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blm members and trump supporters! what can go wrong (im kidding if you take this seriously just stop)

PinkRose wrote:

Idc about seeing real worlders back in mythe Real World environment.If they do another season I can see them going bgc direction with social media stars or even 4 pairs of siblings.I wouldn't mind a twist in casting, but I don't want to see more "surprises" of exes and Rivals or w.e lol

I'd prefer we go back to the basics with seven strangers and...1. Don't bring any new people in at all (I don't even want current or past boyfriends and girlfriends visting).2. Focus a little less on hookups (Let's be real Jenn and Peter's relationship hijacked the season).3. Give us a new location (I don't want to see another season in Vegas or California).4. Give the cast jobs again (Something interesting not just bartending or being a waiter).5. Add diversity (In terms of personality and stories because clearly they just assumed we meant race with this cast).However like I said before if they did keep up twists I want seasons focused on actual social experiments like if you're going to do social media stars how about picking them to live with people who hate social media with no clue to who they are. Move aspiring politicians in with the people who oppose the goverment or get your Jesus Freaks living with Atheists.

Before GBOGH I was so excited that they casted Jenna with Ceejai and Chris... but then... I don't know. But I see what you're saying. Maybe it was just cause Chris was a pointless addition overall and the season focused too much on just them

Chris was too much of a regressive social justice warrior for me and im liberal...

does anyone is season was last or was it picked for season 33

Woo chile the GHETTO

ChallengeFan00 wrote:

let's put it on hiatus and try again in a year 

& recast Tya