The Challenge: What Could Have Been (SPOILERS)

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The Challenge: What Could Have Been (SPOILERS)

So recent talk has had a lot to do with who was gonna be on what seasons and whatnot so i figured we should make a thread with People that were supposed to be on certain seasons but either dropped out or were dropped. I will try to update this post as more are revealed. If u know any reasons why feel free to add in but heres some of the more popular ones that most know:

Sexes 1 -  Malik , Vince , Neil, Keri, Cara (chicago) and Becky (NY) were all speculated

Gauntlet 1 - Vince, Malik & Jisela backed out once location changed from RI

Inferno 1 - Piggy removed from cast on location - Christena replaced her, Jisela declined, Tonya persumed to be an alternate

Sexes 2 - Jisela backed out replaced by Kina, Beth - dropped out and replaced by Cameron

Gauntlet 2 - Coral, Trishelle, Tonya, Veronica & Rachel all dropped out (Coral & Trishelle filmed a reality special), Tina was also speculated

Inferno 2 - Puck & Coral declined due to pay, Melissa & Coral were replaced by Rachel & Beth

The Duel - Evelyn had to back out due to being sick, Julie backed out, and Linette was rumored to have been contacted

Inferno 3 - Johnnie (FM) - dropped out for unknown reasons

Gauntlet 3 - Svetlana - left at the airport

The Island: Kendal was a confirmed replacement with Big Easy. and Alton also being options, Brooke iniatially accpeted then declined and Aneesa was asked to replace her who also declined with Paula accepting the empty place

The Duel 2: Dave M (Hollywood) was replacement but backed out and was replaced by Ryan, Dan and David L (both RR:VR) were invited but dropped

The Ruins - Cara Z was originally a champ girl but was replaced by Susie, Alton was rumored to have been a replacement, CT was rumored to have been contacted but numerous cast members would have dropped if he was on, Devyn dropped

FM2 - Jonna had to drop due to Passport Issues - Evelyn was her replacement, Ruthie & Cohutta were rumored to have been been alternates

Cutthroat: Pete (FM2) was on the cast but dropped a week before departure due to Work, Kenny, Danny J and Bronne were said to be part of the cast at one point (believed that Derrick and Luke were replacements), Carley (FM2) was asked and said yes but was not used, Noor, Mike Manning and Casey all declined

Rivals: Production originally wanted a Sarah/Katie team but Katie declined and was replaced by Katelynn, Ryan L and Preston (Nola) were rumored pair with Ryan declining, Abram accepted but his rumored partner Adam Larson declined, Dustin was rumored to have been Leroy's partner at one point

Battle of the Exes - Casey - Johnny's original partner, but dropped out and due to her dropping production does not mess with her anymore, Davis/Ryan rumored to have been contacted to balance out Rachel/Aneesa, Landon/Shavonda and Alton/Irulan were contacted, Coral was Abe's original partner as CM/Abe were dating at the time, Adam/Nany were contacted but Adam failed the psych eval

Battle of the Seasons (2012) - Team Road Rules (Darrell, Derrick, Katie, & Rachel) - wasn't used Team Sydney (Ashli, KellyAnne, Cohutta & Isaac) flown out but left for unknown reasons, Team San Diego (Brad, Randy, Robin, & Cameran) - rumored to have been initially contacted, Team DC (Emily, Ty, Josh, & Ashley) - couldn't get 4 people, Team Philly (Landon, MJ, Shavonda, ????) - couldn't get a fourth, OG Vegas (Trishelle, Alton, Frank & Arissa) New Vegas (Nany, Dustin, Cooke & Leroy) - teams were merged, Team Hollywood (Will/Nick/???/????) - could not get 2 girls, Team Denver (Colie, Davis, Jenn, &  Tyrie) were contacted

Rivals 2 - Ayiiia/CM - were alternates and Cara was called in for Cooke, Avery/Nia were asked to be partners but Nia declined, Tyler (Key West) was supposed to be with Leroy but was dropped, Laurel originally was going to be with Paula but had issues with contract, LaToya/Laura were also alternates, Dustin/Frank were original partners but Dustin declined out of respect to Heather, Susie Ruthie and Tori H were all asked in iniatial stages, Marie declined and likely would have been paired with Sam had she accepted

Free Agents -  Originally was rumored to potentially be The Duel 3 or a Rookies/Vets / OldSchool/New School theme - Susie - dropped out due to pay disputes, KellyAnne - rumored to have dropped out last minute, Heather Cooke accepted iniatially before declining, Knight dropped due to his behavior at Rivals 2 reunion, Heather Marter declined when she found out Dustin was on cast, Brad & Tori declined bc did not like direction MTV was heading, Tyler was dropped/dropped and rumored that Paula dropped when he did, Trey Nehemiah Joi and Avery were all rumored alternates

