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Alright y’all start fighting. I just got back from a workout and I need to shower. Be right with you ❤️ 

::Tries to shower with the host::


Alright if that’s it then everyone can gather back up on the challenge grounds beach. Let me stretch and I’ll put the results out into the universe and we can commence.

*patiently waits for results*

Alright, great challenge everyone! Very interesting to see the different strategies. Mono took the lead early on, but couldn’t hold it for long. In the end, Rana walks away with their first win since the very first round of the game. Rana managed to claim all of the Green idol, the Brown Idol, and the Reward Idol.Let’s trade. For the Green Idol, I give Rana...Rana, sage from the first of tonight’s Tribal Councils!And for the Brown Idol, Rana receives...Rana also safe from the second of tonight’s Tribal Councils.In addition, a big reward in the form of Burgers, hotdogs, fries, large pops, and all the fixins. Who will be carrying which item back to camp? (One per person, first come first serve.)Mono, I’ll see you tonight at Tribal Council where two people will be the 7th and eighth people voted out of this game. Got nothing else for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

I’ll carry the burgers. Yayyy we won, finally yayyy

Is "fixins" an item? Because I'll take that.. if not, I'll take the fries lol

Is "fixins" an item? Because I'll take that.. if not, I'll take the fries lol

yea it’s an item lmaooo

Lowkey thought about carrying “Fixins” because that sounded fun lol 

DScott well done!  Everyone did great but you did amazing. I’ll take the large pops  Mono, glad you traded me when ya did!! Go Rana!!! Pink, great played awesome today.  *hugs PinkRose*

I’ll take hot dogs

*hugs don*good luck tonight buddy. Rana misses you Sad

Guess fries are mine lolnvm, didn’t realize there was only five items. Oops Sad

Also Morris clearly wants problems trying to get with my man. And if Kloun reciprocates I will 100% pull a Nicole Ramos with the revenge ****.

Good luck other tribe with the tribals. Thank you c13 :) 

*hugs velocithot*Your fly is undone...

*hugs velocithot*Your fly is undone...

Meet me at our usual spot. Wink


*hugs velocithot*Your fly is undone... 

Meet me at our usual spot.

he’s on my tribe now, sorry babe. You can rent time with Kloun at your two tribals though, but he sleeps with Rana too ☕️


*hugs velocithot*Your fly is undone... 

Meet me at our usual spot.

That's why I snuck over and didn't steal any idols but i couldn't find you 

Now I know that fat white musty smellin fat ***** did not just say 'meet me at our usual spot'

Come on in guys!we’re finally down to 10 players. You’ve all worked hard to make it this far. There have been twists and turns but you’ve all made the best of it. Let’s go ahead and make another swerve.Everybody. DROP.


Personal ideas of how this game is supposed to go.

Oh dear ******* god.

Oh dear ******* god.

Challenge 710 Castaways RemainFor today’s Challenge, each Tribe will be running to untie bags of letters. Once untied, you will use those letters to unscramble a word puzzle. First tribe to correctly unscramble the puzzle wins reward and immunity from the next Tribal Council.Today’s Reward: Coffee, tea, mugs, and an additional flint to get you through the next couple weeks.Here’s How It Works1. This challenge is played in your new Tribe PMs, created by you.2. On my GO!, each tribe will have to make a series of 4 posts, as follows:     a. [Tribe] runs to letter station     b. [Tribe] starts untying knots     c. [Tribe] unties all knots     d. [Tribe] collects all bags and runs to Altar3. Once completed, I will give your tribe a bag of letters and a series of dashes where the letters will fit.4. Unscramble the phrase to complete the challenge.5. There are extra letters which are not needed to complete the phrase.6. First tribe to correctly identify the phrase wins reward and immunity.This is another timed challenge, but you need at least four members of your tribe to compete.Questions?Deadline for this challenge is Sunday, June 2nd at 7pm EST.

Oh my ******* ****.

Do we each post the four posts or one of us posts one of the posts?

Do we each post the four posts or one of us posts one of the posts?

1 post per person.

If it wasn’t obvious, the entire thing needs to be done in one sitting. So you need 4 people available at once.

Is the puzzle in this thread or PM? Also do each tribe gets their own puzzle?