The Challenge: Vendettas - The Power of Three

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Yes Britni!!

Wtf I'm shocked 

Brad is an OG.




Warrior Britni >>>>>>>>>

My bitch did NOT come to play this season

BeckhamBlaxk wrote:

flyguy wrote:

BeckhamBlaxk wrote:I still don't understand why Kailah is considered a bad bitch on this show. What has she done besides gotten dragged by Sylvia, played by Cory, and soaked a mattress.

she also had you pressed enough to write this. move around

Kinda like how i got you pressed enough to be butt hurt over a bitch you don't know

you hating a bitch you dont know ? how u sound doofus

Lol I was just stating facts, baby

Do the first place guy AND first place girl end up in the Troika, or is it the top 3 times overall? Also I wonder if they are going to wait for all of the girls to finish or just call it. 

Pulling for Zach or Brad for this one

Go Shane!

Sylvia is ***** af

Okay Zach, I see you

Sylvia is ***** af

Joss does that

Already tired of hearing Vendetta. Like we don't know the ******* title of the challenge 


King Bananas back on top

Damn, Bananas still gots it. He beat Zach, Brad, and Joss.

Wait--there's an Eddie?

There was, he was completely edited out.

Nelson is such garbage. He talks such a big game too, that little idiot.

Warrior Empress Kam >>>>>>>>> Queen did NOT come to play this season

I'm so disgusted.

Is anyone gonna answer why Eddie was edited out 

Shocker! Bananas got the lane with the must sun lmaoooo

if nelson lose and they send in cory ill smh

My boy Kyle 

Is anyone gonna answer why Eddie was edited out 

Britni winning was shocking.  Wow--impressed.  Really hoping Nelson finishes last--let's get rid of the idiots first.

Confused about Eddie still

Sylvia is ***** af

Yes Britni!!

The REAL Warrior getting first place>>>>> #WarriorBritni #OriginalByHT 

Bananas did so well! So glad he went from 13th in the first challenge, to winning the second one! Wonder how that happened!!