The Challenge: Invasion - Episode Fourteen

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Captain challenge getting it done

slay nelson

Cory get the **** out 

Camila wouldnt be miles ahead she didnt finish food first of everyone she needs to be quiet. It cant always be everyone else

Camila is ******* annoying but she's right.  Cory held her back and she used CT for the wrong part of the final.  Cory's a ******* *****

Got some good pukes from Cory, now hes contributing to this finale

What is Cory good at?

I can already tell it's a Tower of Hanoi puzzle

What is Cory good at?

Hooking up 


Camila had to finish for him... trash 

Nelson shrieking sounds so pathetic lol

Nelson is doing good

What is Cory good at?

Using girls--maybe

Cory is a *****.

cory sucks so bad lmao

flop cory

I can already tell it's a Tower of Hanoi puzzle

A classic puzzle that cost Road Rules the win in Battle of the Seasons and got Sarah eliminated in Rivals.

LOL at Captain Challenges explain vouice. ITs like he's reading to 5 year olds

Nelson is doing good

He didn't do well with the eating--Nicole did better--and did you forget the puzzle already?

Cory really isn't made for finals..

He works well with people though unlike cory and camila 

Corey's cardio is a huge issue. Dude has gassed in every challenge. 

This rope challenge seems fun

If I was ever on a team challenge and cory was on my team I'd send him in every single time until he was gone.  Useless.  Liability.  Poor Ashley is stuck with him on Day 3--smh

This season really about to have 15-16 episodes? Of what? 

They need to go back to like 12 or 13 episodes like before. 10 challenges and 2 episode finale and honestly the final should just be a 90 minute episode and wrap it up. They need to have atleast one week where they air 2 episodes at a time. Less tbc episodes. Every episode should honestly be a challenge and elimination because that's what we watch for. Put whatever drama and shit in between. Theyre doing wayyyyyyy too much. 

So really the Challenge should be like 10-11 weeks longs. 2 and a half months at most.  

Camila might be annoying sometimes but she is killing it. This is a reason I don't like this whole switching partner thing if it was individual things would be way different. 

So someone throws up their a *****? LMAO!

cory is gassed which injury this time we blaming

Cory is the type of person who can make it to a final easily but isn't good at the final

i lowkey feel bad for him because we don't have or have done these finals.

Cory this season is equivalent to Devyn on Free Agents.