "losing the fight" or "losing the battle" to cancer. Please dont ever think or say that. She has done nothing but WIN with her life. She is an angel put here for us to teach us lessons. Diem has inspired strength to those who felt weak. She has reached out a hand to those who felt alone. She created MEDGIFT and left a beautiful legacy through her passion for helping others. She has shown all of us how to come together in prayer and love. What she has left us is the biggest gift in the world. We are sad because this heart of life got taken away from us too soon.... But we should celebrate what she has done. Celebrate her life. Be thankful for what she has taught us through her struggles. Know that life and health are never guaranteed. Tell those close to you that you love them. Be thankful for all the little things. Diems life, struggles, and death all had a purpose. Take everything she has taught you and be a better person for it. Prayers to her family. Diem is truly dancing with the stars now. All my love. Thank you Diem for reaching out to a lonely weirdo for a thanksgiving meal all those years ago. You changed my life more than you could ever know. I will pass along your kindness in your honor. Love you. You are and always will be a Warrior.