The Challenge: Invasion (Pre-Departure Speculation)

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Someone go and break Bananas ankle or something so he can't go

I did not plan on doing spoilers this early as the names always change but I did get some scoop and it's already being talked about so I can share..-Johnny Bananas will be back for his 14th Challenge this fall.  He's already training and from what I've gathered,  he received the same upfront treatment Kellyanne received for Bloodlines when she was a lock when the rest of the cast was still being chosen. (I was told this from the same person who told me about Kellyanne on Bloodlines...and Rivals 2).-Tony is not banned as I mentioned yesterday.  Did he receive a call and accept at the moment? Yes.  Will he do it?  It's up in the air depending on his personal situation (baby, etc.). Shane accepted as well.-Wes received a call. Not sure if he accepted the initial call but from what I was told, he's  "very likely a no" due to a busy schedule this upcoming fall ....but he did receive the call.   Go ahead and lay em' on Bananas ...  can't get rid of him! 

Welp..Glad I didn't get my hopes up. 

But I don't get it though..why does he need to be on every season? Like it's just a bad fucking joke at this point. He's gets to come on and be catered to and do all this shit and get away with so much....because one season failed in ratings?

YAY! @ Tony getting a call I hope he accepts. I'm fine with Shane accepting too.

It makes me way too happy seeing even the tiniest updates like that. Thank you. Lol

After thinking about it I would be okay with seeing Tony and Madison on a Challenge together because she'll get his ass together when he get's drunk and stupid. Plus I'd like to see how he'd act if she met a guy on there she liked.

Dustin pls come back

Candice said on snapchat she's not gonna be on the next season. If anyone was wondering lol

lol they're probably not calling Candice back

Candice said that she got into arguments with Camila and Cory but they were not aired 

Candice can skert we don't need to see those braces or dusty blue weave again✌️

If we do get an Exes 3...i'd LOVE to see Abe and Coral together

Holy fuck if one of the legends actually returns...

Something tells me it was Beth & if so, she is going turn that house OUT. Either way though, Queen Coral or Queen Beth possibly returning >>>>>>>>>>>>

Wow...It would be amazing as hell if one or both came back to the show.


surprised it's been this long and violetta hasn't gotten a call

"Violetta- Hasn't gotten a call.Ashley kelsey- Got a call and accepted."

Violetta must have done something to production...

Violetta must have done something to production...

Bruno probably threatened production or something not to have her on lmfao

It's really sad when Sabrina got a call  over Violetta.......


Why she getting a call over Violetta?

I wouldn't mind Ashley coming back honestly.

So they still haven't got to Violetta yet? Damn. She'd be good for this show. They better give that girl a ring and then cast her. Maybe she'll get a ring later on. Still Early.




Like Pink said,  just because she accepted doesn't mean she will make the final cast.   I know shes been contacted and has trying to do another show since Diem passed away but has not fit the themes / didnt make the final cast.  She just wrapped up an online challenge type show where she was competing  

If it IS a theme, she can fit some.  remember....she DID date Zach (Exes) and could be on a Champion team if its like the Ruins.  Just throwing that out there.   

lmao i keep forgetting ashley k does have a win under her belt 

Living and breathing for an Ashley Kelsey return. 

Levelheaded ladies >>>>>

They contacted Trey but not Robb? Tragic

I'm all for Ashley K just to see a fresh face we haven't seen lately

Ashley K. better not come on that weak shit and she better drag these new hoes effortlessly. Smile

Mandi, Ashley K, Sabrina, no Violetta, Ceejai, Nia (that we've heard of). Shaping up to be a great season lol

Mandi, Ashley K, Sabrina, no Violetta, Ceejai, Nia (that we've heard of). Shaping up to be a great season lol

just because it's not on the list doesn't mean they didn't get called.  some castmembers are more telling than others. 

Still pretty confident that CeeJai, Nia, and Marlon received a call. But they could be playin. 

I should know about at one of those people listed above by today or tomorrow.