The Challenge: Final Reckoning - Tony Raines

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning - Tony Raines

For much of Challenge history, Tony was like Bananas’ little brother, looking to him for guidance and friendship while he navigated the treacherous waters of the game. But Tony eventually realized that he would never win it all unless he stepped out of Bananas’ shadow, so on The Challenge: Vendettas, he took matters into his own hands by pulling one of the all-time shocking backstabs in show history, sending a stunned Bananas into the elimination that doomed him. Somehow, some way, these former buddies turned enemies will have to figure out how to work together while still suffering from an open wound that hasn’t healed.



I hate that he's stuck with that horrible piece of **** though.

Fertile King

Boring now that he's such a "dad"