The Challenge: Battle For A New Champion- Champions (Mercenaries)& Trailer

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I been rocking w berna since day one. Yes Berna. Legend. 


I needed to see this Berna on her last season. Her vs Ashley/Amanda would have been everything but she was trying to be all peace love and monotone

Was this from Berna's argument with the other girls in the house? 

omg not my girls going at it !!!

Neither girl looks scared of the other lmao 

Oh. Am I gonna become a Berna fan?

omg not my girls going at it !!!

I love when my favorites fight, just not when they get eachother eliminated.

Berna acting like dem tigers at her circus when they lose their shit and try going rabid on their trainers 

My thing with Berna is she let Ashley and Amanda disrespect her with no pushback.

Like yeah she going at it now, but where was this when Amanda was shutting her up at the reunion?

But, I'll just enjoy the moment ig.

This "fight" probably won't even be in the 20+ episodes of this monolith of a season.

berna isn't gonna do shit lol she let the girls on her original season walk all over her