The Vevmo Challenge XIV: Resurrection [Cast & Updates coming soon]

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I lied about doing updates, we're at the third elimination of the game tho! Let's see if I can find the time to do updates here.

please do if you can!



Blame me if ya'll see them little polls asking to vote for teams, giggles. As per the poll, there's 27 players left (3 teams of 9). The game started with 36. They started as individuals and just went into teams. Smile I will try to post the full cast with stats here over the weekend and do quick summaries for each round.

Good luck with your game!

Good luck with your game!

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vote the one i'm on


vote team pale green

vote the one i'm on


vote the one i'm on

vote the one i'm on

24 hours to late but vote the one I’m on 

This game is ending in 2 weeks-ish or less. I'll drop the cast and a timeline (maybe a short summary) of every round at some point before the game ends.

Hauserman covid era updates coming 2023

of course i get eliminated once this iconic era begins 

Hauserman covid era updates coming 2023


So I've started gathering game info to prepare updates, really hope I can slap something together this week. Just for the sake of the game timeline being documented properly.

I'm also tentatively hosting VC15 in a few months, I need a little bit of a break before I host again on Discord. That will be my last game that will be Vevmo related too, fyi.

The final starts tonight.

This is ending in the next 2-3 days, the game started with 36 players. 6 players competing in the final part of the final challenge tomorrow and 3 will be crowned champions. lol @ the lack of updates, I will definitely open the Discord once it ends or sumn. Maybe I can get someone to help me with updates.

This finished last week, lol. Still looking into making updates or documenting a timeline/events of the game somewhere. Maybe a new wiki or something