Exes 2 - Trey/Laura and Erik/Sahar rumored to be dropped for AYTO inclusion, Danny/Melinda iniatially accepted before declining, Darrell/Rachel rumored to have been contacted, Jasmine also was rumored to have been contacted with Swift as her Ex and I believe when she dropped was when they also dropped Trey & Laura for AYTO, Marie also wanted to do this and Robb didn't, Jenny/Brian (RW: Explosion) asked but both declined, Cory accepted/Lauren declined (RW: Explosion), Casey Trisha and Svetlana all contacted for Bananas, Frank/Alexandra (RW: San Diego) asked but declined, Diem and Avery iniatially declined but changed their mind, Trey and Laura were alternates

Battle of the Bloodlines : Marie - originally accepted but then backed down, Nia/Makeda got dropped, Emilee F/Biological sister were in the casting process, Laurel was considering but dropped, Accepted and Had willing Bloodlines: Brad/Brother, Layton Jones/Cousin, Derek Chavez/Cousin, Mandi/Brother, Britney B/Brother.

Rivals 3: Hunter/Britni were a potential alternate team, Bruno/Sylvia were a potential team with Sylvia declining

Invasion - Dylan Moore (RW: GBOGH) and Emilee were both flown out as alternates, Avery dropped by production, Derrick K/Ibis/Sam M/Jamie Banks/Cara Z were all possabilities for Champs team Accepted Invites but not used: Dione, Trey, Shane R, Nate S Declined: Nicole R, Rachel R. was highly sought after by production but she was pregnant at the time

XXX: Dirty 30 -  Tina - stated in Reality Bytes Back Podcast she was going to be doing this, but dropped due to moving, Alicia - Dropped right before departure due to health issues, Anna - dropped for Britni, Tyara was also dropped, Coral - close to being on final cast but dropped due to pay disputes, Beth - contacted when theme was originally Significant Others, Jamie Larson - was a lock for Significant Others theme and then production didn't get back to her.......Jenna was a very last minute addition (likely for Coral dropping if I remember correctly) and production had originally called Brianna (AYTO) first but she was at work which is why she then came with CT likely as Alicia's replacement

Vendettas: Initial Theme was Bloodlines 2 Flown Out as Alternates: KellyAnne, Derrick K, Corey Brooks (originally was on cast, but production switched him with Victor)- LOCKS for Bloodlines were Katrina/Anna, & others in the running were Ayiiia/Bloodline, Theresa/Brother, Angelina (Jersey Shore)/Bloodline, Deena (Jersey Shore) - ONES we knew were in the running for the final cast at some point but were not used Tyara, Javi (Teen Mom), KellyAnne, Thomas, Sam McGinn, Derrick K, Madison Walls DECLINED: Tina Barta, Amanda Garcia, Nany, Aneesa, Tori Deal, Vince, Dario Not Contacted but WOULD'VE said YES: Beth, Avery

Final Reckoning: Coral declined due to pay discrepencies, Landon was rumored to have been going BUT we were trolled, Diandra (AYTO6) didn't get final call (was an alternate), Tony originally declined due to filming dates but was brought in as a replacement for Devin (who was originally Johnnys partner but had to go back home due to his father's passing) and originally was set to come in as a mercenary with Madison, Cory/Darrell were originally rumored to have been a mercenary pair as well

War of the Worlds 1: Diandra likely an alternate for this season

War of the Worlds 2: Devin and Kailah were both alternates

Total Madness:  Alternate: Amber M confirmed that she was an alternate for this Dropped/Not Used: Billy Reilich and Paulie both dropped - Sean LIneker accepted but not used, Declined: Bria (AYTO7) iniatially accepted, Cara Maria dropped once Paulie was dropped (Replaced with Jenna), Kayleigh (focused on business), Contacted by Production (Veterans):  Kelly Anne, Amber (AYTO8), Angela (BGC & Dr. Phil), Davonne, Esther (WOTW2), Georgia (WOTW1), Jenna (AYTO8), Morgan (WOTW1), Nicole (WOTW2), Ninja (WOTW1), Zahida (WOTW1), Hunter (AYTO), Zach (RW), Theo (WOTW1), Contacted by Production (Rookies): Brett Robinson (BB), Haleigh Broucher (BB), Sam Bird (Love Island), Rykard Jenkins (Love Island)

