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Let’s go girls

Naomi <3

I love her so much. 

Naomi Smalls.. whew suddenly I’m a power top

We are only on episode 3 and the lip sync songs have been amazing!

Hey kweens. It’s friday 

Here’s to hoping Monique or Monet go home tonight. 

Heres to hoping Naomi gets her win. 

I’d be down with a shocking elimination tho like Trinity. 

Omg I realized what’s weird about Valentine. She doesn’t have eyebrows 

Valentina totally killed that improv. Trinity bombed yet she talked mad **** about the other queens. I don't like her at alllll lol 

Tired of Monique playing out the whole brown cow schtick. She also just released her first single today too. Let it go sis

Can we talk about how gorgeous Monique looked during that lipsynch tho omg. 

I’m SO glad that these lip synchs this season aren’t relying on ruveals to win. 

How was Naomi not in the top this week? I'm lost. 

How was Naomi not in the top this week? I'm lost. 

Naomi and Manila should have been top 2 honestly. They’re playing my girl like a damn fiddle and barely giving her air time :/ 



She ready. 


I read reddit spoilers for tonight's episode tho...GAGGGGGGGGGINNNGGG

Oh y’all actually gonna watch tonight? 

Last week before episode 4 aired, I read that episode 5 was leaked and that the spoilers (if you read them - I don’t) were right and people were S H O O K so I’m excited for tonight. 

Part of me thinks the whole “all stars rules are out the window” is just Ru changing the rules from Lip Synch for your Legacy to Lip Synch for your Life. I wouldn’t be upset with that. 

Really hope my Queens Manila and Naomi are safe. Naomi deserves a damn win tho. 

20 mins ladies


I was really excited about season 4 but I already lost interest on the season to be honest.