The Challenge: Top 60 Females rate | Now: #5: Tonya, Sarah, Ashley

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The Challenge: Top 60 Females rate | Now: #5: Tonya, Sarah, Ashley

In honor of the premiere of the 30th season of MTV's The Challenge, I thought we should do something fun while the season is airing. How about we count down the best male and female players to ever step into The Challenge!? Males and Females will have seperate rates. The first group we'll be rating is the group that gets us hot and bothered on this board the most…. The “QUEENS”

Part 1

As diverse as vevmo is I wanted representation from all generations so we’ll be doing something different from the typical Power Ranking threads. We will vote and the poll results will reveal the top 20 female contestants from each of the eras of The Challenge: Golden Age, JKE era, and the "New Age" (Rookie Revolution, etc.) There will be explanations and breakdowns of how I determined the eras and who was apart of which era in my second post. As I reveal results I will be doing a comprehensive breakdown of these females best moments, contributions and impact on the show from their respective eras, before and beyond (ex. everything Aneesa's done over a span of 11 challenges will be acknowledged even though she's OG). Write-ups will be very neutral (no hating on my part). Your commentary is welcomed as well!

Part 2

I will compile the rankings of the top 20 from each era and these girls will make up the “Top 60 Females of The Challenge” (with a bubbling under).

Summary: We're basically seeing how the new girls of the challenge rank amongst each other, how jke girls rank amongst each other, and how the old school girls rank amongst each other. Then results combined will show how the Laurel's, Ashley's and Jenna's of today’s Challenge fare against past legends on an overall scale. So participation in all polls are needed!

What we will vote based on-

Impact: Did they revolutionized the Challenge? Did they have moments? Are/were they relevant?

Competition/Gameplay: Were they good competitors? Were they bad/tragic competitors? (We love a good laugh) Were they politicians? Strategists? Game changers? Ran an alliance or house? stats?

Did they Hook-up?

Did they deliver Drama/Fights?

Popularity: Were they apart of storylines? Contribute to a season(s) success? Were they archetypes, regulars, etc.? Were they in high demand to return? Were they liked or hated, hero, villians, etc.?

Whether you watch for entertainment, competition or both, YOU decide what holds precedence over the other as you rate each contestant 1-10. (1 being they did absolutely nothing for the show or you). And even if theres a chance that results turn out tragic let's just have fun with it lol.


Top 20

#20. Irulan#19. Holly S.#18. Jamie#17. Kendal

Top 20

#20. Aviv #19. Shavoun#18. Ibis#17. Brittini

Top 20

#20. Jasmine #19. Nicole R. #18. Devyn #17. Averey


I'm down for this.

polls are up finally. Let me know what you guys think and let me know if you understand how I broke it down lol



Did my votes as well.  I like the way it doesn't get into specifics but is just a 1-10 overall ranking.  Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

^^Thanks a lot guys!

I'm closing poll #3 at 100 votes. Let's get more  respondents from the other two, currently at 75.

poll #2 closed!

Golden Age poll still open until midnight.

All polls closed. Thanks to the 100 voters, members and lurkers. Countdown will start tonight or tomorrow once I get everything straightened out.

A few surprises and some pettiness will def make things interesting and fun Wink

Bubbling Under

No I'm not listing the top 100+ and giving everyone summaries, so I guess that leaves who makes the top 60 more of a mystery. However, here's the bottom 12 women that missed the top 60...

Tot pos. (era pos.)#72 (23) Brianna (JEK)#71 (22) Melinda (JEK)#70 (25) Ashley K. (Rookie Revolution)#69 (24) Ayiiia (Post-JEK)#68 (24) Kelley (Golden Age)#67 (21) Janelle (JEK)#66 (23) Holly B. (Golden Age)#65 (22) Elka (Golden Age)#64 (21) Melissa (Golden Age)#63 (23) Sylvia (New School)#62 (22) Nicole Z. (New School)#61 (21) Mandi (Post-JEK)

Actual countdown begins tomorrow: #60-49 (#20-17 from each era) will be revealed

Y'all are dust

Lol.  The newbies are all going to be overrated. Stupid casuals. 

