The Challenge: Cast Member Rankings

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Portland and Austin maybe?

I never watched RW London so can't say anything about it. I honestly forgot Philly existed for a minute and that's why I picked DC originally. Definitely a forgettable season.

Biiiiiiitch. I’ll fr fight someone if Hollywood is ranked low Sad

Portland and Austin maybe?
Portland wouldnt be a shock but Austin would.

Probably Portland and Hollywood. 

I’m gonna say Portland and Cancun?

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay (vevmo sucks on my phone and laptop soooooo it's been a challenge)

26. Real World Austin

Alright, listen I know that Austin is one of the most popular and most watched seasons of the show, but let’s face it…it’s not a good season. I know the “fans” voted it the best season at the Real World Awards but those fans are fucking morons (sorry). Sure it gave us some good characters for the challenge (err…it gave us Wes and that’s basically it, but still), but the season itself just feels like it DRAGS on and on and nothing ever happens. The season basically consists of the two couples: one firmly established right at the beginning (Danny/Melinda) and the other doing a painstakingly boring will-they/won’t they (Wes/Johanna). It might be the most unlikeable cast in the history of the show, and that’s saying something when casts like Hawaii exist.  I was 16 when this season aired and LOVED RW and tuned out about halfway through. Most of the good stuff happens at the beginning. It starts out pretty hot with Danny getting coldcocked on the street by that asshole and the start of Danny and Melinda’s love affair. Which, in FAIRNESS, they really did seem to have a connection right at the start and I normally roll my eyes at that stuff. Danny was somebody that seemed incredibly likeable at the beginning and you actually felt for him when he got blindsided by that punch and then again when he got the call that his mother died. Listen, I don’t care how you feel or felt about Danny, but that is one of the most heartbreaking moments in all of RW history. It feels weird to call it iconic because of how tragic it was, but man that moment definitely stays with you. Unfortunately, by the end of the season Danny had showed himself to be kind of a shithead. However, not as much of a shithead as Wes. However you feel about Wes now, he truly was the biggest frayboy douchebag this show had seen in a LONG time. Who can forget the groupie drawer (which Nehemiah was also apart of?) And then his obsession with Johanna while simultaneously wanting to bring as many girls as he could? And his whole off-camera relationship with Wren. It was too much! And sorry, he was not cute then. Melinda actually seemed like she could be an interesting cast member, but she was saddled in the Danny relationship all season. I liked Johanna for the most part, but she also played too many games with Wes and was pretty annoying when she got drunk (which was every scene she was in). Remember when she stole that rose though? Lol. Rachel was kind of annoying but her and Nehemiah actually got into some interesting arguments about the military. And BOY who could forget that finale with Wes, Nehemiah, and Rachel going HAM on each other??? I can still picture her getting held back on the couch screaming. That shit was crazy. Unfortunately, it couldn’t save the season and in some ways diminished it because it ended the season on a sour note and we typically prefer our seasons ending with the cast generally on good terms. And can we be real for a second? The reunion to this season was 10000000x better than the season itself. The reunion might be the best reunion ever with Nehemiah calling Danny Ben Affleck, etc. lolol holy shit it’s great.  Also, Lacey was there.


With all of that said, it’s actually heartwarming to know that the cast is still super close and that most of them were at Wes’ wedding.


MVP: Danny for the scenes mentioned above.

25. Real World: Denver

Another super popular season, but honestly something about this season doesn’t click to me. It never felt like the cast totally gelled. I mean, right in the first episode you have Jenn telling Colie she will be in her wedding, right after she blew Alex in the shower even though she knew Colie liked Alex. It was just all too complicated. Alex was so boring and like not THAT hot so I really don’t understand what those two were seeing. Also, real talk I remember the “spin the bottle” promos for this season and legit couldn’t tell Jenn and Colie apart (later on I could). Anyways, I know her mom is a member here and I’ve grown to appreciate Colie a lot more since her season, but can we all acknowledge that nobody liked Colie when the season was airing? I mean, she was just young and having fun and I certainly couldn’t imagine myself being on TV at that age but man, there was just something about her that set the message boards OFF. Also, she basically literally got mono from kissing too many people which is kind of funny. Jenn was actually pretty cool for the most part on her season, but man she was kind of a MESS. She was messing around with Alex, then Tyrie was into her, then her and Stephen maybe hooked up? Sorry, I’m having trouble remembering it all, but I think my favorite Jenn moment is the fight between her and Tyrie on the bus. “This is the Real World! This isn’t Tyrie’s world!” Classic. This season also dealt with some pretty legit topics, with Stephen’s religion and Davis’ homosexuality and the rift that causes. Who can forget “I think it’s wrong that you’re gay.” “ What if I said I think it’s wrong that you’re black?” Of course, Davis is the same person who called Tyrie the N-word after a fight. “IF YOU HIT ME YOU HIT ME RIGHT NOW!” Tyrie showed a lot of restraint in that scene. And remember when Davis told Brooke she had a double-chin and she freaked out? And also how Brooke wanted a threesome with Davis and his bf? Anyways, I’m just gonna talk about Brooke the rest of the time because she is truly the saving grace here and real RW icon. Between complaining about getting lost in the “ghetto” when trying to get nails done and freaking out when Tyrie rightfully let her know that’s not the ghetto and her epic takedown of Jenn (? Or Colie? My mind is telling me it’s Jenn.), she could do no wrong as far as I was concerned. I mean, sure she was crazy, but in the BEST way. I mean, “DON’T YOU GODDAMN TALK TO ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!!!” is forever ingrained in my brain. Also, don’t call Brooke a brat, lol. “You know what, Jenn? You’re a fucking bitch just like Colie.” Man, Brooke was great. Anyways, sorry I think people will think this is too low but I feel good about this placement.


MVP: I mean, is there a question? It’s Brooke, guys.

Hints for the next update: Both seasons had a cast member leave before the end.

Yeah Austin was just an okay season then. It started out strong but it got more boring as it played out. 

Denver's is understandable too. Brooke was the only star of that season. 

Brooke :’( ughhh my bitch really is iconic. 

Good call on Austin being low. I remember that season airing and honestly that shit was trash to me. One of the Worst RW seasons ever IMO.

Denver wasn't that special either. Brooke was the star of that season hands down. 

The only things I remember from Denver was Brooke's iconic freakout at Jenn and then Davis and Tyrie's fight outside

Brooke is so iconic.

Phili was dull...I only remember Mel having Scabies lol.  Austin I didn't mind but that season seemed to be when the Real World got extra trashy for no reason.  

I hope Portland and the first San Diego score high...I loved those two lol