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Because of you guys started watching the Mexico version and wow I love it. Editing was so good everything seemed natural and love how the house is already divided.

Right away I knew Diego was going to be a little shit but I appreacite his bluntness. Sofia is hilarious lol Also really like Isra he's so nervous about all of this and has that small town boy- personality. I feel bad because they don't seem to like him for how he is but he's not one to defend himself. Def see Diego/Sofia and Dany/Emilio having issues all season especially with Dany trying to stand up for others. 

I like the Mexico one so far! The cast has real issues without the semi-forced feeling of Atlanta (which I'm hoping will go away as they settle into being filmed and all that jazz, but that's for another thread).

Dany is a trip hahaha. Kinda ******, but very entertaining. Diego is an *** but I find him hilarious, lol. And also very attractive... which is weird cause he's 19... and an *******. But HE HAD TO CALL HIS MOM TO ASK HOW TO USE THE DISHWASHER ***** HOW IS THAT NOT FUNNY. Not speaking Spanish or being familiar with Mexican culture, I didn't even know that the term for indigenous could be used in a derogatory manner. So that was interesting for me to learn, and especially how Dany was more offended than Israel. Honestly Israel's background is so interesting to me. I can't wait to see how his interactions with the other roommates play out. He seems like a really unique casting choice, not just because of his background but because of his reserved personality as well. Sofia's such a ***** for her reaction to his entrance *****. Melissa being on the show openly ******* without being out to her parents is a storyline I've been waiting since 1992 to see! (That *****, that was supposed to be my RW story line! lol). I want to see more of Emilio than just him being an amputee. But so often we see amputees as inspiring, but he seemed to be so dejected and emotional when telling the story of how it happened.

I hope the editing of Atlanta becomes more like Mexico.

Storyline I'm looking forward to the most.

Mexico >>>>>>> Atlanta 

I am not surprised at all that the 2nd episode of mexico one has almost 3 millions. They need to hired who ever edited that season to edit the one from here.

Okay, Mexico City blows Atlanta OUT OF THE WATER. It's so much better in every way. Holy shit, I can't even with how much of a d ck Diego is. And for all this hot game he talks, his body ain't very good... SOFIA I NEED YOU TO NOT HOOK UP WITH SOMEONE SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU. Mafer has lowkey been kinda boring besides c ckblocking. Next episode looks really intense.

So the clip I watched earlier in the week of Thailand's episode was more like... a summary of one of the story lines in the episode, rather than being a scene from the episode. Still nothing that wasn't shown on the episode, but at least it's not cut directly out of the episode. I also like how Thailand makes a lot of use of the traditional "interview" style of story telling rather than Atlanta's of having the cast members give confessionals on their phones. 


Mei-lee is my B TCH. I wish she spoke good English so she could do a Challenge. She is so freaking funny. Ploy would rock a Challenge, too. She's strong af and she's kinda wild but also an interesting person. I just wish she didn't get herself involved with Zack who's obviously such a frat guy *********. Watching Klong and his grandmother was really rough. It was a very "real" moment. Also, him waking up Zack when Ploy was flirting to Pao to stir up drama between Zack and Pao was classic. Aomam is funny and I'm very intrigued by her, but she hasn't gotten a lot of screen time thus far.

I really love this Thailand cast. They're all a little rough around the edges but that's what I like about them!

The Mexican cast is truelly iconic and Sofia really is that bitch 

Dany so gd dramatic leaving the gym. Like Emilio was trying to comfort her and she shut him down and was like "My problems are worse than yours". But their conversation at the hot tub and him helping her with her hormones <3 Literally what this show is about.

What the hell is Sofia's problem with Israel. She literally just drags him for no reason. That boy is just going about his business and she feels the need to go in on him ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS for what? Just to be a b tch? Her whole thing about "I feel bad that he's upset, because that wasn't my intention" you literally made fun of this boy's culture, language, accent, appearance, YOU CALLED HIM A GREMLIN AND LAUGHED ABOUT IT. You absolutely meant to make him feel bad.

Mexico City is everything I wanted this RW reboot to be!

Thailand episode 3 doesn't have English captions so....


Huge Jump in the Thailand version compared to last week

I'm hello confused about this. Like does this count as MTV television? are they apart of the franchise?

I'm hello confused about this. Like does this count as MTV television? are they apart of the franchise?

Yes MTV studios/BMP produced both seasons

I only seen the first ep of Mexico the week it premiered & it was great but I just kind of forgot about it lol Sofia & Diego are some assholes. She needs to do the Challenge tho lmao

I wonder how many of them are fluent in English (Sofia, mafer, and maybe Diego from what I've seen). But I would LOOOOOOOVEEE sofia on the challenge, that woman is cray cray. 

I'm highkey upset that they seem to have stopped with the English subtitles on Thailand's version. They keep promoting it on the main Real World FB page too... I'm like, hellooo can you put subtitles on so the people you're promoting it to can actually watch?

