The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Stairing Down the Competition

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I thought there was plenty of drama the first season that came organically.

Lady Says wrote:

I'd love to see this show played differently. It's for charity, and yes you want yours to win but it shouldn't be with politics and strategy. The Pros and Stars got it (until they learnt differently) come in have some fun and may the best man win. Add some extra donations for elimination winners for incentive. It would be a nice viewing change to see the Challenges play gracefully and nominate themselves. It shows cowardice that nobody believes in their abilities that much with no personal gain, I suppose pride is enough.

I agree. Thats how the first season kind of went and it was much more fun getting to know everyone.  Now its all about the drama on a show designed for charity.  The stars come in looking to have fun and raise money for charity and the champs are all like "oh were about to teach them how dirty this game can be" like whyyy!  And the fact that the producers are trying to get them to amp up the drama is ridiculous.

The first season was pretty much teams ganging up on one person (Ashley M and Lolo) and sending them in over and over. Imo it was pretty boring because we only saw the same people compete, much like regular seasons. The second season was just a shitshow. I have high hopes for this season but we will see.

This is not the first show with people competing for charity that shows a lot of drama lol At the end of the day it's a TV show. If the Stars really want to give to charity they could just donate themselves.

I mean shit. This is Reality TV. What do you expect?