Melissa, Elka, and Sylvia should be higher :/

The fact that elka and kelley are out already shows this list is DUST

Oh hell no. Melissa should be way higher. Kelley too.

Y'all did these girls dirty af.

When Brianna returns she's gonna break top 10. Rest assured. 

20. Irulan 

AVG: 5.35Irulan had a small-scrawny frame, but don't be fooled she was naturally competitive and arguable the best female on her RW team deserving of the final. I mean she was mentally strong  and scrappy enough to out-wrestle Rachel R. during RW Vegas and RR Campus Crawl face-off. No one saw that coming! Her aggressiveness and competitîveness is what made her the most hated person by the entire RR team. 

Memorable moments: "Because you will get dropped!": During Sarah Grey's elimination against Matt, Irulan decided to be petty and go over to the RR side with annoying clappers to cheer on Matt and distract Sarah. Things got heated when Veronica stepped in to grab Irulan, pulled her arm down and Irulan resists, pushes Veronica back and verbally goes in on her. This caused a small rivalry between the two for the rest of the season that resulted in Veronica beating her in a mission showdown.

The witch is dead: After an epic Gauntlet against the Gauntlet Queen Sarah, Irulan was defeated. Since she was seen as a poor sport for her previous antic the RR team being the fake people they were showed their "excitement" for Sarah's win by jumping into the pool just to antagonize Irulan. As Irulan weeps her boyfriend Alton was also pissed off and ready to fight Theo V. This was one of the best moments in Elimination history! 

19. Holly S.

AVG: 5.45Holly S. was among some of the strongest females of the Golden Age era. If you didn't watch Challenge 2000 you might have first seen her on Seasons (2002) where her main storyline she was about her feeling like she wasn't the dominator she thought she would be and barely getting by in the competition with her partner Josh. The pair was elimīnated last in Stage one of Seasons (2002). She returned to Inferno being the kick *** competitor she always was, leading the RR females side to be exact and winning her second of three challenges.

Memorable moments: Frabricated Showmance: On Challenge 2000, Holly was in a showmance with Dan. But it turned out to be made up by producers of the show, all while Dan had a girlfriend back at home.

18. Jamie

AVG: 5.74Before she was a successful movie and television star she was a Challenger! Jamie Chung managed to stay sane throughout all of her MTV appearances ***he was a likeable female cast member from one of the best casts of RW. Her challenge debut and only Challenge ever she performed decent and won with Challenge legends and fellow Good Guys Darrell, Landon and The Miz. 

Memorable moments:"Bad girl" tendencies: More so because she was sick of Tonya's self-victimizing and thought she had a better chance at staying in the game if she were to go against someone as unstable as Tonya if she was up for elimination. So Jamie and Shavonda often tried to get Tonya off her game during missions.

17. Kendal

AVG: 5.89Inferno had a plethora of good debuts and one hit wonders and Kendall clearly exceeded them all. She hit all marks that made her a Challenge star. We've learned from her RR season that she's a good competitor and she's not afraid to hook up. It was no different once she entered the Challenge. She instantly got into a showmance with one of the shows Stars/Alpha males, won an elimination and was victorious in the final.

Memorable moments:Girl Code: Trishelle and Kendal (and Katie) were roommates before entering the Challenge house and Kendall wasted no time hooking up with Trishelle's ex boyfriend Mike the Miz ***oon as Trishelle got an early boot.

Inferno showdown: One of the most intense nights during eliminations; Abram being Abram, David B. streaking, CT vs Leah and of course Mike vs Kendall. That showmance between the two came to an end during Kendal and Leah's battle 'where an emotional Mike openly berated her while she was performing. She proved that she wasn't a doormat and fought back, and won her 3 hour long Inferno. 

Era Standing:

#20. Irulan#19. Holly S.#18. Jamie#17. Kendal

20. Aviv

AVG: 4.97Aviv was a hardworking and determined IDF vet. While she didn't make a big impact on The Challenge we can at least acknowledge Aviv as the winner of Fresh Meat, the Challenge that kick-started the JKE era. With Darrell being a 3-time champ Aviv had a lot of pressure to perform if she wanted to win. Aviv's weakness was swimming and we all know Darrell doesn't like heights, so the two were in for a challenging experience knowing that they weren't the top pair at the start of the game. Evan and Coral dominated the first half of the season and once their reign was over Aviv and Darrell stepped up, the two managed to outlast some of the better pairs, won an Exile and two missions earning their spot in the final.

