The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Stairing Down the Competition

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Wow.. an elimination in the same episode? I’m not use to this Smile

Lets go Ariane.

Tony is high key jealous Casper ****** jlo

King Miz stays with a check. Everything Bananas wish he was.

White Skull wrote:

I NEED lil mama to stay this season



Damn that was edited so fast.

That elimination was a whole 5 seconds zzzzzz

Shane really pressing up on Casper the smallest man in the house. Sit down boy.

HIs thot *** really acting hard as if tiny Shane didn't WOOP his *** ********.

Tony would be picking his teeth up off the floor if he spoke to me like that. 


PS in NYC last July I saw him snorting coke in NYC and I know more. He better chill. 

Legend Mama so chill. 

tony really tried to be like wassup and caspser was like GIVE A **** ABOUT UR FEELINGS!!!

HIs thot *** really acting hard as if tiny Shane didn't WOOP his *** ********.

Tony is REALLY trying it. I hope Shane flings him again. 

What the **** happened to Tony? Who died and made him God?

Arian talking shit like Kam but can't deliver in a elimination like Kam. Wink

Why Tony keep talking he’s the big dog with a bukleye on his chest?

Tony is really good at making enemies, its like he goes on this show saying "How do I **** off the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time". What a bafoon

Who gassed Tony up and told him he was a threat?

Tony really bugging lmaooo who put this battery in his back?


Tony apparently didn't learn anything about not getting blood on your hands from last season. 

Them steroids making Tony feel bold ☕️

So did production print red and blue uniforms for each player this year?

man if Tony don't take his *** on somewhere. i use to like him but he's been annoying af 

Them steroids making Tony feel bold ☕️

I'm liking this team within a team dynamic and drama. It's new/fresh. 

Like after Tony lied to everyone and screwed people over just for shits and giggles last season, you would think he would chill tf out but no this guy is like still in full force game mode *******.

Them steroids making Tony feel bold ☕️