The Challenge: Top 60 Females rate | Now: #5: Tonya, Sarah, Ashley

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So we all know who the last ones will be but how will they be ranked by wutzrenzi, what will he have to say about them, and will we agree?  I'm all aquiver at seeing the rest of this list.  There have been some truly great female competitors on the Challenges over the years and that's always a good thing.


Can I bump this thread for an update?

I'm getting nostalgic with all those descriptions. Missing all the old seasons and the old drama. I think the newer seasons are too self-aware.

I really want to see wutzrenzi's rundown on the final female competitors but when I messaged him a while back, he said he'd been very busy with other things and would get back to it as soon as possible.  This is a busy time of year for everyone so hopefully after the first of the year, he can finish his list.  I've loved reading his reasons for the rankings and like you, NOLA, this forum has made me very nostalgic.  I love the earlier Challenges and I miss when there were so many good and well-rounded female competitors on them.  I've had my fill of the current drama queens who don't offer anything on the field but have made their mark by stirring up all kinds of in-house drama and catfights... uninspired, boring, and really played out.