The Challenge: Invasion - Episode Fourteen

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Ashley the brains! 

Good job Ashley.  Nelson's the dumbest person ever...well, until we see Nicole & Cory

cory and nicole cant math LMAO

Ha.  The two ********* left on the shore.

Nicole and Cory are tragic. *******

The only way Nicole & Cory are solving this is if production gives them the answer

19 minus 4, carry the 3.... nothing plus nothing, carry the nothing.... hmmmmm

Shut up Nelson--you can't do math.  You can't do anything let alone everything

Nicole and Corey are still there to this day, trying to solve that puzzle. 

LOL at Nicole asking to not have to solve the puzzle

OMG--they're counting triangles on the side--they should be killed


LMAO, this is insane. 

omg 29/3 isnt even a whole divisble number im dying

Never in my life............

Nicole and Cory are so sad. Puzzle says divide by 3 then multiple by 12. "Whats 16 times 3" "Whats 16 minus 4" "Triangles in the sign" wuuuuut

How did Nciole pass police school? 


This isn't funny...this is just pathetic.  They don't even have to figure out the number of triangles.  Just try numbers in multiples of 12 to get the code.  Though they obviously can't do that since they can't do 3rd grade math. 

This is really embarrassing. It's not even funny. I'm so dead watching this.

OMG--they're counting triangles on the side--they should be killed

How did Nciole pass police school? 

No one ever said cops were smart

Watching it right now. Lol this challenge is funny. 

Oh,and they played GREEN DAY!!! 

Wow they're pathetic 

*waits for Cory fans to explain this*

RIP US education system. 

Well I mean shit...We already know they can't do puzzles so is this really surprising?

I fear that they will dumb down everything next season because of this LMAO

people are gonna be solving puzzles under 1 minute and TJ will be giving trivia asking what is their date of births

*waits for Cory fans to explain this*

Where's Debut?

I can't tolerate stupid people.  Cory, Nicole & Nelson should never come back

I really can't believe Cory said triangles in the sign and Nicole started counting them lmaooo