The Challenge: War of The Worlds II - The British Are Coming!

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Screaming! Why does Telemundo have commercials on MTV now?

This feels like Gauntlet 3 all over. IMO Team USA is too strong tbh

Anyone else finding it impossible to hear half the conversations? Whenever they whisper its nearly inaudible 


omg the elimination name is so ugly

Someone sat down and said "We should name the season Bloody Hell" and "I think Proving Ground is a great name for the elimination pit."

Glad someone had the sense to edit out Bloody Hell at least.

awful names, just awful.

Really lackluster this first episode but I'm digging the visuals and the format.

The camerawork is really nice, looks like they’re using a blueish filter, meh overall episode so far

can they please just make a "Challenge UK" because I know damn well they will repeat this theme OVER and OVER again

oh this is tonight?

I feel bad for Sean. 

I feel bad for Sean

I feel bad for Sean. 

Lmaooo we posted this at the same time

Omg I feel so bad for Sean Sad

One more beast and one less Sean next time MTV

I-m so happy

Poor guy had 0 clue of what to expect

Omg they getting in Sean's *** lmaoo he sweating. I kinda feel bad :/


poor Sean lol so many commercials's 3 AM here i'm over these commercials

Why did they choose to make this a 90 minute season when they are alternating guy/girl elimination days... this is way too drawn out for us to only lose one person tonight lol 

why tf y’all spoiling. 

This is a non-spoiler thread...

If I had any respect for Laurel than that is all gone. And I lost a lot of respect for Jordan and Wes. It’s one thing to be a competitor and manipulate, but it’s another just to be plain out horrible people. They weren’t really playing the game there. They were playing more high school bully than anything.

I'm kinda digging the lack of Bananas. They didn't even air his toast.

sorry for spoiling xoxo wont do it again

Why don't they ever show stuff like this? Like I know they want to keep it in suspsense but you can smell Sean's elimination a mile away with this edit. I feel like this would help us understand the dynamics better.

Everyone def bullying Sean cus hes the outcast Sad


jordan looking extra good this season damn 


Now why wouldn't they show that instead of forcing us to watch Dee and Rogan in two very bland scenes?? 

Can these commercials stop being so long and frequent? *******. They gotta have it after every sentence.

They don't show this but want to show CT and Josh random *** fight?

I would eat Wes alive if we did a show together our personalities would clash to the fullest

They should've spent some time introducing the rookies properly tbh. 

Definitely feel bad for Sean knowing the full situation.

According to my DVR, next weeks is 90 minutes too smh