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LMAO at Audrey. I was expecting a Melrose Place style beat down.

The Voice...WEAK!

The phone call is the only thing they've got right thus far!


i know he was just not beating his meat

The nerd was at the end so hes the killer? I so hope not

lol thats racist. good one

Please burn that ******* dollar store mask. 

Dead @ him calling the Asian a ninja #MotiveNumberTwo

Trailer is okay. Too many ideas. They should've kept it simple.

The Voice...WEAK!

where the **** is Lurker? And lol at the killer wearing multiple masks.

Trailer is okay. Too many ideas. They should've kept it simple.

I think they know they will be axed after season one.

I was hoping this show would be good. What a disappointment though.

So it sucked? )= It comes on in an hour for me but I'll still watch it lol

The Garage scene made me think of this... #EPIC

Scary Movie (9/12) Movie CLIP - Stuck in the Door (2000) HD

Best part in the whole movie next to "What're you waiting for?!"

***** df!!!!

Based on social media, everyone thought the premiere was amazing which is laughable.

The episode had so many cliches and cringe worthy lines I almost puked. But I'll still watch since I'm a huge fun of the movie.

Me & my best friend growing up are like the biggest Scream fans & we both hated the premier for the tv show last night. It completely sucked! Why are they ruining the Scream franchise?

This TV show woudl've been 100% better if it were set in the 80s/90s

The show was a total flop as expected. I mean, that number it's decent for MTV but it's bound to go down from here. I was planning on watching the show but I'm not sure I'll bother anymore. 

1.026 million viewers and 0.5 in the demo

Wes Craven should've been directing this *****

Wes Craven should've been directing this *****

Kevin Williamson should have also wrote it.

Lmao it does better than Real World tho 

Those ratings will only get this show one season...Better than Eye Candy though.

Lmao it does better than Real World tho 

And had a hell of a lot more promotion that RW or The Challenge. Plus the franchise already had a fan base due to the movies. 

Nobody gives a **** about MTV anymore. They seem to be putting a lot of faith in The Shannara Chronicles, but that show is gonna flop just as bad, if not worse than Scream.