Double Agents:  Dropped/Not Used: Mark Janson and Jenny West dropped on location, Analyse (BB) Connor (Bachelorette), Morgan (Temp Island), Brehanna (Titan Games), Derrick H (AYTO), Asaf Contacted by Production but not Used/No Final Call (Rookies): Max (AYTO) Contacted by Production but not Used/No Final Call (Vets): Cara Maria, Sylvia

Season 37 (TBA): Dropped/Not Used:    Contacted by Procuction but not Used/No Final Call (Rookies):     Contacted by Production but not used/No Final Call (Vets):     Likely Declined: 


Champs Vs Stars:  Cara Maria declined, Landon declined due to not being offered enough, Jill Z declined,  Sarah was thought to be on cast but likely backed out

Champs Vs Stars 2:   Abram was supposed to be on this and even went through testing and was given dates/picked a charity but was dropped (according to his podcast with Derrick), Zach, Tori Hall and Kendall were all rumored to have been in consideration and were likely dropped from or not used on final cast, 

All Stars (Season 1): Alternates flown to location: Sophia (RR), Ryan (FM), Casey (FM), Cohutta (RW), Cooke (RW) Set to Go to Location but either Dropped/Were Dropped: Abram (RR) - broke covid protocols, Tina (RR) - got covid replaced by Jemmye, Julie (RW) - considered "liability" due to incident with Veronica on Inferno 1, Shauvon (RW) At One Point was Speculated to Be On: Veronica (RR), Rachel (RR), Coral (RW) Likely Declined : Theo V (RR), The Miz (RW), Karamo (RW), Kina (RR) Not Contacted by Production: Shane L (RR)




Arissa/Frank and Cooke/Leroy

Actual BOTSeasons cast is SHOOK.

Trey/Laura were alternates for Exes II. Those two and Eric/Sahar were allegedly dropped for Adam/Brittany and JJ/Simone.

How many damn girls were dropped for Britni's ***? She ain't did SHIT yet to justify why she was a better choice lmaooooooo

Battle of the Seasons (2012), while one of my favorite seasons could have been even better with 1 or 2 more old school teams it could have had a lot of Old vs new conflict setting up for Rivals 2 original rumored theme of Old vs New

Coral dropped out of Dirty 30.

Beth wanted to do Exes, but her kids were too young at the time if I recall correctly.

New vs Old instead of Rivals 2.

The Duel 3 instead of Rivals 2.

Cutthroat 2 instead of Dirty 30

Coral dropped out of Dirty 30.Beth wanted to do Exes, but her kids were too young at the time if I recall correctly.

if i remember correctly they wanted Beth with Nehemiah but she said they never hooked up and threatened legal action

Coral dropped out of Dirty 30.Beth wanted to do Exes, but her kids were too young at the time if I recall correctly.

Didnt Beth want to take legal action if they put her with Nehemiah?

 V1 confirmed that was alternative facts.

 could have had eric and sahar's fine selves!!??!?! I'm angry at JJ/simone now.

Jisela backed out of Gauntlet 1 & Sexes 2. 

Coral, Trishelle, Tonya, Veronica, Rachel all dropped Gauntlet 2

Puck was dropped from Inferno 2 for pay 

coral declined Inferno 2 & Gauntlet 2 because of pay

Team Hollywood Will & Nick were dropped because they couldn't get two girls from the season. 

Beth dropped out of Sexes 2 and was replaced by Cameron. 

Jisela dropped sexes 2 and was dropped and replaced by Kina 

Who replaced Svetlana in G3? I can't believe she actually showed up to the airport and simply decided to just leave?!

Who replaced Svetlana in G3? I can't believe she actually showed up to the airport and simply decided to just leave?!

i think Melinda or Janelle 

Landon&Shavonda, Alton&Irulan, Were contacted for Exes 1.

coral was Abe's original partner but dropped 

Derrick & Ibis were confirmed for Invasion but production didn't I ise them 

Wasn't Sarah from Philly close to being on one of the challenges?

Wasn't Sarah from Philly close to being on one of the challenges?

duel & gauntlet 2

im updating the post as we get more info....thanks to everyone helping with this

Nia and her sister Makeda we're dropped for Bloodlines

Julie backed out from Duel 1

Battle of The Sexes 3-The Island 

seasons instead of the ruins

Significant others theme dropped for Dirty 30

Joey was 100% contacted and in the running for the Hollywood team.

Joey was 100% contacted and in the running for the Hollywood team.

nick must have been an alternate then

No one from Denver was contacted for seasons?

No one from Denver was contacted for seasons?


Colie/Davis/Jenn/Tyrie was the team.

Seasons was the last season that Jenn considered doing.

Jenn would have had a stroke if she was there with all those rookies