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Graphik wrote:
rwportland2 wrote:By the way, much love to Drew. He's a great interviewer and has the old school knowledge that makes the questions relevant. Unlike the so called Challenge "superfan" on youtube. 
Has she ever stated which season she even started becoming a regular viewer? lmao

She comes off as JEK era fan, which explains why she stans John. I remember Coral made a reference to Julie as "horse faced Mormon" and Ace didn't even get the reference. 

Entrepreneur said she knows who the Old-Schoolers are so I'm guessing she's just stupid & a cornball myself lmao

Debut Album wrote:
Oh wait...that bitch stans Backpack? No, just no.Bye. 

Chile, she has a Devilanzio signed hat, and LOVES with Camila Nakumbayama turns into "Camilanator" so she can quote her word for word verbatim in her recaps. She also has a gofundme or a patreon or something for people to donate a dollar to her and make her holler, for doing recaps, and join a FB group with alumni. She probably means well.

Ew @ all of that.

I didn't even know there was a FB group haha. What's it like? Is it all vevmo peeps?

Interview with Landonhttp://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/3/0/f/30fed6c426b0edce/TeamDSSPodcast4Landon.m...
thanks. He needs to reactivate his Facebook 

I think Landon would come back honestly. I mean, he said he had to grow up and has a professional job, but I think if MTV called and said it will only be like a month, maybe like the Champs this season, he'd do it. 

I highly doubt that. Like he said, the pot has to be worth it, after you split, or after prize tax is taken off to risk a month off of work. Knowing MTV's cheap ass, they wouldn't.

Super happy two of my questions were asked too. Smile

Hoping we can get Timmy, Ace, Syrus, Katie, Coral, Cara Z, Dan Renzi, Randy Barry, Jillian, and Derrick. 

Once again major thanks to Drew Scott and the OP

Watched Derrick recent interview (but only a little bit), he is interested in doing one, but said that he got a lot of stuff going on right now .

Drew did another interview with Real World NOLA alumni Danny Roberts. He was the one who was dating someone in the army and he wasn't allowed to show his face. 


I just listened to the Landon interview. You can still hear the midwest in his voice (which I recognize as a fellow midwestern-er). I'm glad he has moved on to better things and LOL @ his subtle shade about "being 40 and still on reality TV." He's still one of my faves after all these years. <3

Hoping we can get Timmy, Ace, Syrus, Katie, Coral, Cara Z, Dan Renzi, Randy Barry, Jillian, and Derrick. Once again major thanks to Drew Scott and the OP

Basically the whole cast of the Gauntlet 2?