Spring Break Challenges: 2010 - MTV

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[QUOTE=dplayer18;163641]very happy that Team Susie won![/QUOTE] I would be had it not been for her actions on The Ruins.
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[QUOTE=Old Friend;163733]I would be had it not been for her actions on The Ruins.[/QUOTE] Well she didn't do anything, it was her team that one. They shouldn't be punished for her actions...
Got to watch a few of these today. Like the overall vibe. The coaches challenges are *****...*** these people used to competing and when they actually get to compete against each other they have them doing mundane things like rolling a dice. Ha. Evan and Paula...suprisingly tolerable, I loved their feigned enthusiasm for everything. Bizarre seeing TJ actually not on autopilot. He's trying to fire up the crowd and he's joking around with the cast a lot, and for once sounds excited about something. And through four episodes, Kenny only pissed me off one time. Like a few people were saying before, everyone on the show seems much more likeable than we're used to seeing. Everyone seems to be having fun and there's no drama. Darrell completely not giving a **** the entire time was amusing as well.
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The only thing I missed are the confessionals.
I disagree with you guys. This was lame. The Coach's challenges should have been like Island face-offs or something, not like just "flip a cup rightside up", "draw straws" The actual RW/RR Challengers should have been more intimately involved in some way.

Does anyone have access to these 5 eps? I can only find 3 eps here: https://www.dailymotion.com/RealWorldSeasons/videos

Watching the few seasons I've never seen in order and would love to see these eps before moving onto Fresh Meat 2 and Cutthroat. Thanks in advance!

Camila and that jalapeno is still hilarious

Still has some of the best pole wrestles ever seen.