The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies - Jeremiah White

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All I see is Amanda and furniture!

He's had a confessional in every episode that's more than Josh, Casey, Kyle, Hughie, Fessy, Amber, Cory, Emy, and Logan can say.

He did? I still can't remember what his voice sounds like

Is that Renan on the left? Lmao they really used Amanda and the Irelevants 

Should've been Johnny's spot

Jeremiah showed more personality this episode than the entire 7 episodes prior combined

He wanted to leave Big T lol

Ok king I see you

So he shows out when KEK gets banned?

I wish he stole Kaycee instead. He most likely would've made himself and Emanuel somewhat relevant

Elimination king, easy money 

So he shows out when KEK gets banned?

Oh what sad KEK was iconic 

So he shows out when KEK gets banned?

that's irony for you.

I love him. His southern  accentq is so cute 

Still hasn't provided anything...

Ok so he does have a personality lol

This was a good epsiode for him. Still not enough for another season but I liked him. 

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I wasn't impressed by him during the elimination he got lucky it was someone around his same high and coordinated 

Forgot he was on this show. Thought he was eliminated with Lauren

Who is KEK and how do you get banned on vevmo? What even are the rules.



Just cause someone gets a quiet edit doesn't mean their boring. It's pretty typical in big cast to have main characters (mainly (actual) vets) and others not get attention till their boot episode.

Okay he does have a personality when they actually decide to show him lol

Jeremiah is truly Betta then all ur favorites. He is officially a challenge legend and he is only gonna get Betta from here on out. See you in guys in January when Jeremiah and Johnny are casted on challenge Allies

See you in guys in January