The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Dario Medrano

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Dario Medrano

Dario showcased his conniving tactics on Rivals III when he sided against his friend in favor of an alliance with a pair of vets. After convincing other teams to always vote the most powerful players into elimination, he went against his word -- and his partner Nicole's wishes -- when he turned around and voted in his own alliance members. Will Dario keep his word to his pals this time around, or will his true colors show once more?

Like Cory I am over him

Are his true colors that red sunburn he's got?

He was giving me lesbian aunt vibes last season with his photo.  

This picture is disgusting. His worst one. 

Also, I hope they'll stop casting him next season.

What the hell lol

Usually he looks really sexy in pics but this one is a no lol

He literally looks the exact same every picture to me. I'm atleast happy they cut off his chicken legs.

Dario usually looks the best in his photos.........

what is this

king who for some reason has people on here pressed

Where's Raphy?
I am giving Dario one more chance.

Lmao stop he looks like a pug here.

Bloodlines Raphy and Mitch>>>>>>>>Dario and Cory(still like Dario tho)

damn I like dario but no muscle mass whatsoever lol

Why are most of these missing an E in "Challenge"?

He looks so constipated in here ! Arrgh !

Didn't like him before but fine with him now.

Ralphy should have his spot though.


Sunburned zzzz

It's an uncomfortable photo to look at.

a flop

His brother's name is Raphy not "Ralphy"

and they can both stay home.

The fact that he's still taking up a spot from guys that should have a challenge debut <<<

Why he look like that angry guy that put those drops on his head in Courage the Cowardly Dog?

He does absolutely nothing for the show

I don't mind him but the only thing he plays is himself.

I don't mind him but the only thing he plays is himself.

1. Useless

2. Filler

3. Boring

and he cant even have a hookup now that hes with ashley plus he doesnt even have a nice body

why does he still get invited

My fav poor casting choice <3

Why would they chose this photo

Marlon or Jason's spot

Can they at least choose his brother Raphy over him, please ?

He's so dull. He looks so dead and annoyed with Ashley and with himself in general. Raphy at least, seems alive in the inside.