Karma (Endurance Reboot)

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Wonder if they’ll let them cuss lol

Endurance was very wholesome so I don't think so.

fun fact: Lilly from High Sierras (who is also Jenna from AYTO8's sister) is a story producer on Karma.

You're welcome for spoiling the cast Just call me BlueRose

LMAO I saw the name on that other site and was gonna ask you on twitter if it was you

By the way - I'm not particularly worried about most of the cast being models/actors. Endurance has also relied heavily on that scene for its casts. Pretty much everyone on the first season (except Lana and Chelsea) were aspiring models/actors (yes, even Jonna). So it just depends on if they cast some good personalities. It seems Avon and Illya are the two that don't come from a model/actor background.

difference is people like Jonna didn't get recruited, they still applied. Seems like casting recruited many many people