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who is this




He is calling out Alicia

@SeauxMTV what you have to say now babe?

The same thing I said yesterday babe 

I didn't know what took place in that situation yesterday as I don't today. Two people who were in a relationship are saying two different things. I'm not a judge and neither are any of you it's not anyone's place to determine whose guilty or not guilty in this situation with little to no accurate information. Now anything else you want my input on or are you done for the day? 

okay and if we not... what you finna shake? I just wanted you to respond to your clownery from last night and you did with more clownery. Take yo *** on somewhere. 

Lmao you bitches can't take me today or any other day so there would be no need for me to " shake something." This is a forum for discussion on basically all things dealing with MTV not a UFC arena. The quicker some of y'all get that I'm not anyone you've dealt with previously on Vevmo the less conversations we need to have. I'm not KVM I can't be ran off sorry to inform of you that but I figured better now than later to put that out there for some of you fake activists to digest so instead of putting so much attention on me and what I have to say go focus on the real world problems many are facing KK ? Smile


I dont agree with anyone lying on someone. and I will always wonder the truth of the situation.

That being said, does Eddie speaking out really influence anything? Alicia said she was done with MTV and we havent seen her in a few years

If he has valid proof that there wasnt a restraining order and that she was lying on his name it would be the right time to do so imo

It would suck if this entire time this was an Amber Heard/Johnny Depp type of story

thats true. I was thinking in terms of having mtv cancel her. From what I remember, they just edited him out and didnt say why right? If they did say why, that could be slander and he could deff get money.

Looks like Bananas was right on they did Eddie so wrong. 

I'm surprised he is front and center in the pic for the challenge pluto tv page

Isnt it possible  Alicia got a temporary restraining order against Eddie , since those  are not public record cause they dont stay on your record.

Excerpt about temp restraining orders on public records "Simply put, no - a temporary restraining order will not go on your record. If, however, the matter proceeds to a final hearing and the Judge finds grounds to enter a final restraining order, that will go on your record."