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Can we talk about how 21 years ago Becky had the whole cast againat her and calling her "Osama Beth Ladin"...oh how the tides have turned.

why was she so hated? Was she trying to be everyone's manager?



It's a shame Tina allegedly got covid and dropped before departure. It would have been interesting to see if they worked things out or still had a feud.

crossing my fingers that Tina does next season.

  Tina and Beth have not talked for well over a decade.  Beth was fully expecting Tina to have been on this season.  As Beth has repeatedly said, she did AllStars because she wanted to have fun on a Challenge, and she did. She would have approached Tina positively, as she did every other cast member.  Whatever feud Tina wanted over a decade ago wasn't important to Beth then and it certainly isn't important to her now.  One might hope the cast members were capable of being responsible adults.  (Of course that might be a boring perspective for some viewers.) 

How would she approach Veronica?

  That would really be speculation on my part.  I know she's been surprised at V's social media comments about AllStars, but she's said that's for BMP to deal with.   

Personally, I can't imagine that BMP would not expect V to bring her current attitude with her to Season 2 or 3.  I don't know why production would want to deal with her when their objective is to give Paramount a "fun" challenge to please its 38 to 54 yr old demographic. It just doesn't seem logical. 

"And I don't think this is how my story ends on the Challenge" - Beth on the after show.  Finally watched this after show and her saying that made me so happy.  Casting directors please take note <3 

Yeah I'd be up for seeing her again honestly.

"She's lucky.. I didn't ****** *****slap her"

"And I don't think this is how my story ends on the Challenge" - Beth on the after show.  Finally watched this after show and her saying that made me so happy.  Casting directors please take note <3 

How is her story going to end differently when she keeps making the same mistakes?  

1. She and Syrus still don't get it.  I keep seeing them say "I want a one on one."  People can hate on Jemmye all she wants but she has it exactly right.

"The purpose of the elimination is to avoid it."  Does she have to make up T-Shirts with this saying with the NBC More you Know logo on it?  You don't want a one on one or any elimination. STAY OUT OF IT.  Most of these eliminations are JANKY and favor one contestant over the other, either subtly or obviously.  There were 7 arenas in this show and Beth ended up in 2 of them.  That's umm... not good.

2.  I know she is friends with Syrus outside the show.  In the show, Syrus lacks any self awareness and is an emotional mess.  (see his elimination meltdowns vs Cohutta and Derrick).   If he TRULY felt Alton was sabotaging them up the hill than the solution is simple.  At the 2nd check point, take control and tell Beth to partner with Alton to keep an eye on him and maybe even return the favor of sabotaging the puzzle.  Than put that sneaky Jemmye on the spot and grab her hand and say I pushed all your ***** up this mountain on a bad ankle, I need the best girl on puzzles to help me stay out of elimination.  This of course would have also ended up keeping either him OR Beth out of the arena.

Instead, he does the obvious and stupid move.  He grabs his security blanket Beth and they both finish in last.

As long as Beth hitches her wagon to Syrus, she has no chance in these things.  Also she made a terrible move encouraging Mark to save Katie.  Mark wanted to put in Kendal which is a far tougher opponent than Katie.  It worked out with Queen Arissa being voted in but its just further proof how bad Beth plays.  She likes Syrus.  She likes Katie.  That's all that matters.  If it hurts her spot in the game be ******.

3. I agree Beth shouldn't be the evil Beth anymore at age 52 with kids.  But where the hell was she on that ******* last week?  The old Beth literally led a revolt to save Puck from being sent home for spitting on David lol.  Between no warning going into elimination, between getting no say in an opponent, and the addition of climbing to favor Alton, the old Beth would have told TJ and Justin Booth to go to hell and left their precious boxes unused for the second elimination in a row.  And demand answers to the curious twists and changes. Especially seeing we now know Ruthie should have been kicked off the show the evening before for hitting and Beth/Syrus entire team should have been disqualified.  This was the moment for DIFFICULT Beth!

Anyways, if Beth comes back, they better force her out of her comfort zone (teams, no Syrus, immunity,) or it will be rinse wash repeat.

lol Why wouldn't she align with Syrus?  She actually was in a good spot this season - she wasn't public enemy #1, Syrus is her ride or die friend so it makes sense she would pair herself with him.  Had this not been a surprise double elimination that took her out I feel like she would have had a decent chance to make the final.  Still hope we see her again <3 love her

Someone writing a whole book on Beth in these comments, her power lmaoo 

Someone writing a whole book on Beth in these comments, her power lmaoo 

I won't quote the book but I'll gladly take this version of Beth on every season from here on out. 

Beth had a great story arch, it was AMAZING to see her again but I don't think she is needed next season. There's other OG girls and girls from this season that I would like to see return over friendly Beth. I would like to see Beth and Tina interact though.

yeah that novel wasn't it, its nice to see that someone like Beth has grown a lot as a person as compared to someone like Veronica who is still a vile, bitter hag

Anyways, if Beth comes back, they better force her out of her comfort zone (teams, no Syrus, immunity,) or it will be rinse wash repeat.

. I have no words…


Well, I do, I guess.  If?  Yes, without question, stay tuned.   

Beth made alliances before the challenge, and she made the decision to be loyal to her friends to whom she had made commitments.   She knew it was pointless at 52 to expect to win against the guys under any circumstances managed by Justin Booth.  It is what it is. reason #1000 i will never feel bad for aneesa when she gets the same treatment done to her

Lmao yes and then she beat Montana in elimination 

lol Montana vs Beth during their stay on Gauntlet 2 was great -  When Beth beat Ruthie and Montana came to tell her congrats was a great moment lol 

Did she had beef with Montana?

ah!!!!!  I commented before I watched that video - Freaking Montana!!!!  Get her on Season 2!  lol that was a great reunion right there - They both look great <3   

Which season is Jason from?  I don't remember him for some reason.... (fail on my part lol)

PR:  This All Star Party - is it just a party?  Or are they filming anything - that looked like Scott Yeagar intervieing Mark.  Also is the guest list people who are on their radar?  Cause seeing Montana made me super happy lol


Edit:  Never mind - Jason is from Boston.  Hopefully that means Elka is there too <3 

Montana looks better now than she did back then.

Did she had beef with Montana?

LOL they hated each other on Real World vs. Road Rules and G2

Montana looks so good! I almost didnt recognize her with the blonde hair! Would love her on season 2 

My namesake!!!!! Thanks for the heads up Psy <3!  What I would give to have been at this party...

Lollllll you can tell Beth and Montana STILL don’t like each other all these years later 

Beth vs Montana was a hilarious fued and one of the few times we saw people fued on screen and handle it in elimination.

Her and tenderoni dancing was so funny lol, he acts like he hates that people remember him for the beth cuddle but we know he secretly enjoys being associated with her