Spring Break Challenges: 2010 - MTV

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i'd like to see TJ competing))
[QUOTE=CrazyRealityGuy;162224]I think Evan and Paula are the hosts.[/QUOTE] Pretty sure TJ is the host. Susie's just dyed her hair dark, but she is definitely there.
I thought Cohutta was supposed to be there?
Maybe Evan and Paula are the commentators or something, Evan always has to comment on something.
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I might have missed it someplace... but when is this going to air?
Tonight at 8:D
[QUOTE=Insider;162303]I might have missed it someplace... but when is this going to air?[/QUOTE] In 10 minutes.
I'm watching this now. :)
I hope it reairs cause Im just finishing a movie.
[QUOTE=Old Friend;162309]I hope it reairs cause Im just finishing a movie.[/QUOTE] Runs again at midnight.
Evan and Paula are the commentators.
I could do without the Evan...
This is actually pretty cool. I hope they can promote Fresh Meat 2 a little.
LOVE the flashback to Battle of the Sexes 2. I like how they are using past challenges from the show.
Looks like they will be promoting Fresh Meat 2. There were 2 commercials in a row that I have never seen before. One about the hook-ups and drama and one about the Exiles.
Whoa, 2 promos in a row? This is a first. I'm certainly happy that they will be promoting Fresh Meat 2. Will these be airing the whole week?
The promos or the challenges?
Ugh, Team Rachel needs to go. Michigan is gross.
I didn't know it was showing now, going to have to catch the rerun.
These new commercials are making me lol.
[QUOTE=Old Friend;162323]The promos or the challenges?[/QUOTE]The challenges.
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SOB. I missed it.
I think this was actually pretty good, better than I expected anyway. I loved seeing all the promos for Fresh Meat II.
I knew Paula and Evan were involved... Once you corrected me that they weren't the hosts, I quickly said commentators... It's MTV and Mexico those 2 don't go together without Paula...
I thought some Cancun kids were going to be there.
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They were...just not on the challenge thing.
I like Susie with dark hair...
I thought they'd get some air time. Also, Susie with dark hair, ha when they presented Team Susie, I was like, uh... where is she?
That's what I said too!
Love how everyone hated on Evelyn except Wes. I'm all for Wes and Evelyn!