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CORY.Much like Dustin, Cory was someone I didn't have the highest opinion of on his RW season but whom I loved on The Challenge. He's not terribly entertaining but he's a good presence on the show I think. He has a great relationship with his cousin Mitch(They live together now you know) him tearing up a bit when Mitch said he looked up to him was a very cure and touching moment and shows how that he has love for his cousin. He also wanted Mitch to have a great time on the show too it seems. They both kicked ass on Bloodlines and made it to the end.  He also says shit like Turn up! and We all gon eat! He's very much into the rap culture clearly. Other people may think it's basic but I find it cute and endearing. He may come off assy sometimes(the whole Aneesa situation and the whole Dario thing on Rivals 3) but overall I think the guy is a good egg.Also..the boy is SMOKING HOT! He is one of the hottest pieces of ass this show has ever seen. I was so Jealous of Aneesa that she got to hit that shit. I'm also kinda hating on Cheyenne that she's hitting that now too(he can do better though).So yeah...Cory is one of my faves. one of my Kings if you will. And I can't wait to see him on more challenges.

i love you for this #kingcory

Dustin is so sexy mmm

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THE FREE AGENTS FORMAT.I personally think that this is one of the best formats this show has ever done. It thrives on unpredicatbility and if ANY show needs a shot of unpredictable in it it's this one. Having the cast randomly be in indivitual/pairs/team at challenges gives way for different winners and strategies to be played. Then there's the draw..where anyone could go in elimination at any time. It was a great Idea and I'm kinda glad it was brought back for Rivals 3.(though it could've been done differently there). But I do think the kill cards could've looked better though. Also, if they're going to vote people straight into elimination it should be guys voting in guys and girls voting in girls. Would make the game way more interesting and people would be able to play their own games.But overall it was a good ass format and I really hope a Free Agents 2 happens at some point. 

agreed. i think its my favorite season of this newer gen of challenges. rivals 1 is next, then bots2

Free Agents was boring as hell. Bad format imo.

At first I thought the same in terms of voting that guys should only vote guys etc. but looking back at it, it's only fair for them to be able to vote the opposite gender because they will be paired with them in missions that will determine if the win or get last place.

Free Agents was boring as hell. Bad format imo.

bluehatchet2 wrote:

Free Agents was boring as hell. Bad format imo.

That is the first time I've seen someone on this forum use a RW pic/gif. Usually it's Real Housewives or some other show similar to it.

Free Agents was boring as hell. Bad format imo.

You think Jenna is entertaining, so you don't have any credibility when regarding things as boring. Kiss 2

Free Agents was great. It would've been awesome to see this format after Season 2, if they didn't want to use a 2 v 2 team format. Given the rookie revolution, I would've like to the see how the dynamic of the house been, even if the cast was the same from Rivals 2.

bluehatchet2 wrote:

Free Agents was boring as hell. Bad format imo.

You think Jenna is entertaining, so you don't have any credibility when regarding things as boring. Kiss 2


I think Free Agents was boring af as well, but i have to rewatch it. Didn't like the fact that so many people scapegoated further than they usually go and the fact that this season was promoted as an individual game when the missions were in teams or pairs or whatever.

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I love this guy. When I first saw him on Real World Paris. I fell in love instantly. He was fun, ready to party and didn't take alot seriously. He was the same way on Challenges. He was all about having a great time and making memories that'll last a lifetime. As a competitor he was never spectacular but I personally think he did step up a bit on Gauntlet 2 and Inferno 3.He made it to the end of the latter show and that was the last we saw of him on this show. I thought it was great that he went out on a Final challenge run even though he didn't win. I miss Ace on these shows because as I said..he was mainly there to have a good time and didn't take the game to heart like so many others tend to do. He's a great reminder of how fun these shows used to be too and I don't think we've ever had someone like him on the shows since. He was also a good guy too as he felt bad about what he did to Susie on Inferno 3(I do think he was wrong for that though) He's moved on so he'll never return to the shows(and they wouldn't cast him if he wanted to either) which is probably a good thing because I don't see him fitting in to the current challenge state. So he was good for his time.

He was also hot as hell too. Great body and sexy accent. He also seems like he'd be fun in bed too. Him wandering around in that speedo on Gauntlet 2 yelling that he needed a bigger pair was all kinds of sexy(if only he took them off). It's a shame he didn't wear a speedo on Inferno 3.

