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Alec from DvG was just on The White Lotus show on HBOMax.

Enjoyed the first 2 episodes of BvB, excited for it to keep going. Cast seems pretty good other than having a bunch of the white guys all looking the same. I get the population is mostly white but a little more diversity would be nice, or at the very least not have 5-6 generic looking brown haired men. Really don't like George at all, but he'sobviously a big character who should be out pretty early so I'm not to worried, though if he makes a swap then who knows how long he'll hang around for

Another good AU episode, glad the more likable side of the Brawn tribe is now in control numbers wise. Probably for the best Gavin went over Simon & Emmett, he seemed like a Simon/Commando Steve type where he's a good guy but wasn't going to bring much entertainment wise. Hopefully Brain goes back to tribal next episode then I'll be able to know them a little better too. Rooting for Kez, Flick, Shannon & Haley so far. The guys need to step it up a bit but I do like Daini & Gerard already.

Kez and Shannon lil crew remind me of Abi, Wentworth, and Sierra's squad. Hope they make it to merge.