Memorable moments:Hang with the Kang: Darrell and Aviv being the only functional team remaining in the final easily earned $125,000 after placing first in the 10-mile race. She managed to keep up endurance wise and solve puzzles quickly. 

19. Shauvon

AVG: 5.22Her contributions to the challenge are laughable and her antics have lead to epic moments in Challenge history. On her very first challenge The Duel II, Shauvon allegedly slept with CT on the house balcony and it ignited so much chaos in the house that put an early target on her back. To make matters worse, she selected former Elimination Queen Aneesa to be her opponent in the first Duel and got her *** whopped during their epic battle.Just when you thought causing house drama on night one of The Duel II was enough to cement Shauvon's legacy, the girl comes back solidifying herself as the most tragic performer in Challenge history on The Ruins. Oh but that's not it, she comes back AGAIN on Cutthroat thinking she will redeem herself only to get berated by Sarah Rice of all people, get into an altercation with a drunken Laurel and in typical Shauvon fashion quit the game instead of going into the elimination against Katie.

Memorable moments:Sex on the Balcony: Rumors went around that Shauvon banged CT. This not only pissed off Diem, but these rumors ended up being the root of Adam almost getting his face eaten by CT.

Shauvon punctures her *****: Shauvon was medically evacuated...well, announced she had busted her breast implants and has to quit The Ruins after holding her team back in the daily mission.

18. Ibis

AVG: 5.57Ibis is one of the sweetest females of the JEK era and The Challenge period. Ibis had crap luck on her RR season and it wasn't any different on the Challenges, she usually relied on her friendships/alliance to make it far in the game ***een on her second and third Challenge. She was doing okay on Sexes 2 until she stepped up to lead in a mission over Tonya who she was frustrated with, and the team lost and she got the boot. She managed to skate to the final on Gauntlet 2, but not being much of a competitor caught up to her once she returned as a champ on The Ruins and had to prove herself in an elimination for the first time ever.

Memorable moments:She's like an animal: So much for a grueling final, Gauntlet 2 was one of the worse. The events were eating twelve pounds of Roti, a puzzle and a sprint with 250 gold doubloons to bet. Veterans had poor strategy and placed majority of their doubloons on the Roti but failed. Ibis' performance in the final was a key reason the Rookie team won Gauntlet 2. As many of her teammates and Veteran team struggled to get down the Roti, Ibis beasted it.

The wrath of V: Ibis found herself on the opposite end of the mob on The Ruins. Ibis thought she could align herself with Evan, who promised he wouldn't vote her in. Veronica showing her masterful political game was able to sway votes Ibis' way.

17. Brittini

AVG: 5.76Brittni was the surprise Challenge breakout star of Hollywood. It's rare for a RW replacement to do that. On her RW season Brittni was involved in a love triangle involving her castmate Will and RW Key West star Janelle. But Brittni proved that she didn't need to hook-up or get involved in drama to be recognized. She came to compete!You would think she would be an early boot but when a legend like Landon takes you under his wing all season (and how random was that?) you know there's something special about the girl. Since Brittini wasn't involved in drama her main storyline was having the pressure to prove that she was in fact a great competitor without the support of an elite male competitor. Brittni won several missions, two eliminations and placed second.

Memorable moments:Burnt: Brittni had a competitive rivalry with Rachel all season long. Aside from Robin and Ruthie she was the only female that won missions after Rachel. Brittni's triumphant moment was a mission called "Burnt." It was individual, male and female rounds. Each player was suspended from a platform hanging 30ft above a lake, with a pulley system each player had to pull on their designated rope as fast as possible, which will send their flag toward their own barrel and eliminate the slowest player each round until the last player hanging wins. This required hella arm strength and heart, all in which Brittni had because she was victorious against Rachel. Brittini established herself as one of the strongest woman in the house.