I cant wait for next episode when Mel comes out to her mother you could by her face she wasnt happy

Both international seasons have captions for episode 5. Bangkok is still missing captions for 3/4 and Mexico is missing captions for 4. I keep trying to get in touch with someone to figure out if that's just how they're gonna leave it or if they're going to fix that. I'd love to actually watch the entirety of both seasons :/

Such a beautiful and real moment ❤

Her mother reaction to her coming out was better than expected.


Thailand added captions to all the episodes! Frick yeah! About to catch up. Mexico is still missing English captions for episode 3. At this point I'll probably just skip it and watch the rest or maybe make my roommate sit down and watch it with me and translate lol.

~Bangkok ep 3~

I can't believe how much Zack is trying to get with girls... like, it's actually cringeworthy how hard he's trying. That American girl was NOT into it and he was pulling the cheesiest lines. And then he kisses her right where everyone can see him??? Like why would you p iss off Ploy... she's a literal PROFESSIONAL MUAY THAI FIGHTER.

Ploy is so dynamic. Outwardly she has a lot of confidence and you expect her to be really strong because of her profession, but she seems kinda young and naive. When she was talking about getting all types of plastic surgery I was like... why? She's literally gorgeous. So far she's definitely the star of the show and deserved her spot as being the voted-in cast member.

It also... annoys me how much Fifi talks in English? Like half of her interviews, she just randomly starts speaking in English. Even Zack the American, who is lambasted constantly by the cast for not integrating into Thai culture, only speaks Thai.

The cast does seem a little annoying to live with though. How everyone was just laying on sofas and when Zack and Fifi invited them out, they all declined... to continue laying on the sofa. And when Fifi invited them to the bar and they were all like "nah... we not going".

I'm glad Pao is on the show. Having someone in a wheelchair is very eye opening tbh. I really felt for him when he got turned away at that club. Like in America we have ADA or whatever but I guess Thailand couldn't care less lol. His attitude was cool, though. He genuinely wanted his roommates to go and have fun.

Bangkok episode 4:

-Finding out that Zack dated a drag queen was.... um I'm honestly shook. Like I did not expect that coming from the frat boy ****** bag at all. 

-Klong was so uncomfortable at the gay club ******* "I'm not into this 'Sunday Gay Night' thing." I highkey don't really like him. He seems very close minded. He literally said "It's annoying to have to walk through all those gay people" like wtf

-AND THEN ZACK MAKES OUT WITH FIFI WTFFFFF. There's something off about Zack's eyes. Like, you can just tell that he's not being 100% genuine with everyone for some reason. It's like he thinks that this show is, like, a game.

-This entire show is lowkey one big "We don't understand Zack's American culture" lmao like Thais apparently take kissing and flirting SO seriously and Zack is just being... a typical American dude

-Pao is 300% a great casting decision, not only as a disabled person but his personality too.

-Zack's comment was a giant d ick move and totally uncalled for but I feel like Aomam is also... really dramatic? I mean she's obviously sensitive about her weight but she was also being like SUPER dramatic about the entire situation.

Bangkok episode 5:

-I love seeing the cultural aspect of Thailand represented. It was interesting to see how they celebrate Thai New Year.

-Mei-lee seemed really fun at first, but she's been kind of a downer the whole season tbh. She's like an annoying mom. She just kills everyone else's fun when they want to let loose; she just pulls them back. And she is so hard on Zack. Klong and Pao are shown confronting him and being his main "enemies" but Mei-lee is ALWAYS talking about him and how he doesn't fit into Thai culture. Like, instead of confessional thugging, maybe like... help him understand certain things?

-I feel so bad for Pao LMAO he finally confessed his love to Ploy and she just laughs and goes "Really bro?" I think they'd actually make a cute couple if they ended up together, tbh.

-Okay but again Zack takes it too far. Like who tf just asks their roommates when the last time they m asturbated was. That's just weird and definitely a reason to call him out.

Aaaand episodes 6 and 7 don't have English subtitles. So I'll check back in on those later.

Bangkok has captions for episodes 6-8! Woo!

I thought at the beginning that Mei-lee and Aomam would be my favorites, but they're my least favorites honestly. They're always such debbie downers. However, Mei-lee and Zack arguing and then coming together to understand their differences and resolving to be better friends gave me life. <3 Again, what this show is all about. And seeing Pao change and come out of his shell is great. I'm enjoying this season.

I know I'm kinda talking to myself here but I'm still really enjoying Thailand's cast. They're very raw (maybe not much reality TV over there so they don't expect to act a certain way?), and most of them are very unique. The culture is very different from the USA but I still enjoy watching the show and it's still very dramatic (unlike Japan's take on TRW, Terrace House, which is known for its lack of drama). There's some serious topics, but it's mixed in with entertaining drama and funny, lighthearted moments of the cast bonding and just being regular roommates.

I wanted to like Aomam and Mei-lee SO badly but they're just... not likable as people. Straight up debbie downers 24/7 and the way they ganged up on Fifi and told her they don't consider her a real woman... like wtf. They would get DRAGGED if Americans were watching this (although they did show some improvement in their mindsets eventually). On the other hand, I'm really proud with how far Klong has come. At first he was so uncomfortable with Fifi and now he's the one standing up for her.

I never tried to watch the thailand one but the Mexico one was way  better than the horrible season of Atlanta