So yeah..Love Ace. Fun Guy. Good Guy.

Isn't Dustin the guy who sexually assaulted a woman in public and thought he could get away with it because he's a Z-list reality star? 

I did not know that. Did he get convicted?


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I really liked this elimination. It's fast paced and intense. With the right teams it could be one hell of a battle.

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THE BREAKING ON THROUGH ELIMINATION ON RIVALS 2I really liked this elimination. It's fast paced and intense. With the right teams it could be one hell of a battle.

they should def bring this elimination back. Rivals 2 had good missions & eliminations.

I love Ace so much.  That face, that body, that accent...  Damn near perfect.


I'm not too keen on eiither of the Fresh Meat seasons but one thing I did like about those shows is the way voting people into eliminations worked. The winning team chooses the first team to go into exile then all the other teams vote for the second team to go into exile. It really allowed EVERYONE to have a hand in the direction of the game and didn't just put all the power in one teams hands like basically the shows from Exes 1 onwards(With Free Agents being the only exception). Not to mention it gives way for alot strategic gameplay which Fresh Meat 2 indicated(too bad it was still a sucky challenge). I personally think that they should use this voting method nowadays since they're so keen on pair challeges. Would make the game more interesting and worth caring about if they get a good cast to go along with it.

So yeah..Good voting format and they need to bring it back IMO.



I thought that it was a nice touch for the winners to have food while they deliberate on who to send in elimination. Made it more like a date. They're doing it on Rivals 3 too so I guess it's going to become a thing with pair challenges.



Might as well.


Game drama is way more entertaining than drunk pointless bs, and on another note I seriously fuck with whoever edited this argument cause it had me hype. When that music started once Nia was talking I knew it was boutta be. I also enjoyed the rivals 3 deliberation previously. It had me hyped like it did for this. All the beans were spilled lmaooo

Forever wishing Nia would've clocked Nany's ass. Would've been a much better reason to get sent home.

Game drama is way more entertaining than drunk pointless bs

Quoted for motherfucking truth!


I belive that this was(and still is) one of the best reality shows ever produced. It's one of the two shows that made The Challenge possible and alot of the greatest castmembers to ever grace that show came from Road Rules. Mark/Emily/Veronica/Darrell/Abram/Theo and many more and it's a shame that it's gone now.

Road Rules was about 5/6 people traveling around in an RV from Location to Location guided by clues and in every location they would do missions and odd jobs for money and at the end of the trip they would recieve a handsome reward. Each Seasons had a different theme and different locations to travel too. For Example in Seasons 11 was titled Campus Crawl they went around several college campuses and preformed missions there, The season after that one which bared the title South Pacific took place in the..well South Pacific. Season 4 called Islands took place on Various Island locations in the US. Northern Trail which was Season 5 took place on the Northern Borders The show would change up a bit starting with Season 8: Sememester at Sea(Veronica's Original Season!) where they were on a boat instead of RV. Then Season 10: The Quest Changed the show even more by enforcing the new rule that if they lose 3 missions then the cast has to vote someone out. IMO this was a bad change beause road rules wasn't about voting people was about these people having to deal with each other on this amazing road trip. On top of that you feel less invested in these people because they could be voted out at any time. On the last season before it's cancellation which was X-TREME(Derrick's Season!) 3 people had to leave which was rediculous IMO.

Then Viewer's Revenge came in 2007..that shit was terrible and one of the worst ways to resurrect a reality show. It was the same concept but they added past castmembers and people had to compete to get on the RV...They really should've just picked 6 of the pit crew and done a regular season.

The missions they would do were fun and awesome to watch. One season they did a strong man competition, Preformed as Strippers, and Rock Climb, They've also done Bungee Jumping and Snake Charming as well. It sounds basic but they do way more cool shit than that and it's been awhile since I've seen any season so alot of the missions escape me. 

But yeah...As I've stated before some of the most legendary challengers came from this show. Look at the 6 vs 6 and The Golden eras of the challenges ranging from Road Rules All Stars to The Gauntlet 2. They had a hand and making this show what is was during those periods and I'm thankful for that.

