The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons - Discussion (Spoilers)

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The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons - Discussion (Spoilers)
Since the speculation thread has gotten so off-topic and several people complained that it was not being regulated, I have decided to finally step in and set some rules. First, you'll see that any pre-departure chatter has been moved to [url=]another thread[/url]. This thread solely contains post-departure notes on the cast and, once departures start, will contain speculation about a format. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you facilitate intelligent discussion. [B][COLOR="Green"]DO:[/COLOR][/B] - Use proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization. If you're going to go off on a rant about a particular player, at least spell their name right. - Attempt to make logical conclusions given the cast ("Austin has three veterans competing; if they are working together, they have great experience.") - Try to hold back format ideas until we start seeing some people come home or until MTV officially announces the format. Once people start returning to the United States (in groups of four, two, or individually), we may be able to form some type of a format. - Facilitate discussion in a polite manner - Talk about why you are happy to see certain people, not just that you're happy to see them ("Frank was so grating on his RW season, but he seems to have made a turnaround since then. I am really interested in seeing how he's going to compete with Zach and Ashley.") - If you must do rankings, please try to keep in mind that these competitors are not timeless. Two good examples of this are Jonna and Alton. We both saw them competing on our televisions approximately 8 years ago ([I]Endurance[/I] and [I]The Gauntlet II[/I], respectively), and both were great. This does not necessarily mean that both will be at the same athletic standards in 2012. - Please try not to rank someone just because they "look" (or don't look) athletic. Use specific examples from their seasons. ("Zach and Ashley were always going go the gym during their RW season, but we never really saw Frank or Sam go to the gym. However, Frank was a college athlete so he could probably hold his own. Sam is the X-factor here.") If all else fails, just don't rank them. [B][COLOR="Red"]DO NOT:[/COLOR][/B] - Talk about what could have been ("Why no Paris cast? They could have easily gotten xx, xx, and xx".) [I][SIZE="1"](Note: Paris was never on the radar)[/SIZE][/I] - Talk about who you wish was there ("Man I wish they would have gotten RoyLee instead of Dustin!") [I][SIZE="1"](Note: they originally had both)[/SIZE][/I] - Tell people their opinions or rankings are dumb or stupid ("You think RW: Cancun is better than RW: Austin? You are crazy!") - Post departure spoilers in this thread. if you believe you have information directly related to spoilers, please send me a PM (do not write on my wall) [B]with a screenshot[/B] (do not just copy and paste text). It must be a screenshot or I will not accept it. You will receive credit if you are the first person to send me the information. The three strikes rule is in effect here. The first off-topic post gets a warning; the second, an infraction; the third, a ban. Please make sure that you are paying attention to your private messages (if you go to your User CP at the top left, you should be able to set up a pop-up that goes off when you have a new PM). I appreciate your cooperation in advance. We strive to keep these threads easy to read and on-topic. For a short, official list of cast and confirmed spoilers: [url=]Vevmo Official Spoiler Thread[/url]
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So sort of a Battle of Locations than a Battle of the Seasons since LV is represented by 2 seasons. Brooklyn is so toast
Well done, molds13. You not only gave us the list, but you gave us the logical grouping as well. Looking forward to this one, even if I wish casting had taken a few more risks. I don't think the recent style power-trip attempts to control the challenge agenda will work with most of these people. It could be fun to watch.
Danny and Melinda Round 1 lol , I love how Lacey came out of nowhere....I really could have done without Ashley,Preston or Devyn but cast looks good overall.
Thank you thank you thank you molds!!!!!! You are amazing!!! Let's go KellyAnne!!!!
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Loving all the fresh faces on this cast; my mind however is stuck trying to figure out the format. I suppose that can wait for a later date though. I'm totally going to root for Trishelle!
Thanks for the spoilers Molds! Love the cast for sure! I see some big drama this season.
I don't think I could've put together a better cast myself, without it being unrealistic. For once I didn't look at the list and groan! I had to do a double take when I saw Lacey, I would've NEVER expected that one!! I'm hopeful that since Trishelle is probably with Alton, she'll stick around! Thanks Molds! I speak for all of VEVMO when I say that we appreciate all you do around here.
Great Job Molds! This cast looks awesome the biggest shockers in my opinion are Alton, Lacey, Ashli, Isaac, Danny, and Melinda especially Danny & Melinda the divorced couple and I was really surprised to see Lacey she's probably the biggest shocker on the list having been out of the MTV lime light since RW Austin ended back in 2005. It'll be interesting to see how this speculated 4 person team format is going to work but I expect an awesome season.
If I didn't know better, I thought today would be April fools. What a random challenge cast. Did anyone else notice ZERO Road Rulers and ZERO Fresh Meat? I wonder if MTV wants to phase them out and have this strictly be a Real World Challenge?
