The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies - Jeremiah White

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Okay he does have a personality when they actually decide to show him lol

Jeremiah is truly Betta then all ur favorites. He is officially a challenge legend and he is only gonna get Betta from here on out. See you in guys in January when Jeremiah and Johnny are casted on challenge Allies

See you in guys in January


He actually is enjoyable to watch when on screen. Him and bettina deserved a bit mote screen time. U need characters like them to lighten up the show  a bit and make u laughZ

It's all about the edit. Jeremiah was hooking up with Amber (none of which was shown), this thing with Cory seems bigger than one episode. They probably were working together the whole time. They chose not to show Jeremiah up until these last two episodes. 


KEK is back!!!

yall think hes returning?