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Only Michaela/Cirie/Sandra mattered on Game Changers. The Varner moment was legendary too but yeah lol

Legend Earl getting robbed due to timing.

Second time this has happened. He was supposed to be on game changers too but work got in the way. 

I know it is redunant now but I really could of done without Adam,Sarah, Nick and Ben this season. There were much better choices than them. At this point I just hope none of them made it far in the game and/or came back from EOE. 

Adam ***** *** Klein there. Zzzzz

I’m sure we’ll see Earl back in the future. Aras of all people returned years later so it’s probably just a matter of his schedule lining up with production. 

Gervase was the wildest return for me

Gervase was the wildest return for me

iconic. Even though BvW wasn’t all that good, they nailed it casting wise. 

Gervase was the wildest return for me

Marissa was robbed and her vote out reason was dumb.

Gervese was a great casting choice. I'd like to see him a 3rd time tbh.

Gervase was Tyson’s lackey, he isn’t needed. We were robbed of Marissa though.

Gervase isn’t needed back. Still was a nice surprise at the time tho.

Legendary Bob Dawgster is ready to drop more duces.

Since Ronnie is on season 39 I hope they do another BVW and he brings his sister. Like damn she's hot.