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Does Sia even watch the show?

Full cast is out for Australian Survivor, 11 returnees (heard a while ago Kristie dropped out but not certain)

Hayley, Flick, Sam, Nina, Shaun are Heroes

George, Jordie, Jackie, Steve, Shonee, Simon are Villains

Also super random addition, Sharni Vinson aka the lead of You're Next the horror movie

Didn't know Sharni was in the movie. Iconic

So far of the Sharni Vinson horror movies I have seen, Bait 3D was an interesting concept on the shark genre with everybody stuck in the flooding grocery store with sharks below.  The guy who used an inproptu scuba suit I really felt sorry for when he died.  Drowning looks like a draining way to go, not just with the air in your body leaving you but the body breaking out in convulsions (the Kurt Russell death in Poseidon was similar only he didn't have a suit and only drowned because he wanted to save everyone by swimming through approximately 150 feet of rooms that by the time he finally got to take one try at pressing the buttons he started to drown, still haunting to see).

I'm glad Noelle & Cassidy got NOTHING!! Her selections were good. Last season she gave it to drea... so she doesn't hate women. It's just the women this season we're not likeable minus maybe Karla but she was so all over the place. 

Karla is one of the least likable players ever, no?

I'm surprised Kel "Beef Jerky" Gleason hasn't got a Second Chance spot especially to see how he manages a supposed "food sneaking" situation without Jerri to instigate it.

Ew and he even looks like it.

Watched the first episode of AU, still feel the same way I did when i heard about it, wasting the theme on a half-returning cast. Easily could have waited for even season 10 and probably had a stacked full all star cast, maybe this would be a good half-returnees if it was like fans vs. favorites and swapped out Jackie, Steve, probably Sam, and had any of Kristie, Craig, Khan, Pia, Janine, Sarah T, etc. instead. As bad as the editing is on this show they do at least do a good job developing the few people they show, so they could just use those. Having George be like the big deal on this cast so far with the edit is disappointing when he's just a goat, totally should have waited for a more stacked villain cast: David, George, Shonee, Jordie, Sam, Janine, Henry, AK, Nick, Harry, Pia, Shannon, Phoebe plus 2 more newbie casts. Could have been pretty great

George's head wound though. Rough 

Been rewatching old seasons, I don't think I appreciated how good Amazon was till now. Heidi might be one of the best characters ever on the show. That season had so much humor, drama, and gameplay.