Era Standing:

#20. Aviv #19. Shavoun#18. Ibis#17. Brittini


20. Jasmine

AVG: 5.01Let's be honest, Jasmine wasn't put on these shows because producers thought she could win, she was put on the challenge for two purposes: to be a partner for players production desperately wanted and most of all she was an entertainment goldmine. Jonna plays a huge role in Jasmine's storyline for her first two seasons, the two always had a rocky relationship involving men, distrust and mending. Outside of that, when Jasmine snaps into Rashida mode she did whatever she could to solidify herself another spot on the cast by making new rivalries, having emotional breakdowns and hooking up (with Tyrie lol). Once she became a veteran she toned down, still a ball of energy but retired on a sour note - getting physically dominated by a beast Laurel and verbally anNiailated on the aftershow.Unfortunately, Jasmine always seemed to be more of a supporting character rather than a central character. There's always going to be someone crazier, more athletic, and popular among the girls in the house but some still appreciate the drama she bought in the New Age.

Memorable moments:That's My Girl: Camila and Jonna got into a fight about something, where Camila misnamed Jonna and things escalated quickly Theresa and Jasmine came to the defense of partners they supposedly disliked and got into a heated screaming match that had to be broken up. Rashida came out, she had to be restrained and she punched a random mirror in the room.

Iron Fist: For such a stretched exes pair, Jasmine and her "business associate" Tyrie had a lot of animosity. Jasmine wasn't thrilled to be his partner because he sucks and she also felt like Tyrie was still sprungin' off the kiss they shared on Rivals. Tyrie got tired of her attitude, called her a ***** and Jasmine threw a punch at Tyrie. This incident  almost got the pair thrown into the Dome.

19. Nicole R.

AVG: 5.46Like Fresh Meat and AYTO there's only so many stars that breakthrough from non-RW shows. Battle of the Bloodlines gave us Nicole, (spoiler alter) the only female Bloodline that's made this countdown. She's the cousin of Nany with those crazy eyebrows and crazy makeup. Nicole has potential to be an average performer, with trivia as her strength and bring some drama. Nicole has shown she can be outspoken, making it obvious she didn't care for Dario, and play dirty by blowing up her own cousins game. Nicole had a few shining moments that made it easy for her cousin Nany to pass the torch.

Memorable moments:Crossing Bloodlines: On Rivals 3, multiple teams were on board to send Bananas and Vince into The Jungle. Nicole's partner Dario had other plans, he shook hands with the devil Bananas and Nicole further advanced her team by blowing up Nany and Wes' secret allegiance and masterful plans. Once Nany found out, the two had a big blow-out. The moment ends when the two had to each other in The Jungle and Nicole sent Nany back to the states.

18. Devyn

AVG: 5.63Though she never caused any serious problems in missions, this pageant queen was not the strongest competitor and she'll admit it. Although she lacked in competition she excelled in narration/commentary, politics, personality and comedic relief. Devyn was refreshingly funny, almost reminiscent to some characters of the Golden Age.She was a weak link on the Brooklyn team on Seasons (2012) and she was no one's threat on Free Agents, yet she managed to not only make, but COMPLETE both finals without dying like we all thought she would. There's no denying that she got lucky on Free Agents, but she also played a decent social game by actively creating alliances and voting in strong competitors without having any targets on her back.

Memorable moments:Beauty and the Big Easy: On Seasons (2012) Devyn and Eric became the most bizarre couple of any Challenge but it was actually... cute.

Theresa's Dirty Work: Theresa pulled a power move without getting her hands dirty by convincing the females to vote for Laurel. Deyvon was one of those votes. When Theresa threw away her vote Devyn was angry, and immediately runs to Laurel to make sure Theresa does not get off scot-free. Devyn ended up in position of power again and was convinced by Laurel to get payback and vote in Theresa.

17. Averey

AVG: 5.98Averey was a RW star that had potential to be a Challenge star as well, but no one knows what happened with this one. She's been out of luck when it comes to casting, but clearly she's in high demand as she's placing in the top 60 without having much impact. We all wanted to see Averey and Nia on Rivals 2 but unfortunately we got Avery's debut two Challenges later and the beef was already squashed. What wasn't squashed was her relationship with Johnny R. They were annoyingly inseparable on their season of RW, but by the time Johnny was on Free Agents their relationship had crumbled. Johnny hooked up with Nany and blasted Averey for allegedly cheating on him which she denied.Johnny and Averey may have been the most dysfunctional pairing on Exes 2, but they did manage to win eliminations.  She was invited on Rivals 3 to be Leroy's partner but DQ robbed us from seeing Averey again. 