But Overall this is a great show and it's a shame that this isn't still on because it deserved to stand the test of time like Real World did. I honestly think that Road Rules was better than Real World honestly so it sucked for me that it got canned.

Heres some cast photo's from the show.

Season 1 cast(A Young Mark Long!)                                                                                        Season 3: Europe Cast(Belou and Chris from Seasons 1 and my boy Antoine From Sexes 1 was in this cast!)

On the Left Season 5: Northern Trail's Cast(Dan S/Roni/Tara/Noah/Anne all did challenges(in addition to this I think this cast is the one that has won the most money on The Road Rules side correct me if I'm wrong on this). On the right is Semester at Sea(Veronica/Yes/Shawn/Ayanna all did challenges from this cast).

Oh and here is a couple of moments from this show.

Road Rules Flashback: Belou & Antoine's Knife Fight


Road Rules Flashback: Culture Shock

So in conclusion Road Rules was a great show and I still miss it to this day. I think it's legacy will live on forever.







He was an ass on RW but he's been harmless on The Challenges. Not terribly entertaining but whatever. I like him and would love it if he returned. If for no reason other than to redeem himself after that DQ on Rivals 2.

And the boy is smoking hot too.



Funny you guys mention Nia..She'll be popping up in this thread soon.

Funny you guys mention Nia..She'll be popping up in this thread soon.

Perfect, she deserves the recognition that queens deserve. 


This guy was fucking awesome. He originally appeared on Road Rules Europe and HIs only Challenge Appearence is Battle of the Sexes 1(I recommend you watch that season if you haven't it's one of the single best challenges ever produced). Antoine was mostly halarious and sweet. In the first episode of sexes he asks Syrus what country in Africa he's from, then he had a really sweet(and hot) relationship with Shane(Campus Crawl) I remember when he had to decide who to give the lifesheid too because (I think)James and Shane were both had the same points I think(Correct me if I'm wrong on that) and he gave it to Shane because he LOVED him. Then him trying to have sex with Genesis whom is a Lesbian was all kinds of LOL. Then on The Human Aquarium mission one of the females whom were overlooking the challenge told him he had a nice boner(he had more moments but they escape me at this time) Then he ALMOST made the final 3 as he was the last male eliminated before the final challenge which sucks because I wanted him in the final. 

In conclusion Antoine was a great character IMO and it really sucks that he only did one challenge. I always wished he'd do more.

Antoine was sooooo dreamy.  Everything about him was adorable & sexy.  Thank God we had him for at least one whole season.  


My first entry on a female castmember y'all! Nany has always been one of my faves. I remember being fond of her on RW despite her being and idiot with Adam and then finding out her father had passed was sad. She was one of the main ones I wanted to see on a Challenge.

 She's very likable and fun i feel like as she showed on her first three shows. She also had a great relationhips too, her friendship with Dustin is great and is one of my all time favorites in this franchise, and her relationship with Jenna is cute too.

She hooked up alot...Adam/Johnny/Marlon/Cohutta/Backpack. She has quite the long list. But there was a period of people who bascially slut shamed her and I never understood it. She wasn't doing anything noone else wasn't doing..all these people fuck around. 

She's also had great rivalries with Frank and Theresa..Theresa's was great because it had the perfect ending..the two fighting it out in elimination. Nany lost but she had NOTHING to be ashamed of because that was a damn good fight.

She's also a solid competitor. She's done decent in most of her shows and she's proven she could handle a final in Free Agents.

As much as I love Nany she wasn't always good to watch. She got a bit big headed on Exes 2 and I think it's because she was paired with Backpack, then on Bloodlines she started to get that vet entitlement shit telling people to know their place..then being betrayed by the one person she thought had her back. Nany was such a sucker for fucking with Backpack I feel like, because he was just using her to get off bascially and he never really cared for her. Nany caught feelings and I think that's why she aligned with him in the game. I'm glad that she has a boyfried now. Then there's her pathetic fights with Camilla..especally the one of Free Agents. It was so clear that neither one was gonna do shit so it was painful to see them lunge for each other. 

Speaking of Rivals 3..She's seems pissy this season. Like she has a fucked up attitude and just wants to go home. I wouldn't be surprised if she retired/took a break after this show.

But overall. I like Nany. One of my favorite girls on this show and I hope she gets a challenge win someday because I think she deserves it.