AYTO Second Chances Viability on The Challenge (no spoilers)

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AYTO Second Chances Viability on The Challenge (no spoilers)

Has anybody else been watching AYTO Second Chances? I'm EATING. IT. UP. And am so happy to see a lot of these people back on my screens. I really think many of them have shown competitive promise and would be great on The Challenge.

So, here's who I would love to see on a future season, in order:

1. Tori Deal. She and Morgan have won the past two missions straight, so she's proven to be a good competitor. Plus she's hot, good body (her curves will help her in one-on-one eliminations on The Chalelnge), she's super funny, she can rap AND sing, AND she has been politicking - even outplaying Devin, the alleged mastermind! Can't wait for her Challenge debut (and she's in the "very likely" section of the S30 speculation thread, so yay).

2. Asaf. Adorable, goofy, fun, sweet, amazing eye candy. Maybe not the best competitor on Second Chances heretofore (he and Kaylen have lost the past two missions), but he has an impressive body and is a talented dancer. That kind of grace and coordination will for sure come in handy on some of the wacky dailies on The Challenge.

3. Kaylen. Feisty, level-headed, strong-willed, well-spoken, endlessly compelling - and beautiful to boot. Definitely not a pushover, seems to have a lot of heart, is often unintentionally funny with how she deals with (read: talks down to) people. Great for TV.

4. Shanley. Also damn attractive, and in a non-conventional way we don't really see on most MTV shows. And her commentary and attitude are very entertaining, especially how it seems she's above the whole thing. And she could definitely get scrappy in some dailies and eliminations, and would not let the vets walk all over here. She's great.

5. Gio. Explosive, angry, emotional, over-the-top, fiercely independent. He will crash and burn on The Challenge, but it will be amazing to watch. He's a trainwreck waiting to happen. If he gets on The Challenge, a physical fight is almost guaranteed. And if he some