Memorable moments:On the Bananas Boat: Averey and Johnny were on the same team but in two different alliances. That was totally going to work...not! Johnny rolled with Bananas and Averey's allegiance lied with Wes. Power Couple Wes & Theresa dominated most of the season and couldn't keep Averey around any longer knowing that the pair was playing both sides. They sat Averey down and explained to her that she was going into The Dome because of Johnny. Averey took that as an opportunity to fight about their previous relationship. Upstairs Alliance: Averey, Theresa and Nia formed the "We Hate Nany Club" and gossiped about how ****** Nany was but never directly confronted her.

Era Standing:

#20. Jasmine #19. Nicole R. #18. Devyn #17. Averey 

Shand always robbed

Elka, Melissa and Holly too low Sad Isn't Ibis in the wrong era?

Elka, Melissa and Holly too low Sad Isn't Ibis in the wrong era?

She was an old school rookie def along with Cara, Susie, Jodi, etc. but they had more shine once Coral, V, Tina etc. were done. "JEK" era girls to me or at least the way I broke it down basically covers the X-treme girls alliance, Austin + Tori alliance, Drama Mafia, etc., plus the girls that rivaled them or JEK. I know she took a break but Ibis and crew aligned more with JEK. It was tricky but do you get me?

Averey will always be most robbed imo. One of the prettiest, feistiest, athletic girls to be shunned... just plain out perfect potential to be a great Challenger.

She was an old school rookie def along with Cara, Susie, Jodi, etc. but they had more shine once Coral, V, Tina etc. were done. "JEK" era girls to me or at least the way I broke it down basically covers the X-treme girls alliance, Austin + Tori alliance, Drama Mafia, etc., plus the girls that rivaled them or JEK. I know she took a break but Ibis and crew aligned more with JEK. It was tricky but do you get me?

No that totally makes sense. I guess there are two schools of thought with how to classify, when a castmember debuts vs when they become challenge regulars. This is kinda why I low key never considered Susie or even Aneesa to be old school players. I do still consider all extreme girls except Jillian to be old school because they were notable regulars after gauntlet 2, but kids from San Diego, X-Treme and Philly are just on that line so there is totally some wiggle room one way or the other. 

You could also say the golden era ends when TJ showed up, when RR went off the air, or when they first reused a format (Sexes II). I'm sure picking one method and sticking to it was maddening lol

My only thing with Ibis and the X-treme girls, is they each did 3 challenges and 2 of them were before any of JEK even debuted. So I just personally can't get behind calling them JEK era girls. The golden era ends with Gauntlet 2 to me.

YAAAAY!! MY GIRL BRI MADE THE TOP 16 OF HER ERA, and Nia did directly confront Nany. You didn't see that big commotion when Nia went off

My only thing with Ibis and the X-treme girls, is they each did 3 challenges and 2 of them were before any of JEK even debuted. So I just personally can't get behind calling them JEK era girls. The golden era ends with Gauntlet 2 to me.

That's fair. Essentially it's just Middle School which are the actual JEK era girls + the rookies of the golden era that became regulars/vets. Old vs Middle vs New are the categories I should have gone for now that I think about it. But this opens up convo at least lol

YAAAAY!! MY GIRL BRI MADE THE TOP 16 OF HER ERA, and Nia did directly confront Nany. You didn't see that big commotion when Nia went off

Of course, Nia will have her moment. I was focusing on when Averey was around, they never berated her as a group they just gossiped.

Averey will always be most robbed imo. One of the prettiest, feistiest, athletic girls to be shunned... just plain out perfect potential to be a great Challenger.

Averey is probably the most robbed in terms of being given an opportunity.  Maybe Kendal or Mallory.  But Holly Shand is the most underrated IMO probably because people see her as boring though I disagree with that.  

X-treme was part of the golden era Jodi, Ibis and Kina did 2 challenges in that era and Jillian did 1.