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[QUOTE=jr588;306476]If I didn't know better, I thought today would be April fools. What a random challenge cast. Did anyone else notice ZERO Road Rulers and ZERO Fresh Meat? I wonder if MTV wants to phase them out and have this strictly be a Real World Challenge?[/QUOTE] Well it seems to me that they were grouped together based on the location of their season. And they can't really do anything with the Fresh Meat cast in that aspect, and I suspect that's also the case with Road Rulers.
[QUOTE=jr588;306476]If I didn't know better, I thought today would be April fools. What a random challenge cast. Did anyone else notice ZERO Road Rulers and ZERO Fresh Meat? I wonder if MTV wants to phase them out and have this strictly be a Real World Challenge?[/QUOTE] No, I think it just came down to numbers. We know a bunch of FM people tested, demonstrating MTV's intent. Sometimes, given the format and concept production is committed to, you have to go with who is available and acceptable to the docs. lawyers and underwriters.
I'm legit shocked at some of the people on this cast. I like it. Thanks, Molds! ;)
Also I really can't see anyone except Las Vegas winning just looking at this right now, unless St. Thomas surprises me.
If there was anyone out there who predicted Lacey, I am respectful.
I LOVE this cast!!! More than half of that cast I wasn't expecting to see in my tv ever again O.o....I hope this becomes the best challenge ever!!! I also expect Austin to probably dictate what goes on, since they're the most veteran group (Lacey only rookie).
[QUOTE=SurferZ;306488]If there was anyone out there who predicted Lacey, I am respectful.[/QUOTE] She wasn't even on my radar at all, lol.
The very random inclusions of people like Ashli and Lacey :lol: I'm very excited for this cast! I'm just curious about how eliminations are gonna work. I doubt they'd eliminate four people at once every episode.
No Key West (JB, Paula, Tyler) - Thank you, BMP! :D
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The only way I can logically see missions and eliminations happening is that the eight teams will be competing against each other in the missions. Then, either the bottom two teams of that mission, or the last place team and another team chosen by the winner will have to deliberate on which male / female pair out of their team will go into elimination. Example: Vegas and Austin have to deliberate. Vegas picks Trishelle / Alton. Austin picks Danny / Melinda. They face off and the pair that wins stays. ... I hope that made sense. This is only me speculating, of course. Edit: But now that I think about it, that would make for a loooooong season, unless they do two eliminations an episode.
I'm ecstatic! Did not expect to see Lacey at all, but I'm excited to finally see her on a challenge. Also I wonder how Ashley from San Diego will be on the challenge, maybe now that her and Zach are broken up (they are, right?) she will loosen up rather than try and impress him. The only thing that would've made this perfect was if Trisha was there instead of Ashli in my opinion.
First off thank you Molds for the work! Secondly, I'm a little disappointed at the cast since I have only seen the LV, Austin, Brooklyn and Sydney seasons so I don't know half the faces. I wish they would have gotten some DC people or mix Fresh Meat 1 & 2 together like what they did for LV if they didn't have enough for their individual seasons. I can see why they passed on casting Key West since they would have run away with this whole thing. It would have been fun to see if they could convince Svetlana to come back for it but I doubt it and they would have probably go with Janelle instead.
[QUOTE=Nightwolf;306485] Also I really can't see anyone except Las Vegas winning just looking at this right now, unless St. Thomas surprises me.[/QUOTE] I can see San Diego doing well along with Vegas and St. Thomas. Zach and Frank were both college athletes, Ashley seemed to always go to the gym, and Sam is a military brat who seems like a tough chick.
I'm so freaking happy to see Lacey and Preston. I never thought they would ever do a challenge.
I wonder how alliances will play out this season. It's finally going to be a brand new game (politics-wise)!
I am really excited for this season. It will just be interesting to see these new faces and old ones in the challenge environment. It's just feels like this is a good step for the challenges for those who have been watching from early on. Also it would be awesome if another team came out of the woodwork haha
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I can't decide if I want to see New Orleans or San Diego go home first, but I want them to go home fast. My first impression guess would be that it will come down to Vegas v. St. Thomas.
Poor, poor Sarah. :lol:
Ms French, I am genuinely in awe. You pulled it off -- an unexpected ensemble cast. Even Wes, when surrounded by Melinda, Lacey and Danny, will have to blend in to survive. With the expectation that equal thought was given to the scoring system and how to bring back "fun," I think you will be rewarded with renewed interest across a couple of significant demographics. And, you worked out a solution to bring back Trishelle. Yes, it would have been great to have two Vegas casts, but you've found an elegant solution.
Just for clarification, are there 8 teams of 4 people or is each person paired up with the person in the picture next to theirs. Ex: In the spoilers thread Wes's picture is right next to Melinda's. So does that mean Wes & Melinda are one team and Danny & Lacey are another team?
This season has drama written all over it with the dislike between Zach and Frank, Knight & Jemmye are broken up, Danny & Melinda are divorced, Wes screwed Danny over on Fresh Meat 2, and the mutual dislike between Dunbar and KellyAnne.